Top 10 Hilary Duff Songs

In honor of Hilary Duff‘s 24th birthday, The Prophet Blog compiled a list of The Top 10 Best Hilary Duff songs. This is extremely relevant to my interests. Let’s take a look at some of their choices, shall we?

9. Holiday

The Ryan Tedder-produced “Holiday” — in which Hilary likens the end of a relationship to a vacation, singing sadly over a tropical R&B synth-pop beat — was originally set to be a single off a re-released version of the brilliant Dignity album, but with Hollywood Records being the total jerk-offs that they are, the re-release was scrapped, and the song was delegated to a bonus track on one of Hilary’s many Best Of compilations. Given that Hilary’s popularity as a singer was beginning to wind down at this time, “Holiday” probably never would have been a hit anyway, but the melancholy jam could’ve easily become one of her most cherished songs to date if more people had actually gotten the chance to hear it at the time.

[Note: “Holiday” is my favorite Hilary Duff track and one of the most under appreciated / overlooked in the H-Duff catalogue. Nice one, Prophet Blog.] 

2. Wake Up

After a hit-and-miss sophomore album, an increasingly-gaunt and exhausted Hilary returned to destroy your faves with her first greatest hits compilation, Most Wanted. People gave poor Hilary a lot of flack for releasing a hits compilation with only two albums under her belt, but they still went out and bought it thanks to the strength of the irresistible lead single, “Wake Up”. Co-written by Hilary and produced by Benji & Joel Madden’s Dead Executives, “Wake Up” serves as one of the greatest feel-good ‘fuck-my-problems-I-just-wanna-dance‘ pop anthems ever. And just like it’s international lyrics, the song was a hit around the world, and still stands as one of Hilary’s most successful singles to date.

1. So Yesterday

Prior to Metamorphosis hitting stores, Hilary had already dabbled in music with a few Lizzie McGuire-related tunes, but it was the infectious “So Yesterday” that truly turned her into one of the biggest teen pop stars of the decade. Written and produced by The Matrix — who were on a high at the time thanks to their work on Avril Lavigne’s Let Go — “So Yesterday” was the perfectly catchy kiss-off to an ex-lover that everyone from five-year-olds to their middle-aged parents could sing-a-long to. Everybody likes, or has liked, this song in some capacity at some time, and any fan who says they haven’t accidentally sung the “If you wanna” line at the wrong spot before is lying. Nine years after this was originally released, and “So Yesterday” still serves as the perfect go-to pop song for anybody getting over a breakup.

See the full top 10 list here >




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  1. I have two thoughts:

    1. Holiday was an excellent accompaniment to my flaming hot cheetos.

    2. Lesbian fans of Hilary Duff should call themselves Duff Divers.

  2. Where we were like 10, my friends and I acted like we were too cool for Hilary Duff.
    Almost 10 years later, and we all admit that we actually secretly loved her then, and we still love her today.

  3. Who remembers the classic Scott Cain hit “I’ve Got a Crush on Hilary Duff”? He won Popstars in Australia wayyyyy back in the day, so I’m not sure if anyone who isn’t Australian would know it.

    Ahhh Scott Cain. He was bad.

    • Here are some lyrics for us all to enjoy and cherish:

      I’ve got a crush on Hilary Duff
      Kids’ on the block they’re sayin’ she’s got the right stuff
      I’ve got a crush on Hilary Duff
      And all the songs, I sing a long
      She’s really really got it goin’ on
      Yeah shes really got it goin’ on.

  4. Booted up my laptop..Rubbing the sleep from my eyes with one hand, coffee in the other..I read the heading of this story and my first thought was: Hillary Duff had more than 10 songs let alone a “Top 10”..Where the Hell was I?

    • Agreed, on both counts. Come Clean is actually on my list of ‘songs with which my obsession probably should have told me something’.

  5. The Lizzie McGuire Movie. The best. Those were some great H Duff songs. Also, my AIM name is still HDuff4Eva. Soooo. Yeah.

  6. “If the light is off, then it isn’t on” is the truest statement that has ever been made. Hilary Duff does not lie.

  7. I don’t have many feelings about Hilary Duff but this is making me feel better about my deep love of Selena Gomez.

  8. There are others who love Hilary Duff? I feel like I just walked into a meeting of a secret society of awesome!

  9. When I saw Hilary’s name on my fb feed and noticed you guys posted it, I had to click it. When I was 12 I didn’t want to watch Lizzie McGuire because I thought it was dumb, even though I hadn’t watched it before. One Saturday morning I watched it and was hooked. What was it that made me wake up early? Hilary Duff? Lalaine? Both? Yes. Then I soon boarded the crazy train of obsession; and that trip was long and expensive. I self-helped and was cured of my extreme Duff loving ways that I was addicted to for about five years. Since 2006 I’ve tried to stay in the background of her life/career. Sorry but I had to get my crazy out there. It’s nice to see other ladies liked the Duff too. p.s. I totally still have a box of her stuff in my closet (Not Stuff by Duff types of stuff).

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