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Superbowl Sunday with Lindsay Lohan, Jon Stewart, RuPaul, kd Lang, SNL’s Gay Show, Etc

It’s Sunday Funday! Are you ready for the second installment of Lindsay Lohan and Niecy Nash Being Best Friends? How about Ru Paul, Diva magazine, SNL’s gayest show ever (also funny!), kd Lang talks about being a vegan and chillaxing, Anne Hathaway, a new project from the people who gave you the 2009 Sweet Caribbean Cruise, and statements from both Tila Tequila and President Obama? Also, Bill O’Reilly is dumb and the tapes with John Stewart are great!


Riese’s Team Pick: Digital Nation on PBS

  I happened to catch the second half of Digital Nation on Frontline the other night and it was fascinating, so then I caught both halves online, it remained fascinating, and I would like to suggest you do the same: Is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we’ve gained?: FRONTLINE […]

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Keeping Gays Illegal: Florida’s Mulleted Lesbians & Top 10 Reasons DADT Rocks!

Top 10 Reasons Homosexuals Should Not Be Allowed in the Military (a world wide web roundup), how Florida used default scary lesbians to scare conservatives about gay adoption, Hot 100 Lists Dissected, Casey Johnson & Brittany Murphy’s cause of death reports revealed, the Guardian rips into Perez Hilton, GLBT suicide risk, Tyra’s multiple vagina show, Wanda Sykes and The Dollhouse social network.

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Laura’s Team Pick: Addictions and Musings

One-half tumblr, one-half diary, Isabella’s blog is good procrastination station if you’re looking to bask in Rihanna’s glowy glowy glow or for a reminder that even though school can be exasperating, it can be really funny if you just look at it the right way.

By |February 5, 2010
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Lindsay Lohan Has Lots of Stuff, Isn’t a Hoarder, Is Cute & Funny with Niecy Nash

Part one of Lindsay Lohan on The Insider with Nicey Nash, the girl blamed for Robbie’s alcoholism on Intervention tells a different side of the story, Megan Mulally on “Funny or Die,” Rosie talks to the LA Times, Ellen starts American Idol next week. Daria is coming out on DVD. Lady Gaga does more adorable things than we can handle. Plus, an LA photographer is releasing a book or portraits of gay soldiers. Seriously what’s going on this week, our favorite people are busy.


The Fire And Reason On The Brink Of Fame: The Autostraddle Interview

Contributing music writer Corey chats to Bella Saona, the stunning frontwoman of New York electro-rock act The Fire And Reason, a band that’s been on a steady rise since performing their infectious pop at Logo’s NewNowNext awards and winning the Brink Of Fame award. Bella answers a few questions on how they formed, who she’s obsessed with, and what’s in store for 2010.

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Do Lesbians Need Rules for the Gay Girl/Straight Girl Friendship?

Gawker’s laid out the rules of a gay man/straight man friendship just in time for Super Bowl. Is it different for girls? The Daily Show tackles men who need to reclaim their manhood, and old men who need to be kicked out of the senate for getting in the way of everyone else overturning DADT. FoxNews keeps calling Rachel Maddow a “man,” CNN does Real Sex dolls, gay Mardi Gras in Sydney, another queer high school and more!

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Ellen DeGeneres to Katie Couric: ‘Sad That A Mom Will Love Me, But Reject their Gay Kid.’

This is basically the best daily fix ever, featuring an all-star lineup: Ellen DeGeneres and Katie Couric talk for a whole half hour, and it’s perfect, Tegan & Sara on peace, Lindsay Lohan talks to Nicey Nash about her hoarding problem and darkest secrets, Adam Lambert heralded as “the new face of glam rock” in the UK, Lady Gaga’s new tattoo, and more!

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Footballers Scoring With Us For Supporting Gay Marriage & Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has a response ad to Focus on the Family’s Anti-Choice SuperBowl ad and we think you’re gonna love it! The Advocate talks to a pro-gay-marriage Saints football player, top 10 banned super bowl ads, John McCain is cranky and hates gay people, girls who won’t date taller, Beyonce and Rihanna have blonde hair, GIRL SCOUT COOKIE MANIA and moms try to out-hot their daughters.

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Better Together: Calvin & Hobbes, Tegan & Sara, Rihanna & Ellen… Lesbians & Reality TV?

Ilene talks to Emmy Magazine about The Real L Word, Bill Watterson on Calvin & Hobbes, Tegan & Sara Online NewNowNext exclusives and Australia tour announcement, Naomi & Emily interview, Natalie Portman “feared’ her lesbian scene, HBO planning Anita Bryant movie, opening JD Salinger’s mail, Vanity Fair’s Young Hollywood issue (K-Stew!), Rihanna does “Hard’ on Ellen AND MORE!

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Top Defense Officials Seek to End Don’t Ask Don’t Tell For Real This Time

Important announcement today as top defense officials seek to end DADT — but there is one catch. And also, John McCain is cranky about it. We’re happy to see that Obama is actually making some forward progress on repealing DADT! Newly-elected Senator Scott Brown explains his position on gay rights. Plus, Hawaii has rejected civil unions, Utah legislators shelved anti-discrimination laws, and CBS makes even more weird Super Bowl ad decisions.