Boxing Week Sale! Get 25% Off Everything In The Autostraddle Store!

Put away the Easy-Bake Oven and put down your Samantha doll for one minute and pay attention: today is a big important day. Today marks the day that Jesus consumed his first tiny jar of smashed yams and, more importantly, the day when you — YES, YOU! — can really treat yourself to a post-holiday bargain at the Autostraddle store. Support our writers while treating yourself or somebody you love! It’s the best deal of all time.

Everything in the Autostraddle Store is 25% off! Just enter promo code “boxers” at check-out.

For example: your love can keep you warm, but so can this stylin’ zip-up hoodie.
Alternatively, you could pull an A-Camp hoodie over your head and wear it on your body!
The classic “Straddle This” t-shirt has never been cheaper — it’s on sale for $18 so when you add that 25% off, it’s basically free.
Or maybe a “You Do You” t-shirt in the super-soft tri-blend fabric situation? You Do You Autostraddle Shirts
Of course, there’s no better way to ring in the new year than with an Autostraddle Calendar, featuring 12 months of kickass queer women photographed by Robin Roemer.

2014_Autostraddle_Calendar_1 Furthermore it’s best to have straightforward directives like on these Straddle This boxer-briefs.
straddle_this_boxer_briefs_640 Or go small with a stylish little pin or a journal for all your super-special feelings.

1-Auto-Merch And, finally, a flask for your almond milk:

DON’T DELAY, BUY SOMETHING TODAY! Just use the code “boxers” at checkout for your 25% discount!

(p.s. and then submit to this tumblr if you wanna)

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    truth: i have been staring at Miss October Kai for MONTHS trying to decide if i would look as ridiculously adorable if i cut my hair like hers, and i’m sure i will keep on staring for months in the new year.

    if only i had a way to to keep up with how long i’ve been thinking about it.
    this is the least subtle hint.

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    Is anyone else having trouble checking out? 🙁 I’ve tried on 4 different devices now but no dice. It keeps telling me to choose a shipping option even though I’ve selected one. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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      Are you getting more than one item, by chance? For some reason folks are needing to choose the shipping method under EACH item.

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      Mer – as Bren said, be sure to select a shipping option for EACH one. I just did a test with two items in my cart and after selecting my shipping option for each item, I was able to check out and I was brought to paypal. Let us know how it works out!

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        Oh man I feel pretty stupid now. Thanks so much for the help you guys! It definitely worked after I did the shipping for both.

        I’m really excited for the stuff I ordered 🙂 Thank you for making it possible!!

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    Happy Boxing Day! I did not get boxers for Boxing Day, but I got some other stuff to keep my body warm! Thanks, Autostraddle!

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    i would so buy the calendar (i need a new one asap so i can keep writing down my work schedule :B ), but…. awkward things would happen. which is also why i can’t buy any of the clothes. mrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    i did buy myself a “ydy” pin a while back, though, & also one for the friend who told me about this site, as a Christmas present for her (:

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    Yay, I just bought my first bit of Autostraddle merch! Can’t wait to wear it around and let other straddlers know that I’m there! In my mind wearing one of these t-shirts is the perfect way to meet really interesting and well informed humans. I’m moving to a new country in the new year and this t-shirt forms the basis of my ‘how to make friends’ plan. No pressure, t-shirt..!

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    I’m gonna wait til the sale is over, coz the Autostraddle store is the only store in the world that I actually want to give MORE money to.

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      Good question, Chelsea! That depends on where you’re located. Domestic shipments will arrive between 5 and 7 business days and international shipments take a bit longer… I would allow up to two weeks for international orders.

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