This Week’s Sunday Funday is the Gayest Thing Since the Sochi Olympics

Hello, future valentines of the world! I hope you’ve got brunch plans (like me) because you’re gonna need at least twenty mimosas to celebrate the good news comin’ out in today’s Sunday Funday.

"Oh my God, did she just say there's no vegan soy chorizo on the brunch menu?"

“Oh my God, did she just say there’s no vegan soy chorizo on the brunch menu?”

If Russia Doesn’t Love the Gays, We’ll Have To Love ‘Em More

F*ck Putin!

+ Google’s Olympics doodle honored the ages-old worldwide sporting event that I don’t quite understand the purpose of in Sochi this week with a rainbow graphic and a link to the IOC charter, in which exclusion or discrimination of anyone from the games is expressly barred.


+ Canada is the sassiest nation on Earth; it’s clear from their persistent honoring of LGBT folks throughout the winter Olympics and  their sassy Olympics ad. “The games have always been a little gay,” Canada says to itself in the mirror, imagining once more that hot women in athletic gear are strutting around Vancouver like the good ol’ days.

+ From Chevrolet to AT&T, ain’t nobody sponsoring the Olympics who got time for bullsh*t homophobia.

Missy Elliot’s Coming Back B*tches

When Missy Elliot returns with “100%” material that’s “game-changing,” I’m gonna take an entire month off from work and cruise listening to it until my life drastically changes direction. That’s a promise.

Come at me, bro

Come at me, bro


As of Monday, it won’t matter if your bumfuck town or sprawled out city or entire fields-of-grain-ridden state recognizes your gay marriage – the federal government will.

On Monday, the Justice Department will extend federal benefits to all legally married same-sex couples regardless of whether they are living in a state that recognizes the marriage or not.

The new directive, says Attorney General Eric Holder, will provide “lawful same-sex marriages full and equal recognition, to the greatest extent possible under the law.” When the benefits go into effect all married same-sex couples will be treated in the same way as opposite-sex couples in federal court, in both criminal and civil cases. In addition, same-sex couples will receive federal death benefits, be allowed the same privileges of opposite-couples if one of the partners is incarcerated in a federal prison, and be treated equally in federal bankruptcy proceedings.

Pussy Riot Speaks Russian, Makes People Laugh

The baddest girls in Russia made an appearance this week on The Colbert Report.


“So exactly what does a pussy riot look like?”

Why Can’t We Be Friends

Imagine all the fuzzy beings…


Living life in peace…


You may say I’m an excessive cuddler…


but I’m not the only one…


I hope someday I go to this farm where over 60 animals live and love together


and we’ll all romp as one.


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  1. “The games have always been a little gay,” Canada says to itself in the mirror, imagining once more that hot women in athletic gear are strutting around Vancouver like the good ol’ days.

    I live in Vancouver and during the 2010 Olympics, I remember walking down Davie Street (in predominately gay men’s gaybourhood downtown) holding hands with my then partner. This woman wearing Olympic gear for Italy did a double take, continued walking, then came back and stopped us. She asked in halting English, “Where are the ladies?” with a implication of “gay ladies.” We were thrilled, and talked to her for a while – letting her know where she could find (more) queer women in town.

    Because she was queer, she was in town for 3 weeks (working for the media), wanted to meet some people, have fun, etc. Obviously. And she could do that. And we could help her. And we could be our gay ol’ selves walking down the street holding hands. We are lucky, and I want this for all of my brothers and sisters around the world. We over here in Canada are supporting you, queermos of the world. I am grateful that was (one of my) queer experience(s) during the Olympics. Fuck these Russian laws, and fuck the IOC for not taking a stand.

    • Heartwarming! ♥ Vancouver is the only place I’ve ever felt really comfortable walking around in public holding hands with my gf. We live in B.C.’s version of the Bible Belt, and although it’s not really as bad as all that, even very minor PDA can get uncomfortable.

  2. ALL THOSE HAPPY ANIMALS i’m just going to lie in a puddle of my own tears while wishing i wAS THERE WITH THEM a bloo bloo bloo they all look so happy & cuddly & i want to cuddle toooooo i should have been born a dog

    i’m sorry i am having feelings

    this whole post is awesome but, just, i mean, HAPPY ANIMALS CUDDLING aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Currently watching the Colbert interview, enjoying it, but I recently read that Nadya and Masha are no longer in Pussy Riot. I’m not sure if it was a completely amicable split.

    So instead of people referring to them as members of Pussy Riot, should we call them Pussies formerly known as Rioting?

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