Kaki King Hosts Brooklyn Art Show: Music and Art and Lesbians, Oh My!

Kaki King hosts a Brooklyn Art Show and all the lesbian hipsters are there! “People need ways to communicate their inner feelings, and that could be through music, visual arts, or even dance. The value of this goes up even more in minority groups, such as the girl-on-girl community. With oppression comes a need to express yourself in a multitude of ways, and the arts are an excellent form of expression.”

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Queer Dance Crew “Vogue Evolution” Does Beyonce FTW

Vogue Evolution, the all-gay dance crew with a transgender female lead, wowed the judges for another week at ABDC. Blogger calls out Bill Clinton for DOMA & DADT. Plus Megan Fox makeout, Lesbian Vampire Killers, Lady Gaga spits out men, images from the Great National Kiss-In, Craigslist monday and more! Did you know that ostriches are bad at mating because they always fall in love with humans? Just like lesbians & straight girls!