It’s National Sandwich Day

Had enough bad news today? Well guess what chickens: IT IS NATIONAL SANDWICH DAY! Excitement abounds!

I am a Sandwich Enthusiast, officially. This is basically the best day of my life. Surprisingly, I wasn’t aware such a holiday existed, but you guys are clearly on top of things, because this has been happening since this morning:


I accidentally already celebrated National Sandwich Day when I had a California club from Jason’s Deli for brunch. It was good but I do wish I’d replaced the croissant with maybe an onion roll or whole wheat.

Some people say things like, “What’s the deal with sandwiches?”, which is silly because obviously sandwiches make everything better. Even Liz Lemon understands ‘the deal’ with sandwiches.

You should never mess with a person’s sandwich. Ever. Remember The One with Ross’s Sandwich? Yeah you do.


Hey so why don’t you have a sandwich today? There are easily around 49489234792 varieties of sandwiches to choose from! If you’re a fancy vegan, you should check out these sandwich, wrap and pita ideas on Healthy Happy Life. (I will resist the urge to debate the merits of wraps and pitas.) Carnivorous types can peruse thirteen pages of sandwich ‘recipes’ on Serious Eats. Also Riese has some yummy suggestions.


Go ahead and tell me about your favorite sandwich / sandwich place. Do you have a fond sandwich memory from childhood? Is eating raspberry jam on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich pretentious? (no) Oh! And don’t forget about Scanwiches! This is the best holiday ever.

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  1. omfg this is the best. 30 rock and friends, my two favourite tv shows, and sandwiches. also a tumblr called how to pronounce laneia. CAN THIS POST GET ANY BETTER?! brb going to make a sandwich.

  2. Every time I make a sandwich I re-crown myself as the best sandwich-maker of all times. Today was no exception. Go*, I love sandwiches.

  3. i cannot believe i missed the opportunity to title this “We Mustn’t Dwell, Not on National Sandwich Day!”


  4. I learned about it over the weekend when my dorm posted it in our weekly bathroom newsletters. The first thing I thought of was the day the Telephone video came our and AS flipped a shit about sandwiches. Sandwiches are perfect. That and fresh breakfasts.

  5. i had a sandwich for the first time about a year ago and i’ve never looked back. i enjoy avocado, tomato, basil, garlic, and goat cheese. and quesadillas.

    • Lunch: Sun-dried tomato, basil, mozzarella, avocado, garlic, pesto on a toasted baguette. Bam. Also–I hear you’re coming to London.

    • i met someone last year that had never eaten a pb&j because she didn’t eat any fruit products at all which is sort of sad and beside the point. but to have never eaten a sandwich ever until a year ago? i ate 3.5 today! i’m intrigued.

  6. there is a sandwich made by an italian bakery on an island off the coast of bc. it is called la bamba. delicious bread, some sort of salami affair, spinach, spicy mayo. i dream of it.

    also: grilled slices of tofu encrusted with zaatar on a toasted baguette, with hummus/red pepper dip, spinach.

  7. Amazing holiday. I’m all for celebrating the sandwich.

    My favorite weekend sandwich is avocado and beetroot on rye. My favorite weekday sandwich is Vegemite and butter on toasted rye. It’s an Australian thing.

    • My friend brought me the new cheese Vegemite as a joke when he came to visit last xmas. I just couldn’t do it…it really is an Aussie thing.

      Tim Tams on the other hand… yum.

      Sandwich wise, I’m a pb&j girl. Like every day for lunch grades 1-12. Save grade 7 when I did whatever my friend did for awhile and we just ate cookies and milk.

      • Cheesey vegemite is strange and wrong, positively un-Australian. Please do not judge us on the basis of that perversion of vegemite.
        I do love a vegemite under grilled cheese. Greatest hangover cure of all time.

      • Did it have the iSnack 2.0 label? I must admit, I bought some souvenir jars of that to give to my dad and brother when I last went to the States… ;D

        • Yes it did! My friend and I were making fun of the name to her bf on the phone (he lives in Cronulla) and he showed up with a jar for me when he came to the states.

          Didn’t they change the name after awhile?

          • I think it’s called cheesybite now. I am not a vegemite person at all though. So un-Australian, marlene.

  8. son of a biscuit!!!!! i am the one who said “what’s the deal with sandwiches?” and i just now noticed that i also said that i am “in need to some vegetarian sandwich recommendations” when what i obviously meant to say was that i am in need OF vegetarian sandwich recommendations. i am not an idiot. i swear. my lack of proof-reading skills is on display for all the world to see. and if you did not notice it the first time you read it, because our brains subconsciously recognize that the correct word should have been “of” i have now pointed it out. blerg.

    fyi laneia, i tried your sandwich recommendation. except i toasted that sourdough bread. yeah, you read that right. TOASTED. i was going off memory, and sliced the avocado, rather than your suggested form of smashing. i put some spinach and tomatoes on it, s&p, and lightly drizzled some EVOO on it as well. no sprouts, because Trader Joe’s didn’t have any, except for some weird pea shoots, which i’ve purchased before, but found that they were not worth their price. i opted to pass on the roasted red peppers, mostly because i didn’t feel like roasting any that day. also, i sure as hell wasn’t gonna buy ’em in a jar because frankly, your threat of violence frightened me. no mushrooms either. i just plain forgot to buy any. after my first bite, i could have sworn i had died and gone to sandwich heaven. if i had closed my eyes, and probably plugged my nose too, i would have sworn i was eating a BLT, except it was called an AST. seriously, it was amazing. i had to call my mom to tell her how much i enjoyed my sandwich. i made it 4 more times that week. i went vegetarian a little over a year ago and haven’t eaten bacon in soooo long. man, i miss bacon. this sandwich was the closest thing to bacon i’ve had in 17 months. i wished that sandwich could be my new roommate and that it would make me more of those very same sandwiches to eat every day. but clearly, that’s unrealistic, and to be honest, it’s kinda weird.

    also, i googled the phrase “lesbians and sandwiches” only to find that there is a facebook page dedicated to lesbians making sandwiches. it’s not worth clicking, but there are 26 people that like that page. i also googled “are sandwiches sexy?” and found out that the next time i visit tulsa, i know where to go for a sophisticated sandwich.

  9. breakfast: peanut butter and honey on white bread, toasted

    lunch: chicken salad between a buttery croissant.

    dinner: BLTs bitches.


    (i don’t know where this post was leading me to, i’m pms-ing and everything looks funny)

  10. I eat so many sandwiches, SO MANY. When I was growing up though I avoided going to my friend’s houses with them for lunch for fear that someone’s mom/dad would make sandwiches and put mayo on them.

    Mayo freaks me out like nothing else. Also, when I order a sandwich at a restaurant I say that I have a very serious allergy to mayo to increase my chances of not having that junk destroy my lunch.

  11. Currently eating pastrami on rye with russian dressing and spicy mustard. Classic. I also enjoy pb&banana, reubens, and anything involving pesto.

    National Sandwich Day is officially the best day of the year.

  12. I thought someone ate my sandwich/wrap today, which made me very sad. However, they apparently just moved it from the shelf of the fridge to the door and I was really happy when I found it. It was a very good sandwich/wrap. It was made with Tex-Mex cheese spread from Whole Foods, taco spice cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, Tex-Mex veggie burger, salsa, and ranch dressing wrapped up in a flour tortilla. It makes me a little homesick just thinking about it.

  13. I believe I’ve mentioned this here before, but one time my girlfriend’s photo turned up in a gallery of girls eating sandwiches.

    My favorite sandwich is avocado, beetroot, carrot and cheese. I might even have it for lunch.

  14. fuck me peanut butter & jelly.
    also: lately i’ve been opting for turkey burgers over veggie burgers, for more protein

  15. I just went to get dinner and I couldn’t decide between a sandwich or soup, and then I remembered it’s National Sandwich Day. Thanks, Autostraddle, for helping me with decision making!

    The sandwich place on my campus doesn’t have great veggie options, but I’ve found the weirdest but best combination I can get with the few ingredients they have: whole wheat roll with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives, banana peppers, and a tiny bit of ranch dressing. Sounds gross but it’s good.

    But in real life, aka outside school, my favourite is definitely tomato, basil, mozzarella and pesto. YUM.

  16. My face sandwhich is a Reuben. I used to eat those ALL the time with my Grandfather while I was growing up. I ways judge a sandwich place by how good their Rueben is. If they don’t offer one it is -20. If they use a different meat the corned beef I will NEVER darken their door again. Same goes if they bastardize it WITG coleslaw instead of saurkraut!!!!

    And, yes I truly AM an American, but I hate, detest, loathe, will vomit at the sight or mere SMELL OF, peanut butter. That is the nastiest substance on the planet, in my humble opinion!! I even make everyone in my family that eats the foul stuff to wash all dishes used and brush their teeth before even ATTEMPTING to get close to me!
    I know that 99.9% of the population disagrees with me and at least 60%
    of those will want to lynch me for my prejudice against PB, and that’s fine.
    I can’t help my feelings of revulsion in relation to PB!!!

  17. Pleade excuse spelling and franker errors in above post. I posted this using my cell and sometimes spell check goes wonky on me or replaces the correct word with a totally wrong one. Sorry!

  18. Are you kidding me? It’s national sandwich day today? OMG! I made a promise to myself that some day this week I would make a sandwich. A nice, simple, fresh, delicious sandwich. This is trippy man. I haven’t had a real sandwich in a really long time. I think it’s about time I change that. I’m going to go make a sandwich.

  19. Sadly, I’m not much a sandwich person. I always think they’ll be great and then I quickly get sick of them. But every so often I love a sandwich from New York City Subs, which is a small chain primarily in Oregon (Portland, Bend, Hood River, and Jackson Hole)

  20. i made the best sandwich YESTERDAY, i wish i had known this day was coming!! toasted oat bread, vegenaise, spinach, marinated/grilled tempeh, melted daiya cheddar, avocado, tomato. cut into triangles obviously. made with so much love that obviously i made it for myself and shared with no-one.

    also if you make me a pbj with chunky peanut butter and strawberry jelly and cut it into four triangles, i am more likely to fall in love with you. true story.

  21. When I was growing up, any meal that wasn’t dinner was bread with stuff on it. Sometimes dinner was a sandwich too. Mum would be like ‘hey guys? this week we’ve had proper dinner for dinner EVERY day, so I don’t think we need to today’ And then she’d pull out the sandwich toppings for us.

    So like, I’m all for celebrating sandwiches and stuff, but I guess I mostly spent sandwich day wondering what people eat if they don’t eat sandwiches? I’m genuinely curious! Sometimes I subconciously assume things about the world based on my own experiences and it’s always awesome when I realise how stupid I’ve been. Even when it’s something as isignificant as sandwiches.

    ps i’m sorry i called sandwiches insignificant

  22. When I was in college there was a sub shop a hop, skip and a jump away called Fat Sam’s. Fat Sam’s mother worked in the kitchen and didn’t speak English so you know their stuff is good. They made the BEST pizza pita pocket EVER. Does that count as a sandwich? I don’t know.

    This is possibly the only thing I miss about Alabama. Well, that and leaves that change color.

  23. My kid made an epic kid sandwich yesterday consisting of a beautiful lettuce situation, some cheetos, cucumber, turkey, grapes, and a fruit roll-up on wheat. She ate it like it was the best fucking thing she’d ever tasted. She also laughed the whole time because I was laughing at her. It was a special Sandwich Day moment that I will cherish forever.

  24. There used to be this sandwich shop in my town called Big Heads Deli, and they had the most amazing club sandwiches around. The best part? They delivered–for free! Sadly, they closed down about six months ago.

  25. best day ever.
    i have a peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch. and it never ever ever gets old. in fact, i just ate it and really wish id made a second.

  26. My favorite sandwich is a Boca chicken patty with lettuce and tomato on an onion bagel slathered in veganaise. Who said vegans were skinny?

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