RFamily Cruise 2007 Recap Part #2: with Video!

The weirdest part of returning from the cruise is remembering that everyone’s not gay anymore. You re-adjust your mindset to auto-gay while aboard, and I today on the subway I thought: “Wow, there’re so many hot gay girls in the city these days!” and then remembered: “Oh yeah. Those girls look straight because they ARE straight.”


The L Word Season Five PROMO Recap.

We all know that foreplay’s what this show does best. Like a twatilicious lover, The L Word relishes in getting us all riled up and subsequently leaving us alone and naked on the couch with a lukewarm Dos Equis and tears in our eyes. “High and dry” I believe it’s called.


Rosie’s Cruise: My Week in Fantasyland

Rosie’s Cruise is 5 parts amazing famous people, 3 parts costumes parties, 1 part vom, and 97 parts gay gay gay. Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what happens when you’re on a [motherf*cking] boat.


2007 RFamily Vacations Gay Cruise Blog, Part #1

“Around five in the afternoon (I think), Janet (an actress-friend of Haviland’s) purchased me something large and mostly vodka. Somewhere between then and the next three hours, Heather and I did a shot or more, which for some sadistic reason beyond our control, were served to us in plastic cups and probs were more like 10 shots. We stole a picture of Ariel to color in and some chocolates and a shuffle-puck and some crayons.”

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There’s Something About Jenny[s] – Why Killing Jenny is Killing All of Us

Jenny stayed controversial ’cause her behavior didn’t demand universal like or dislike, and the dislike it prompted was real. Bette & Tina’s relationship does that too — there’s been interesting cases on both sides throughout the show’s run, often influenced by how much you personally relate and your feelings on monogamy, CORE values, etc.. Like Jenny, we consider Bette & Tina with nuance and personal subjectivity.