Jenny, Allison, Mal and More: The Gayest Compilation Album Ever Made Vol 2 Is Here

From the effervescent Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid, two of your favorite people and the co-founders of Everyone Is Gay, comes the second volume in a series that is appropriately titled The Gayest Compilation Ever Made. It features great music by amazing folks like Mal Blum, Ingrid Michaelson, Allison Weiss, Jenny Owen Youngs, and Gregory and the Hawk, and it’s for a stellar cause.


Everyone is Gay is starting a very necessary online resource for parents of LGBTQ youth. The Parents Project combines videos, advice posts, and other resources to provide parents with the tools they need to make their families healthy and inclusive. Following the success of their fundraising efforts, they’ve brought you this compilation album to promote their new efforts and get your ears tingling pleasantly.

gayest compilation ever made vol 2

You can listen to and download the album on bandcamp right now HERE to support a great cause, as well as supporting your favorite musicians.

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  1. I really love EIG, and I’m really stoked that this project has gotten where it has and is getting the attention it deserves! But I have to say, I’m really disappointed with the cissexism and trans erasure in this article:

    I’m disappointed that they put that out there, and that their response to being questioned about it was a real non-pology on one of their personal tumblrs. And I’m also disappointed that more people aren’t bothered by this.

    • Kristin and Dannielle have been very inclusive on, always. This article though was published for Cosmopolitan. Has anyone ever read the magazine? It’s not really one that wants to educate or goes deep in anything really. I can’t really get my head around why people don’t see this article as the joke it clearly it. It’s purpose is to just get the idea of gay girls out to Cosmo readers. Not to educate about gender. It would be great if there would be other articles in the future, but come on you guys, would it be realistic for Cosmo to start this series with an article that explains gender? I really don’t think so. This article is so clearly not touching everyone’s experience as a lesbian that it confuses me how people get so upset about it. I mean not all lesbians have the same size and can share clothes, there might be some who don’t use tampons but pads. It is so clearly an article that is not being serious and only touching the authors experience that it really bothers me when people get this upset at these two great women who have done so much good work and now we can’t let them write some articles on a different platform from a different point of view? They write for an audience that doesn’t know what genderqueer and cissexist even mean.

      (Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language)

      • I’m not oblivious – I understand what kind of magazine Cosmo is, and I understand that it’s not a serious article, but meant to be funny and light. All of that’s totally fine, and I’m not bothered by the fact that it’s not a formal treatise explaining the nuances of gender.

        I’m bothered by the fact that over half of the list – seven items out of thirteen – assumes that trans women don’t exist. I’m pretty sure they could have written a list that simply didn’t include those kinds of points. Those items erase trans lesbians, and I’m confident that such talented writers could have replaced those points with ones like the other six. You can be funny and light and cater to a cis, hetero audience without excluding anyone.

        I’m also bothered by the fact that trans women are complaining here, saying that this is cissexist and hurtful, and the response from them and their cis fans seems to mostly be to tell us that we’re wrong to be hurt by this.

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