FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Tell Me The Most Awesome Thing About Your Week

It’s Friday which means it’s time for the Friday Open Thread! The article that is just like your journal but also someone else’s journal and also it talks back to you! Or rather, it talks at you first about itself and whatever exactly happens in a journal’s life and then you can talk back to it and it’s sort of a conversation but also sort of a letter exchange. To clarify, I’m the journal in this conversation.

Everyone else started their open thread with a picture of themselves so here’s a super cute picture of me and my super cute girlfriend sharing  a milkshake.

Partying like it's 1959

Partying like it’s 1959

My week was wonderful and amazing! I don’t know about you guys, but this has been one of the best weeks ever! I wouldn’t say I’m someone who has a lot of “good weeks,” and I’m rarely blindly positive, but this week just rocked.

Wait. I lied. Actually, first it was really terrible! It was kind of bad and I thought I was going to die. To start off the week I convinced myself that I had failed my medical boards (the scores of which I knew were to be released this week). Then I found out that my landlord was kicking us out of my apartment at the end of this month and I was going to have to move! Is there anything in the world more terrible than moving? No. No there isn’t. Also I woke up one morning with a bug on my arm and thought that there were bedbugs in my girlfriend’s apartment and was terrified. Oh and Tuesday I banged my foot against the doorway and broke all five of my toe nails and spilled couscous.

But then everything got a hundred million times better!!

First I signed a lease on a beautiful big new apartment! It’s bigger and better than my current apartment in a cuter neighborhood and painted yellow! I still have to move but at least now I can stop trying to squeeze my mountains of shoes into my tiny bedroom. Then I went bowling with my adorable girlfriend and decided that she was the cutest girl ever. Most importantly, I found out that I passed part one of my medical boards!


With all that in mind I want to hear about your weeks! Was it awesome? Was it not awesome? Was it awesome some of the time and less-than-awesome other times? What’s the most awesome thing that happened? Do you want to just celebrate me and my new apartment and my passing score and my bowling girlfriend?! That’s okay with me too! Pour all your feelings right here because Friday Open Thread is really about you and whatever the hell you wanna feel!

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Lizz is a consumer, lover and writer of all things pop culture and the Fashion/Style Editor at She is also full time medical student at Brown University in Providence, RI. You can find her on the twitter, the tumblr or even on the instagram.

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  1. I really like Chrissie’s hair in that picture!

    Okay, so my week…mostly I did what I do every week, which is work from home for too many hours every day and not leave my apartment hardly at all. Which worked out this week because it was, like, torrential downpour in NJ. Seriously, a bunch of roads were closed until yesterday. But! On Saturday, before it was torrential downpour, I went to Rutgers Ag Field Day and purchased my first ever real grownup house plants, some of which got featured in my “how to home bar” post. And seriously, they make me feel so good! Who knew plants were, like, the big secret to feeling like you’ve reached adulthood/having a living space you like?!

    I bet everyone but me knew.

    • I agree with you about house plants making you feel like a grown up! I have been trying really hard to make it happen and everything I touch dies. I couldn’t even get a chia pet to grow. We’re surrounded by tallish buildings and there’s just no sunlight, and the thought of leaving something plugged in all day just to make a plant grow isn’t something I’ve made peace with yet.

      Your photos in that post are super nice, and I can personally vouch for that measuring cup you were thinking about getting bc I worked on it. :)

      • LOL, yeah, why didn’t I ask you!? Ugh, sometimes I wonder about myself.

        Have you tried a cactus? Cacti are fairly resilient/hard to kill. I desperately want a cactus, but our kitten is teething and Abby thinks that they’re weird plants just out to kill you, so alas. But I did purchase a succulent (Darley Sunshine, in case you’re curious), which we have named Edgar. The cats knocked him over once, but he is (on the whole) okay.

        • My partner and I killed our cactus, which was the first thing we bought together when we moved into our first grown up apartment. His name was Bob. Talk about depressing – not being able to keep a cactus alive! This is why we can’t have kids.

        • It doesn’t seem very promising that “sunshine” is right in the name of that plant, but maybe another type of cactus would work for me. Good idea.

  2. I’m trying really, really hard to stay positive…also trying to learn how to hang out by myself per my therapist’s instruction and having a really hard time! Apparently I attract ladies with personality disorders due to my fear of being alone. But I’ve been single for like six weeks now and I’m not rushing into something else terrible, yay!

    Aaaaand I flew a single prop airplane for the first time on Wednesday and it was freaking amazing! Now I just need to get laid. :)

    • I will give you tons of tips for hanging out alone. I plan alone dates and they’re phenomenal. Start small…take yourself to dinner then rent a movie.

    • I’ve always had this irrational fear of doing things by myself. It honestly gets better with practice!

    • Yes! I’m so with you on this attracting the wrong people thing and also on becoming ok with being alone. I really need to work on this too. So glad to hear it gets better.

    • being single is awesome. you know how you’ve always wanted to: build hobby rockets, bake a creme brule, start an herb garden, take a life drawing class, clean out that hall closet, learn to weld, do an amateur open mic night, go sky diving? Now’s your big chance!

  3. Well first off CONGRATS!
    My week has been shitty and not shitty. But my weekend is going to be awesome! I’m headed to ATX to spend my morning on the water doing SUP then headed to a wedding and Sunday I’ve got a double header softball game. Yep…will be good times.

  4. My week has also been super good! I had my last day of classes in all of high school and my grade had a potluck to celebrate, and then I went on a mysterious scavenger hunt with friends and we wound up at a laser tag place! Laser tag is the best thing ever, you guys. And an hour ago I had an interview for my dream job which I thought I had no chance in hell of getting, but I actually do! Hoorah!

  5. I also have to move soon, and I am totally dreading it. But I’m really ready to be out of the old place – the power kept going off and on last night, killing my necessary a/c, meaning that either the noise/lack of noise woke me up, or the heat woke me up, or my girlfriend not being in bed because it was too hot to be close to me woke me up, and so I’m super tired today – so it’s just the process of backing everything up that I’ve gotta push through. Trying to think posi thoughts!

  6. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I agree. Getting the cabin assignment, even tho I don’t think I filled out the “tell us about yourself” part of the application/ Hey, was that what the rest of our cabinmates did, too?

  7. Yay Lizz! Congrats on your boards!

    This week I officially decided where I’m going to school in the fall and finally stopped agonizing over the decision. Yayyyyyy!

    Also my kitten decided this week that the best way to get my attention is to bite my leg. Repeatedly. That one’s less yay. We’re working on it.

  8. (counting Sunday as the start of my week) I went to go to my first concert ever on Sunday! I saw B.A.P live in London and screamed my lil fangirl heart out and it was the most fun I’d had in a while. I guess the next best thing was receiving my (final) university offer! Now I need to pick where to go and I’ll be off living that crazy ‘adult’ lifestyle. Something to look forward to. I’m boring sorry!!!

    Hope everyone else had great weeks !! :)

  9. I wandered into the men’s section of Forever 21 a couple days ago and everything was hella cute but the shoulders were too broad. I bought a vest that was only slightly too large and I’m going to wear it at A-camp. I might try to put darts in it.

    Also I’m reading Whipping Girl and I feel like it expresses many things that I’ve been thinking for a long time but have never succeeded in articulating. It’s really good.

  10. All work and no play makes me a very dull girl who just wants to sleep all the damn time.

    Also, I’ve really been looking forward to getting an alternative lifestyle haircut because letting my hair grow long was a bad idea.

  11. @Laura I’m with you on that one. Every time I go into Forever 21 I longingly look at the Men’s section wishing half of the stuff fit me and/or I was a skilled tailor with magick enough to make it fit ^sigh… Oh wellz. On a bright side… Yay… It’s Friday. Later tonight I’m heading to Stonewall to meet up with some friends. Praying. That the DJ is good so I can dance the night away

    • I know!! They have all these geometric prints right now and I covet all of them. Maybe I’ll go back and get some sale rack stuff so I can experiment with tailoring…

      Have fun at Stonewall!

  12. Also, like I said on last week’s thread..I’d post some of my other Metal Earth things on Fridays. And here you are, you humans you =)

    • Googling Metal Earth now because I want to build tiny metal things. Please keep posting these pics!

    • These are amazing. My girlfriend keeps searching for a lighthouse one, but we haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

      • @justinamoniz92 Try Ebay, the seller, Elliestoys store usually has a lot of them. If they don’t I’m sure some other sellers will have them. Make sure to also buy some needle nose pliers that are thin. The bigger ones can be a pain to manipulate sometimes. =) Have fun!!

  13. Hi Lizz! I’m very excited for you to be my counselor at A-Camp SO SOON! Also you and your girlfriend are both very cute in that picture.

    My week was okay. I’m getting more work from my freelance gig, so at least I’m slightly less unemployed now. I even went into their office in Manhattan one day this week, breaking the cycle of my usual work from home everyday routine, which was sort of nice but also anxiety inducing in many ways. I kind of really hate this job though.

    I have ideas about a new career though, maybe. I’m starting to seriously consider grad school for English Education. But even seriously considering the options of programs is overwhelming me.

    I mostly feel like I’m not good at any type of office job work and that maybe working at a high school talking about literature will be something I’m much better at. But then I’ll regret it once I have to grade papers, lol. Who knows!

    This weekend I have zero plans, but my brother is coming home from his first year of college and I’m going to hang out with him. He’s a cool dude, so I’m excited to see him again!

    • I saw phantogram last week, they are soooo freaking good live! And Sarah is amazingly hot. Wowwww.

      • Her and Lauren from Chvrches are both on my ‘singers I’m slightly in love with’ list

  14. Today was my last day of school before exams start, and I dressed up as a dinosaur and laughed for several hours straight and it was fabulous.
    Plus I don’t even care that I have exams to do because I’m going to see JANELLE MONAE in a week’s time and nothing could excite me more.

    • pics! pics of you in dino costume milling around in public in broad daylight! ROAMING THE EARTH, if you will!

      • I have an inability to look good in pictures or to understand the instructions on putting photos in the comments, but it was handmade with pink spines down the back, and because I was the weird pet dinosaur from the Flinstones, I made a collar as well.
        Turns out it’s very hard to cycle with a tail.

  15. Congrats on passing part one of the medical boards! Yay! Good luck for the other parts!

    I’m still recovering from repetitive stress injuries in my arm, and this week I’ve been fighting a cold. Now I’m trying to decide if I should go to a friend’s bday party tonight or if that would be a bad/selfish idea (“Happy Birthday! Here are some germs!”). In other news, the weather here is insanely gorgeous.

  16. My week was incredibly stressful, but also awesome. I’m an intern at Planned Parenthood, and I developed my very own education training on sexual diversity. I was able to present this training twice. Once for the Planned Parenthood staff who work with actual patients, and then today with staff at the Youth Services Bureau in my city. I got to teach about sexual orientation, gender identity, coming out processes, resources, and all kinds of great things and then I was able to answer their questions in regards to how to deal with/treat/encourage/etc. LGBT+ youth that come to their facility. Today was the last official day of my internship at Planned Parenthood, but I know I want to do more trainings on related topics in the future. I can see the difference I’m making with each training. :)

    • This is incredibly awesome! Thank you so much for the work you are doing to help the young people in our LGBT community!

  17. Congrats! Well done.

    This week I found out that one of my best friends (read only friend) is getting married! Now that I’m happily married, I just want everyone in the whole world to have what I have (a loving relationship, not necessarily marriage).

    I also killed it at the gym, lost 4 pounds, and I can FINALLY see hints of abs. I’m still more Pillsbury dough boy than Ryan Gosling though.

  18. Congrats on your boards and new apartment, I helped a couple of friends move house today, apparently lesbians make the best removal teams, they booked 3 others for tomorrow.
    Starting the week with Sunday…the drive shaft dropped off the back of my lovely 1989 VW camper van, on a roundabout in heavy traffic… but the RAC man came and fixed it. Meanwhile loads of other VW camper folks waved cheerfully at the missus and myself and our dog as we stood on the roadside. Which was cool. She, the van which came to me named Gertrude, got through her service on thursday with no major problems so hooray for road trips this summer. Other than that it has been a standard work week with impending stress over Uni deadlines looming ever nearer.

  19. This week has been sort of a mess, sadly. I have a cold (thanks, ridiculous temperature changes), I had to stay out til 4am last night for work, and I managed to get my friend’s car towed on Wednesday. Which meant that I watched the NWSL Reign/Sky Blue game from my couch instead of in person and am out a lot of money. I would like for the weekend to be less of a disaster, please.

    At least it might finally be spring here in NYC…

  20. I am currently nursing a break-up, made 3x as sucky by the fact that I am abroad-it was a LDR and now I’m trying to deal with it all without my normal comforts and support systems. Also I figured out today that I lost my passport and have just had shit piled on shit this week, but I reached the point today where there was just nothing to do but laugh at it all cause life is so ridiculous sometimes but you just have to take it as it is.
    So today I made myself guacamole (which is a rarity in Germany!) and have some big plans to watch some terrible TV and eat some Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s! And also maybe hang out with a few new friends I’ve made, cause it’s been almost a week now and I’m trying to get myself out a bit. But yeah! Pictures like this penguin are getting me through right now. And the Autostraddle post about the best break-up advice. But mostly penguins :)

  21. I started eating more vegan in the past 2-3 weeks and so far I haven’t missed dairy, or meat, but did find a great recipe for cashew burgers and vegan, gluten, and hormone free cauliflower pizza crust. The foods are doing a number on my stomach, but on the positive side I have lost 5lbs feel great, and feel even more queerer than usual. I am sure now I want to do hormones so I can have some fabulous breasts. Oh and I’m having fun with that Secret app everyone is using. Feeling good. Thank you for asking Lizz.

  22. grad school is stupid, that is all. also i sat down to study for finals and my glasses broke literally five minutes later? like how does that even happen?

    on the plus side as of Wednesday I will be a second year grad student which is much preferable to being a first year grad student.

  23. So I got a 6 week paid summer internship with a supervisor I like doing work that I think I will like so yay! And I handed in a first draft of a massive report on time so feeling good about that.

    But then the internet company screwed up – we are moving in a couple of months so we phoned up to let them know when and they cut us off 3 hours later!!! – After a couple of angry phone calls they said it would be 24-48hours before we got it back – it was actually about 24 – The world is a very sad and lonely place without you guys.

    And when I got internet back there was an email waiting for me with two essays to review – both are 15 pages long and look a little duller than watching paint dry…..

    And finally, the bit of my university course that I have always liked best has just been ruined for me. I sat through a lecture where the lecturer went at the speed of light introducing new concepts and topics in one breath and throwing in (but sometimes omitting) crucial information in the next. 45 minutes of frantic writing, understanding nothing and consistently trying to catch up so I could listen to what the guy was saying whilst he was drawing diagrams. And then at the end he says – well we finished 5 minutes early so thats a good way to end the day (this being 16:45 on Friday……) grumble grumble grumble. So I’ve just spent an hour or so doing something I have never done before – rereading all the notes to try and make sense of them before writing them all out again in an order that makes sense and doesn’t make me want to cry.

    As a pick me up I’m going to watch ‘Hannah Free’ and try out my first attempt at homemade sangria :D

    • Oh and after spending a couple of hours wondering why it was so dark in my room even though I clearly remembered turning the light on, I realized it had blown – luckily I managed to get a replacement with minimal existential crisis’s at the supermarket and now fell like I have taken yet another small step to becoming a functioning member of society.

    • Your week sounds as good as mine! Except my degree finals are this week, I just found out that my summer internship is unpaid and the worst thing of all, my fridge is empty of alcohol! Bad move! I have an exciting night ahead of me filled with studying then probably some crappy TV. At least I have a Friday open thread to keep me company tonight…

  24. This has been the the worst week ever for me. I got my heart broken in 5 million pieces this week, by my first love, right before pride/my birthday weekend. Feeling super anxious about seeing my ex (first time I’ve actually called them that) tonight and giving back our stuff and getting my birthday present. Then I’m gonna go to my best friend’s house and probably cry and drink and try to feel like a human again. I’ve already read all the autostraddle breakup articles but other recommendations are welcome.

    • Awhhhh baby gurl. I’m so sorry you’re hurting. I combed through every breakup article ever when I got dumped a few weeks ago by my ex (who I now realize was emotionally abusive). Here are some things that helped me:

      -writing a list of stuff they said/did that annoyed you and realizing you never have to deal with it again!
      -eating/doing/watching stuff that they didn’t like
      -thinking about the fact that you got to be with someone at all! because there’s lots of lezzies out there who are too isolated to even be with someone in the first place. so be happy that you had the experience and you’re capable of love.
      -also note that there are lots of ladies with personality disorders and other problems that make it nearly impossible for them to have normal, healthy attachments. you are (from what it sounds like) not one of these people. so you can love, have loved, and will do it again.
      -you have a pretty smile!
      -you have a best friend that can support you!
      -try to avoid substance abuse after tonight, it really won’t make you feel better
      -you deserve someone who loves you and wants you exactly as you are. now that you know she wasn’t the one, you can take some time to get to know yourself and figure out what you want from a relationship and find the lady that will be all those things!

      your heart hurts, but it will stop. seriously it will. just accept that you’re going to hurt for a minute and it’ll feel like the end of the world. don’t rush it but don’t dwell in it either. make some sad art, write some sad poetry and eat some ice cream. oooh also watch sad movies when you can’t cry because they will make you cry! and then you can watch really good sad movies that you wouldn’t normally watch because you didn’t want to cry.

      love <3

    • I’m sorry. :( *hugs*

      As for recs, I found this buzzfeed video strangely comforting for when you’re not quite ready to feel better yet. Maybe it’s the soothing soundtrack and focus on bonding with your platonic friends post-break-up. [Just maybe don’t read the comments, lots of people confused that the girl is gay and saying she should get with her straight male roommate/bestie]

      • thanks. sending this to my friend who’s also going through a breakup right now. my therapist said i should let myself wallow and also surround myself with supportive friends right now, so i’m trying to do a healthy balance of that.

    • Happy Birthday from one fellow Taurus to another! That totally sucks, but I hope your weekend gets better! <3

  25. Congrats!!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow is three birthdays at once, for my mom, my best friend, and my son’s friend whose bday party is also tomorrow, so I’ve spent all day SHOPPING. Now I’m broke.

    BUT, the weather has been weird and beautiful, which has led to some pretty pictures and spending lots of time outside.

  26. I’ve been knitting and watching The Good Wife on netflix (filling in until OITNB comes back) and panicking that I’m not doing anything with my life, and wishing Autostraddle was a country I could go and visit because I need to be somewhere new and Autostraddle-land would just be the best place ever! Both Ellens are there obviously.

    • This is a beautiful comment. I also think Autostraddle should be a country, it would be the best ever.

      And The Good Wife is awesome! I fell head over heels in love with that show this season, and there’s no turning back now, I’m fully committed to it.

  27. My week had a rough start but a sweet end. I pugsat for my brother and his wife for a few days. Yesterday, I played hooky (which is a forming habit I really need to nip in the bud) from school and work. I just spent the day hanging out with my ladyfriend. We are celebrating six months this upcoming week and I’m currently trying to write in the card I got her, but it’s all so mushy. That about sums it up. Here’s my obligatory weekly pic starring Penny the pug!

  28. Aha! I’ve finally seen the Friday Open Thread on a Friday and can comment on it!

    This week was my finals week/last week of my junior year of college. I survived all my classes and passed Molecular Bio of the Gene,so yay for that…also, no physics EVER AGAIN. *angels sing*

    Staying at my girlfriend’s house for the rest of this week, enjoying wonderful cuddles and sexytimes without any exams to interrupt. We’re going to Chicago next week and then I’m off to an exciting summer of undergrad research and a course called “Queer Film and Television”. :) Super happy with this week.

  29. I’ve had a pretty fantastic week, which is not usually a thing I say right before finals. I attended my last EVER law school class on Thursday. I’ll be moving from Illinois to Seattle this summer and I officially have a place to live now in a house full of rad queers. I found out that I passed the professional ethics exam to be a lawyer. And I realized that I can probably start saying that I’m dating someone. Our seventh date is tomorrow so I feel like somewhere we crossed the line from “girl I’ve been on some dates with” to “girl I’m dating.”

  30. really for true, this week has been p uneventful. but! yesterday, my bb cousin (jaja he’s 20) and I went to the carnival and went on the bumper cars and those crazy swings and an awful ferris wheel where the cars ROLL INDEPENDENTLY OF THE WHEEL. anyway, here we are. I’m the one biting his face. I have a problem.

  31. I just finished a marathon (4+ hours) interview/observation at a school, for two incredibly different teaching positions within the same school. I expressed a preference for one of them, and then immediately regretted it. But then not? I don’t even know anymore what I want.

    Why don’t they make a Sorting Hat for this purpose? The what-grade-should-you-teach purpose.

    But just getting this interview was good, and I think it went well overall? I really liked the school. Two weeks of waiting ahead of me.

  32. Congratulations on passing your exams Lizz! And good luck with moving; have to admit I’d rather stay in a crappy’ish place than move, it’s the worst things in the world.

    I had a very long week; but there was a beautiful sunset tonight and sometimes the little things can make everything else better.

    Also bought a super cute pair of shoes (from the men’s section no less – that’s a new thing for me!)

  33. I cleared my CALIFORNIA TEACHING CREDENTIAL!!! Yeaaaaah! That means I’ve actually survived 2 years being with children for SIX HOURS A DAY! And they learned a couple things too! Who knew this week would actually come?!

    Also, also, also I saw a baby chick hatch out of an egg. It was amazingly cute and beautiful and gross.

  34. I’ve been very crafty today! As promised, like two weeks ago, here are some pictures of 1st a project for a ceramics class I did. It is a reliquary for my A Camp 4.0 bandanna and Blue Crush (my cabin) inspired. On the sides it says “If you want to feel the rush you have to take the risk.” 2nd is a collage of flower pictures I’ve taken with self care quotes. This is one of the pictures with a quote from Autostraddle’s own Vanessa! “We don’t have to figure out our identity in a day or a week or even ever at all. We all just have to be ourselves every day and see what happens. I guess that’s my number one piece of advice. Just go for it. Try your best to be an authentic version of yourself every day and fuck everything else.”

  35. Yesterday my mom tried to set me up with a coworker’s son and I had to try and get out of it without outing myself. It was harder than I expected and I almost told her that I have a 30 something year old kinda girlfriend. Now I’m walking on eggshells around the house, trying not to breath too loud so my mom will stay away. Being in the closet is a pain in the ass.

    Same ole same

  36. Oh for mixed weeks. Congrats on the good turn of events tho!!

    I just submitted my master’s capstone (just like a thesis, but collaborative). And for 3 minutes I was feeling rightfully triumphant. Then, as I was printing, I noticed that the entire thing was in a size font too large. I had to spend the next hour reformatting (which, after spending a total of 15 hours doing this over the past day and a half, was devastating). After it’s fixed and I’m printing again and I’ve sent off the electronic copy, my teammate sends me a bunch of texts about small, hardly significant things I missed. And I lost it. Not on her, but she got upset with me for being upset.

    I also disappointed my boss my shirking all of my work tasks to fix this today and by crying at my desk.

    My mom is also mad at me because I have to travel alone to my study abroad program. I’ve never studied abroad and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. But then the one person I want to validate my good work shits on me for things I can’t help. Good thing she doesn’t know I’m gay yet!

    So I’m going to indulge in a lot of self care (aka pizza, beer, netflix, snuggie) because apparently I’m the only one who will treat me nicely today.

    I’m so fucking exhausted, too exhausted to even be proud of myself. I give up.

    • Ugh and I tried to post a cute picture of a sad bear with my comment but nothing is showing up. I am quite the disappointment today.

      • No you deserve congratulations, for re formatting a masters draft, for trying to cope with feedback from folk close to you in your life, and for coping. Your Mum may need some time to adjust, might be all. I am hoping you can pamper yourself and acknowledge that you have made big progress! I’m proud of you!

        • Thank you so much.

          An update: mom and research teammate have been made un-mad. Pizza and The Fosters (and y’all!) helped me get through that night tho.

  37. Let’s see, I booked my flights to and from a-camp, got my cabin assignment (eee!), found a therapist and am going to see her on monday, read a whole bunch about the Stoics, and I think I may have confirmed that cute girl is into ladies (this is hard to do at work) and wants to go on a trip into the city with me soon! She’s never been so I’m coming up with some cool ideas and will see how it goes. I have so many good not-super-touristy ideas. So not a bad week! Much better than last. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day and Sunday is a trip to the Nitehawk Cinema for a friend’s birthday. Finally feeling like I’m moving forward.

    sweet sweet freedom
    also i really appreciated the fact that i had to print TWO copies of a 40-page document on deforestation
    at least i printed double-sided?

  39. The team of which I am captain won the Adult Spelling Bee Challenge (fundraiser for our local literacy centre) for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW! So I have been spending all week waving those nerd-points around in everyone’s faces. Bouillabaisse.

  40. weeeee congrats on the good weeks everyone!
    My week started out with a sprained wrist, minor flooding, and a sinkhole opening up in my neighborhood. BUT things got much better very quickly and I have a lot to be happy about. My best friend is moving to my city, the sun finally came out, and I re-shaved my mohawk. Last night I hosted the art history research symposium which I have been planning for months, and I wore a kickass ’50s dress and celebrated at a diner afterwards.
    Here’s hoping May continues to have more good than bad for all of us:)

  41. Congratulations Lizz on your success and best wishes for the remaining exams!
    I bought a 10 year old car (which is new and worship worthy for me) which I have christened The Salted Caramel.
    It will immediately put to good use as I am shifting house today (almost all done) and I will drive it to work instead of walking. it is insured to the hilt, so yay.

    I patted the ginger cat up the road who I come across every day walking back from work whom I call Roger/Colin/Roy/Roary/Shane/Reg/Ambrose/Kevin goodbye, as he often comes out and bangs his head affectionately on my legs and sits there as I pat him. He is an older Cat but he knows the comings and goings of the neighbourhood.
    All this makes me want to get a cat again. I can’t just yet though.

    I will enjoy a 3 Boys Porter tonight with a very nutritious fish n chips. Is there a Lesbian House Moving Disease that has gone international this week??

  42. Good to hear everyone had a pretty good week! Congrats on your med exams, Lizz. I can relate a lot.

    I was personally terrified about this week at first- my teacher gave our class a timed, four hour mock AP calculus test last friday and I didn’t exactly anticipate doing well. But it turns out I somehow scored the highest in my class, and most of my errors were either careless or arithmetical. Yay math!!

    I’m actually feeling quite confident about the exam this wednesday (AP comp on the other hand… not so much).

    On an even more high school-tastic note, I recently asked my (gay guy) best friend to prom. Neither of us had actual dates so we figured we’d just do together. Now we’re in the process of getting matching ties :)

    • OOH AP Calc. I’m a sophomore so I’m going to take the AP Calc exam next year along with AP US History, AP Lang, and maybe an AP Comp Sci test! TOO MANY. I have only one this year though, I’m going in to school tomorrow to review. Six day weeks of school… my favorite.

      • Ugh I can relate! I’m also a sophomore (my school has this weird policy where certain sophomores are allowed to go to prom). Next year I have AP lit, AP physics C, AP french and AP stats to look forward to- in addition to *dun dun dun* college math courses. In short: I am thoroughly afraid for next September.

        But six days of school?? Wow, that’s rough. Hopefully it’ll be worth it when the test results come back. From one overworked high school student to another, I wish you luck :)

        • Woah that’s cool. Although I probably wouldn’t go even if I could, haha. But I think my girlfriend wants to go because we haven’t gone to a dance since homecoming last year, so we probably will eventually.

          I almost took AP physics, but I think I would die so I’m taking advanced physics instead. That’s cool, do you really like math? ‘Cause Calc as a sophomore… you must be three years ahead because I’m two and in precalc. I think I’m going to take a math course at CU my senior year which will be super cool and my high school is basically on their campus.

          I hope so! Good luck to you as well. :)

        • Haha, I was initially hesitant on going to prom too. But I figured I could use some indulgent, semi-mindless celebration to cap off a difficult year. Wish I had a girlfriend to go with, though :P

          And yeah, I think I’ve always been a more “math and science”-y type person. Really, though, I just wound up taking algebra at a young age. As for CU classes, you should totally go for it senior year! Especially if your high school is close. That actually sounds pretty awesome- having a high school near a real college campus, ready access to college resources. My high school’s “campus” consists of a parking lot and a bench.

          Anyway, good luck again- with next week and next year. And I hope your review section tomorrow is bearable :)

  43. My week was the best, and the gayest, and the most tired! I’m currently recovering (2 days later) from an epic girls’ trip to see CYNDI FUCKING LAUPER, oh and Cher!, with my girlfriend and 5 of our friends. I just happened to find a bright red, fringe leather jacket that my mom bought in the 80’s while cleaning out my dad’s attic AKA the perfect Cher attire. (I’ve never gotten so many compliments in a day!) There was whiskey, and dancing, and craft beer, and more dancing, and I maybe also got kicked out of the men’s room by a security guard for trying to skirt the ginormous line for the ladies’ room (seemed like a good idea at the time). The show was incredible, then we watched Burlesque just for good measure. Now I’m at home trying to be human again after working all day in a glittery daze. I’ll go ahead and call it a great week.

    • Oh yeah, our week kicked off with celebrating our 4th anniversary so that’s pretty fabulous too!

  44. Yay mixed week ending better. The last couple days were pretty bad (hospitals, bleh), but little things going up are making me happy now. :) I’m finally back home, and a grant that got delayed 2 months finally went through, so it’ll be my home at least a couple more months. The weather is insane – 90 some degrees, and I can’t decide if I want to drive down to the beach for the sunset or just collapse in exhaustion with a beer in hand right now and brave the family crowds tomorrow to get my vitamin D fix. Also, made some delicious blueberry/apple/hibiscus iced tea with honey. :)

    • Also, I’ve just discovered the Bubbline ship (Adventure Time) and it is glorious.

      This becomes infinitely cuter when you find out Bubblegum secretly sleeps in/smells one of Marceline’s old t-shirts

  45. This week was whatever. I’ve had so much school work and then today my mom flipped out about me wanting a haircut because that’s a touchy subject which then led her to angrily exclaiming about how if I don’t order new pants I’m wearing a dress to my sister’s graduation. Because pushing Claire into a corner to make her wear a dress is always a great strategy.

    But all that is bearable because she just returned from Switzerland with a ton of chocolate so I’ll eat like all of that tonight.

    Oh and my girlfriend and I spent all week together as always so it was fun, but then she left for California and at lunch I wandered around, not sure what to do, which led to me eating a burrito by myself and doing other people’s homework for them which is lame because they’re mean and then they want me to help them with AP World and let them cheat off me on Spanish tests. FUCK that you can’t make fun of me and then get me to do everything for you.

    Or maybe you can because they act like my friends and maybe they are or maybe they just use me because I work really hard.

    BUT IT IT IS ALL SO OKAY because I’m going to lay in the park eating Farmer’s Market food for hours AND I’M SEEING ANDREA GIBSON SUNDAY which is always fun.

    • Defended my MA thesis tooooO! yay! unfortunately for me this week technically bumped me to summer grad but it went fabulously.

  46. today is my birthday and it was a crazy day at work (as this whole week has been) and i’m still figuring everything out after starting my job a month ago but my coworkers sang happy birthday and got me a poundcake and my amazing girlfriend has been surprising me all day with things including two bags of pistachios which are my favorite but are ridiculously expensive and i’m so happy that i’m speaking (typing) in run-on sentences even though i’m a grammar freak! ::breath::

  47. Most awesome part of my week: picking up dry cleaning and the cute clerk spaced out. She said, “oh, sorry, I just was thinking about how cute your hair is and got distracted.”

  48. My mom is dying. I’ve had Noro virus since Wednesday. Phenergan phog. Wasting time away from mom taking too long to get better. Thankful for support networks my dogs and my ever faithful kitty.shes seen me thru it all. The bitchy dog just barks. Not helpful. The old dog not bearing weight on left hind anymore. My gf keeps me here. She makes me giggle and paints pretty pictures in my head of amazing times spent together. Woven ribbons in her sachet scented delicates drawer.i see those ribbons when my eyes are closed in any fog. Ugh. Cannot wait to leave my biodome.

  49. I got my first serious grown-up paycheck from my new job; bought new work clothes, from the men’s section, that actually fit! and that make me feel awesome; signed a lease on a cute super-walkable apartment that is a) next door to a bookstore and b) miraculously under 30% of my gross monthly income, which isn’t bad for a 22-year-old with a liberal arts degree and no roommates in a ridic competitive rental market; and went to a lovely free concert. Also someone at work came in and lavishly thanked me in front of my boss and said she wished she’d found me first so she could’ve hired me before my boss did. Also I missed this city so much I still literally cry sometimes on my way to work because I am so fucking happy to be here.

    So, yeah. Adulthood! Now I just have to not spend all my money on fancy jams and cheeses from the farmer’s market even though I want to eat them EVERY DAY.

  50. My week has been great because I JUST FINISHED MY SOPHOMORE YEAR OF COLLEGE!

  51. Well I’m tired, overworked and I got made redundant from one of my jobs this week but I managed to find time to watch Faking It with some of my bestest buds and laughed harder than I have in a long time so you know it’s the little things!

  52. Congrats on your exams! Congrats to everyone else who did awesome stuff and hugs to those who had heartbreak.

    I showed a photo/ WGS project at my school’s Scholars Celebration and it was so awesome how many people really liked it! The project was mentioned on the front page of the newspaper and my name was misspelled and I was completely misquoted, but I was still supremely happy about it all.

    Now I really need to focus on fall registration and finding a summer job. I don’t understand where all you people live that have internships. There are like no opportunities where I live in the sticks which stinks…it stinks in the sticks.

  53. Congrats on the amazing flip-around week!

    I came home through cherry blossoms and a rainbow to my beautiful wife (legally married for 10 years*giantgrin*) whose birthday eve it is.
    Tonight I would not have been surprised if there was a diversicorn sauntering through the garden….

  54. My thesis supervisor said I’d written a ‘particularly excellent’ literature review when I didn’t think it was very good at all.

  55. If only this had been last week’s thread! I found out that I got a big scholarship to go to my first choice grad school and then had a great interview for a summer internship in my field of interest. They told me at the end that I essentially have the job as long as all the administrative stuff goes smoothly, which would mean that I could leave my crappy research tech job ahead of schedule. This week though was just ugh – still waiting to get an official offer and I’m really bad at being patient. I spent most of the week thinking up every scenario where something could go wrong. Like maybe they found someone more qualified or ran out of funding or maybe I have a doppelganger out there who’s are British grifter or dead or a religious fanatic serial killer and that sends up massive red flags on my background check…ugh, or maybe I need to take a break from marathoning Orphan Black.

    • never stop marathoning orphan black (freak out with me about it instead) and im sure youve got this! Good luck!

  56. This week was both awesome and not awesome. I’m done university! Whoo!! I presented my honours thesis at a conference and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated! Also! Got an awesome new room mate so I don’t have to move and now I have company over the summer. But now I have to find a job (one that hopefully pays me) which is mildly terrifying and I don’t know where to start. Also, cute girl I asked out for coffee cancelled at the last minute which was disappointing. But at least I had the guts to ask!!

  57. biked a hundred miles this week on this baby

    my first time riding a road bike :)

    • Nice! I just finished rebuilding a bike that was a fixey into a single speed, but I need to go to the shop and get new brake cables. Now I’ll finally be free of carrying seven hundred locks for my cross bike every time I ride it.

  58. Congrats on everything, Lizz! I would also be especially excited about finding a yellow-painted apartment, considering that one of my life goals is to have as many yellow items as possible, including but not limited to, a yellow car, yellow Fiestaware, and a yellow hair dryer I once saw in Glamour.

    So I had a fabulous week too. My birthday was on Wednesday! I had a lovely day, followed by an evening with my family and the most delicious meal from California Pizza Kitchen. Instead of the usual birthday cake, I had a slice of tiramisu and a variety of delectable mini cheesecakes, and I really enjoyed mixing things up. I also got the sweetest surprise – a lovely little figurine from my neighbor, an old family friend, who said she thought of me as soon as she saw it. And my aunt and uncle and little cousins got me an awesome anti-gravity lounge chair, complete with a cup holder!

    Right now I’m very excited because my Australian Twitter friend is going to send me a whole list of her favorite fan fiction recommendations this weekend!

  59. I’m also convinced that Riese and I are mind twins, because just last week I finished reading Tipping The Velvet and returned it to the library a week late with a couple of dollars of overdue fines, and then Riese writes a caption about this same situation in her Faking It recap this week!

    Here’s the proof:

  60. This week was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but a good one. There were a couple shitty hours in there, like when I had to walk two miles in heels to pick up the car from the shop and got twin blisters the size of quarters on the balls of my feet. But…. I got to see Andrea Gibson with my little brother and it was the highlight of my life.

  61. I’m pretty sure the best things about this week are tied: finished my last class of this year, watched my girlfriend’s final for a performance class (she was great!), and this Sunday is a crawfish boil at the church where I sing in honor of Recovery Sunday.

    • mouseguard made me sad. the art is sooo cute, but I didn’t really dig the story the way I wanted to. grats on your haul, though! I can’t wait til I live in a real place and actually have access to a comic shop….

      • Yeah, I didn’t get super into Mouseguard either, but also couldn’t not pick it up.

        My local comic book store had a 4-comic-limit, which was great because there was still heaps of stuff there when I got there (at, like, 1pm), but then I had to be super selective!

        I did manage to get the last copy of the Dark Horse comic, so that was probably the highlight for me.

  62. I had my last day of classes and finished 3 finals! I also worked a ton so I can’t wait for that paycheck. I also had my last meeting with my lgbt group and it was so much fun but very bittersweet. Monday is my last final so wish me luck :)

  63. I saw a Weezer tribute band perform the blue album last night, lots of end of semester parties means free food, and I’m kinda sorta maybe falling for someone. So, ya know. It’s been a good week.

  64. I was lucky enough to witness the dress rehearsals for this years Eurovision Song Contest, on what seems to be the most beautiful stage I’ve ever seen. Copenhagen is an awesome city which I will visit again soon. Not sure how to upload photos from my iPhone so you’ll just have to take my word for it. :)

  65. Dr. Lizz, CONGRATS!! And good luck with moving and that photo of you and your gf is totes adorbs! My weekend so far has been productive — saw Spidey2 in the cinema, did grocery shopping, and obsessing over Orphan Black via tumblr LOL

  66. I own an wedding and event design/styling company with my mum, and this weekend we did our first lesbian wedding! Real-life, getting-married lesbians! They were adorable and happy and so very obviously in love, and it was just so so nice. Usually my work life is full of straight people (I love them but holy shit sometimes I jsut want to stab everyone because heteronormativity all the tiiime), so it was just so lovely to finally see queer ladies that are so, SO happy together.
    AND as a super special bonus, I made eyes at the gorgeousss lezzy bartender the whole time we set up the reception, YAY!

  67. My week has been both awesome and not awesome. I had to work a lot, which is okay because money, but mostly it’s just been work. But one other very important thing happened this week: I discovered Autostraddle!

    I can’t wait to dig through and see what I find here and I can’t wait to meet all of you lovely people, I think this is one of the best things to happen to me in awhile and I think this website will do wonders for helping me accept myself and who I really am. :)

  68. What a supportive week this has been. My family is great, although they don’t know or completely understand what it means for me to be trans male gendrqueer.
    I’ll be starting a lgbtq fellowship/rap group. I’m so nervous about it cause there are no lgbtq resources where I live. Anyway, my dad said in support of my efforts, he will pay the rent for the room. I asked him if he would like a hard flag to fly and he said he would be willing and happy to.
    I feel very fortunate to have such support when many don’t from their families.
    On another supportive note, I called a local mainland (I live on an island) pflag group to ask if any of their members could talk to me for mutual information and support. The leader said two board members identified as trans and will email me. I might just go on the boat to the mainland on their meeting day during the summer for additional support.
    Just starting and wanting connection. I feel and am alone in verifying who I am with confidence. Hard to do on an island with nothing. Fortunately, my therapist is highly supportive and was the first to ask me what name I wanted to be called, which is Alex.
    One negative this week. Seems my mother is hard to approach to talk about my trans genderqueer issues. I’d like her to know and also have comfort in myself to say things about it. She was the first family member I came out to but dad seems more willing to listen and wants to know more. Oh, well, maybe someday things will smooth out.
    All in all a good week
    Next week see a supplemental therapist for lgbtq issues in the capitol city. Nervous. Worried. Just saying to myself, yes everything will work out with this intake and a connection will be established. Thanks. Have a star shining week to you all.

  69. Last night I had to admit to myself that I like girls a lot more than casually. My crush knows I like her and flirts and will say affectionate things, but…

    1) She’s in a relationship (with a dude).
    2) She’s uncomfortable with her sexual orientation, whatever it may be. (She claims she only messes around with girls when she’s drunk, but later admitted that she’s considered dating girls before.)

    Friday night we had a great talk via text and she all but admitted that she was romantically interested in me. Last night she apologized for all the drunk texts. I told her Friday night and last night that I respect her relationship and am not trying to pursue her anything like that – I just want her to be happy. (And it’s true; I’m not going to disrespect somebody’s relationship.)

    Anyway, because she’s so uncomfortable with whatever her orientation, it got me thinking long and hard about my own. I’ve identified as queer for years, but I’ve never fully admitted how much I like girls. Life is easier if I just pretend to be straight and all that, and I see sex with guys as purely physical thing, so whatever. (Although, maybe the fact that I see sex with women as an expression of emotion should have tipped me off to my at-least-a-Kinsey-4 identity.) I’m at the point in my life, though, where I’m getting more comfortable with being myself (as I discover who that is) and while I’m scared about being openly into women, well… I think it’s worth it. I want to be myself. I want to be happy.

    The drama with my crush and having to get comfortable/come to terms with my own sexuality is confusing and not easy, but at least I’m making progress. Right?

    Sorry for the wall of text!

  70. My week started off average, deteriorated to bad on Wednesday, then was pretty awesome by Friday and Saturday. I think it ended on an up:
    So Wednesday I was laid off from a job–I work in the museum field, so finding it was a miracle to begin with. There’s been a bit of administrative shuffling, and I knew that from December onwards, I probably would lose it May 1st. I had hoped that they would find a way to let me stay on, but it didn’t materialize in time. So.
    Friday I went to a cooking class at a friend’s house led by the manager of a really fine local restaurant. It was the perfect distraction from the job situation.
    Saturday, though was amazing: I got to see Uh Huh Her! What a fun show! I think the misfortune was counterbalanced by good drinks, good food, good friends, and good music.

    Also a good week because hey, MY FIRST EVER POST!

    • Welcome to Autostraddle! (:

      I’m so sorry you were laid off, but I’m glad your week has steadily improved since. I’m stupidly jealous that you got see Uh Huh Her, by the way!

  71. You asked. Here it goes:

    Sunday: My girlfriend and best friends went to Disneyland. It was a bang-up good time, even if I was slightly hungover and had a not so pleasant experience on Alice’s teacups.

    Monday: Said girlfriend broke up with me in the local park. I had been on a run and decided to run to my local bar to meet and cry with friends rather than be miserable at home. When I got to the bar a new bouncer asked me for my ID. I looked at him and said, “I’m almost 30. I just got dumped in my favorite park. Do not deny a sad lesbian her scotch.” He let me in and scotch I did.

    Tuesday: Had outpatient surgery and a lot of feelings.

    Wednesday: Pulled myself out of bed to wish one of my best friends bon voyage as she ditches the Los Angeles dream for Atlanta. Not one, but two (!), of my former flames were in attendance. Neither of them knew about their common connection. More scotch.

    Thursday: Worked. Cried. Rinse Wash Repeat.

    Friday: Worked. Cried. BOUGHT A CAR. Went to an art, pancakes, booze, and rock and roll show at a factory in Downtown Los Angeles. Brought my camera and shot my friend’s band. Wandered through a 3D wonderland with new friends. Participated in an impromptu dance-off. Realized that life is the sum of all of our experiences.

    Saturday: Laughed at this crazy week. And laid off the scotch.

  72. On Sunday, thinking back on my week, I can only think this: I kind of really want to start a band. Ha!

  73. My Weekend was bittersweet. I Completed my first half marathon… in 3 hours and 15 minutes lol. but it wasnt the time, it was that I finished. I had been training since October, but in March I was walking and hit by a car and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and had emergency surgery. So I hadnt been able to do any type of training since. So for me, this weekend was bittersweet because completing this marathon was more than just running a marathon. It was me proving to myself that I could overcome what happened despite nearly dying back in March.

    My weekend – Amazing.

    (Plus they had an awesome pancake breakfast at the end and I may have taken more than my fair share, but who’s counting?! )

  74. i went on a date with the super cutie i’m dating and we went to our city’s “family friendly”-ish queer street festival and had a lovely time.

  75. Well the good news for this week is I’m much more close to my group of friends, and that A-Camp sounds super amazing. The bad news is I found out about A-camp too late…

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