TV Feature

Televisionary Q&A: How “Real” is “The Real L Word”?

I’ve got some questions about “The Real L Word.” So I tracked down a veteran reality TV editor and established fan of reality teevee programs to get the scoop on how scenes get constructed, what makes TRLW different than other shows, the Theory of the Dogs, “Frakenbiting,” who controls the “stories” being told and other supreme secrets of editorial magic!

Pop Culture Fix

Lesbian Stock Photography is Awkward, So Is This Song For Lindsay Lohan

Awkward Stock Photography Tumblr inspires us to dig through our favorite lesbian stock photography tropes AND BOY IS IT HILARIOUS YOU GUYS. Also, this is not a Lindsay Lohan post, but it may or may not feature a song her father apparently wrote and performed to assure her that his love “will never die.” Laugh or cry as you see fit. Also, Kristen Stewart talks about gendered double standards in Hollywood, a new movie starring guerilla gun girls, and drag queens singing about oil. I know, what more could you ask for?

NSFW Sunday

On NSFW Sunday, All the Women Will Want Lesbian Sex

A man says it looks like almost all the women don’t need men for sex anymore and he’s probably right. Also: embracing sluthood, sex advice from Etsy vendors, the morning-after-you-were-awesome kit, fear of sexuality, fear of talking to teenagers about sexuality, a sexy Tumblr and um, hot celebrities in bondage gear. Your average everyday NSFW Sunday.

Society + Culture

Tel Aviv LGBT Center Shooting, One Year Later: March to Equality, Tell Someone You Love Them

The image of Tel Aviv as a liberal gay haven was shattered last year when a gunman injured 15 and killed two youths at an LGBT community center a few months before I was headed there for a study abroad program. On the one-year anniversary of the shooting, LGBTQ Israelis are marching from Jerusalem to Knesset in The March for Equality. Although I was not there today, I also have feelings on this.


Game Log: Final Fantasy XIII, Disc 1

Time to check back in with Final Fantasy XIII (and model through it), after a hiatus of epic proportion. I’m at about hour 10 and Lightning’s still sassy, but I did spot an alt-lifestyle haircut. Onward and upward! Or downward. I think Pulse is down.