Help Kick Start Autostraddle’s New Web Series, UNICORN PLAN-IT, with Haviland Stillwell, Sarah Croce & Ashley Reed!

Sarah Croce, Ashley Reed and Haviland Stillwell are coming together to create Autostraddle’s first scripted web series which will make you laugh at them, make you proud of who you are, and generally… make your life better, in every way.

The new show is called UNICORN PLAN-IT and they need YOUR help within the next 21 days to ensure it is absolutely amazing! The three girls will be writing, producing, acting, directing and editing the comedy series shot in the style of Modern Family and revolving around a group of co-workers (and some co-lovers) in the glamourous/ridiculous gay girl world of Hollywood.

Donate on their KickStarter page and be bestowed eternal gratitude in the form of:

– a thank you shout out on twitter & facebook!
– a signed cast photo!
– skype video chat with the cast!
– a walk on cameo!
– VIP invite to the private wrap party and pictures of you with the cast!

Other actors attached (and more to be added!) include Sherri D. Sutton, Amir Levi, Malcolm Devine, Rachel Diana, and cameos from your favorite celesbians and straight people who want in on the action – we don’t discriminate!

For updates on the fundraising status be sure to follow @unicornplanit, @misshaviland, @smcroce and @busterreed.


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  1. And I quote: “Everyone stop what they’re doing right now and watch this!”

  2. Just a general fyi: if you ever quote anything from the Wizard of Oz ever…it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll get my money.

      • It’s a combination of the #matchdotcomprofile and pretty much everything she said/did in the proposal that did it for me.

        She wants to say offensive things to us!

  3. I assume production is going down in LA. If so, where can a dramatically inclined sistah audition for a future webisode?

  4. I get paid next week at which point I will be sending a donation your direction. I am intrigued and need to know what happens in this series.

  5. Ya’ll are in for a TREAT with Ashley Reed. She is one of the most uniquely funny humans I’ve met.

  6. I was actually lamenting the lack of good TV when I saw this post. It pretty much made my day.

  7. Based on those four minutes and two seconds of hilarity, I really, really want this show to happen. Diggin’ those quarters out of my jeans

    • i do believe that the “diggin’ those quarters out of my jeans” move = the 40 quarters shuffle.

      • Haha. Just wait, it’ll be the new dance craze in lesbian bars across the nation.

      • I want someone to mix a dubstep or techno song where that’s the hook. Of course, there must be mentions of unicorns and such.

        • I really think the world would be a better place if all of these things happened. Maybe there should be a kickstarter page?

  8. HAHA seriously if they just did that for the entire show I would still watch it

  9. 40 quarters, all for you! Also, where did Haviland get that necklace? I need it.

  10. SO I hope this becomes a thing! like a thing I can watch.

    in lieu of actual money I can send Schrute bucks & Stanley nickels.

  11. That four minute video gave me a lot of feelings, most of which can be surmised as: Oh haaaaaaaaay Haviland/Sarah/Ashley, how you doin’? Also, laughter. Also, OHGODNO NOT THAT SONG! Also I should be studying for finals.

    But most importantly: where is my debit card?

  12. What made this video extra special pour moi..

    1. Is that an outhouse in the background?
    2. The gun’s special appearance aaand “disappearance” *wink*
    3. “Its about living it out… LOUD”
    4. Croce letting her hair down!
    5. Haviland Stillwell, Sara Croce & Ashley Reed!

    40 Quarters sent your way..

  13. Who is this Ashley Reed? Love the link to Love that she’s looking for women aged 18-45. Love her already.

    • You know, I had to get that in. When babypop saw it she said, “see what you did there?” #livingitoutreference #iloveriese&carly

      • Well now you have my heart, and my 40 quarters :)

        It’s a Zen thing, like how many babies fit in a tire.

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