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Why We Have an Open Relationship: A Dialogue on Queer Polyamory for Lesbians

Do you have a girlfriend? That’s fine. I also have a girlfriend. But I think you’re cute, and you think I’m cute, and let’s not waste all this cuteness and attraction just because we both have girlfriends. I’m sorry, did that come off a little harsh? It wasn’t supposed to. It’s just what a conversation might sound like in a world where monogamy wasn’t the norm. Contrary to popular belief, monogamy and fidelity are not one in the same. Take it from two lesbians – real lesbians – who have both been in serious relationships, both open and exclusive, and are still trying to figure out what exactly that means.

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Some Conservatives Hate Gays Less Than Others, Possibly Have Been Influenced by “Facts”

Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter have gone rogue on the Hatred of Gay People issue, and other conservative groups are Very Upset about it. What goes into the making of a conservative who just kind of feels whatever about gays? We check Google News, look at the Jennifer Keeton case (we won!) and make an informed report – and consider the possibility that maybe The Facts sometimes win.