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Forget the Economy. It’s the Gay Sex, Stupid!

You think the economy is f*cking up America? Nope, says Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal: it’s Adam Lambert. Also the first gay wedding in Martha Stewart Living, rugby player Gareth Thomas comes out, FDNY investigates why two EMTs let Eutisha die, feminism is dead?, quadruplets accepted to Yale, Professor Foxy answers a poly-trans-queer’s dating concerns and TIME’s “person of the year” is always a dude so Broadsheet has some lady-suggestions. Also a funny video about B-Roll!


Crystal’s Team Pick: Sia’s New Music Video

Remember that time I explained the top 10 reasons why I love Sia hard? Here’s my eleventh reason. Today a handful of people with exceptional music taste sent me the link to Sia’s new music video for “You’ve Changed”, a track that will feature on her upcoming album We Are Born.  Sia’s music videos are […]

Politics + Activism

Gay Marriage Will Make Washington D.C. Rich! Nice One, New York!

Tila Tequila is still engaged (take that Court-ten-ay!) is furthermore making plans to REPRODUCE via surrogacy. Gay marriage will pump the DC Economy, which’s bad news for the already upset NYC. Also; Nik Pace is suing the NFL player who fathered her child, how Mormons spend Christmas, 10 hot European TV lesbian couples, Karen from the Office is writing a comic book! Sort of!

Arts + Pop Culture

Brittany Murphy Lived Fast, Dies Young of Cardiac Arrest

Brittany Murphy dies at 32 from cardiac arrest. We tell you what happened, look back at her most awesome moments from 90s girl flicks like Girl Interrupted and F*CKING CLUELESS, her lesbionic scenes, present the Brittany Murphy Autostraddling Gallery and tell you why she was TOTALLY AWESOME. [ETA: New details on Murphy’s “downward spiral,” and erratic on-set behavior/consciousness.]


Tori Amos’ ‘Midwinter Graces’ Album Review & Give Away

Christmas carols, by nature, are mostly fairly schmaltzy. So what kind of justice can an artist like Tori Amos bring them? In her new Christmas album “Midwinter Graces”, Amos does an interesting job of reinterpreting well-known traditional Christmas songs, and even adds five of her own originals to the mix. Contributing writer Isabelle reviews the record and tells you how you can win a copy.

Arts + Pop Culture

Emily’s Team Pick: 33 Strange Buildings

These are 33 of the world’s strangest buildings. I’d like to note a few things: 1) 3 of these buildings are featured in Montreal, my hometown! The olympic stadium is not actually that cool, guys. 2) but the twisty building in Dubai is SO COOL. 3) the 31st building looks like an overturned pig.

Society + Culture

Because Really Who Isn’t a Sex, Food, Internet & Shopping Addict?

Our favorite person from “Sex Rehab,” Duncan the gay, dishes on why Dr. Drew doesn’t really know it all and how the show was manipulated, looks at America’s addiction to labeling everything an addiction and in Britan all the girls are drunk. Also; “The Princess and the Frog” is a feminist fairytale, TARGET WOMAN wraps up ’09, Medieval Herstory, the world from your window, and where size 4 is “fat.”


Riese’s Team Pick: Sims Do Bad Romance

I think I should just come clean and say “Riese’s Team Pick” means “too late for the daily fix, but must share now.” Like, for example, The Sims do Bad Romance. As I’ve personally perfected my own Sims imitations (just this morning I was doing “anger! hunger! and sailboats!”) I really admire what they’re doing […]