Are Columbia’s New Co-Ed Dorm Rooms Good for The Gays?

Happy Sunday! Gay & Lesbian groups support Columbia’s new co-ed rooming policy, what do you think? There is a lot going on in the world! Straight atheists are infiltrating gay Christians in order to find out more about “conversion therapy,” Glenn Beck loves Christmas and is sweaty, and everyone’s talking about Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. If that’s not enough, maybe you’d like to hear about Rihanna’s sexy bullet Mickey Mouse wardrobe malfunction?


New Motorola Droid Poised to Kick iPhone Ass, Take Names

The new Verizon Droid is one of the first solid iPhone challengers that doesn’t suck. It packs some sweet new smartphone features, and gives you a viable alternative to an iPhone or a Blackberry. That is, if the intensely dude-targeted ad campaign doesn’t weird you out too much. Also, can we talk about how the glowing red Droid thing is the eye of Sauron? No? Well, Okay…


I’m In Love With Australian Musician Sia: Top Ten Reasons Why

When quirky Australian-born, NY-based singer/songwriter Sia recently returned to her homeland to tour, it was everything Audiostraddle music editor Crystal had hoped for and then so much more. And now, from dating JD Samson to nonsensical tweeting to making sweet music with X-tina: Crystal explains exactly what it is about this goofy singer that she loves so hard.

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After NY Gay Marriage Defeat, Could New Jersey Be Our Filthy/Gorgeous Hope?

New Jersey is so close to New York, it’s practically the same place (or at least we’ll pretend it is if they vote to legalize gay marriage). Meanwhile, Denver would rather vote to roll out the red carpet for alien invaders. ALSO; Tolerance is relative when teaching middle school students, Prop. 8 still blows, and Rick Warren is loathsome as ever.

Arts + Pop Culture

Adam Lambert’s Too Hot for ABC’s NYE Show and Jimmy Kimmel. WTF.

Adam Lambert is axed from two more ABC shows, and hello double standard! We’ve got some ’04 Pink Billboard Music Awards footage that’ll blow yr mind. Lady Gaga was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards (and Dave Matthews had an album apparently?), Idina Menzel wants to be Lea’s Mom on Glee (CASTING HEAVEN), Adam Lambert wants his super gay & campy song to be in Twilight: Eclipse, and John Mayer plays lesbian matchmaker for Lilo & SamRon.