Lip Service Episode 103 Recap: Everybody Must Get F*cked (Up)

In the last episode, we had the pleasure of experiencing Frankie strapping on and getting robbed, Lou going down on Tess (in more than one way, that was exciting), and Sam finally seducing Cat. Basically everyone had sex, which made it SO much more rewarding than, say, Season 3 of the L Word, when nobody had sex and somebody died.

It’s promising! Let’s proceed, dear readers.

One scene in and we’re already getting into the heavy moaning — Tess & Lou make a ruckus, Cat and Sam giggle and Cat freaks out about one of those Important Big Work Presentations.

Oh is THAT what women with actual sexual chemistry together sound like

You know, the kind people always have in teevee shows which address the Pressing Dilemnas of Women who must Balance Emotions and still Perform on the Job. It’s a guaranteed hijinkfest and GUESS WHO’S LATE FOR THE BIG WORK PRESENTATION? It’s Jay! He’s the straight guy on the show who you wish wasn’t on the show, and he can sense that you don’t like him and so he sort of took his time.+

No actually it’s ’cause Jay & Becky are having relationship issues ’cause you know, his friend Frankie brought home a girl for a one-night stand who then stole Becky’s necklace. Also, Frankie has been peer-pressuring Jay into going out all the time, therefore making him slack at work.

When I look at you like this, you do what i want. Kapeesh?

The Presentation goes well though, and the Architecture Agency ends up with a new client (important later). Oh and guess who just got a job at Cat’s Architecture Agency?

Yes, Frankie’s lust for Cat is so great that she does what any obnoxious lesbian stalker would do and decides to a) take a job as a photographer at Cat’s architecture business, and b) convince Tess to move out of Cat’s and in with her, just for the extra attention. Look at me!



This obviously does not please Cat very much, especially when she has to go on a photoshoot with Frankie. However, continuing in the vein of last week’s giving of The Attitude, Cat is taking no shit and lays down the smack when Frankie tries to get all flirty. (Look at me!) Attagirl. When she finds out about Tess moving in with her, however, her cool is somewhat blown. At least it is to the extent that she can’t concentrate on sexytime with Sam, which is a shame, because their only sex scene so far has been rather tame and we’d like to see some real action, although I’m not sure real action is Cat’s kind of thing.

Straddling Way Outside Of What Your Pride Will AllowCat+

Cat then talks about Frankie while making out with Sam. like A LOT. Like beyond anything that is reasonably acceptable in any universe besides the one on television.

Anyhow moving on to Tess & Lou…

After Shopping for Wristbands at Claire’s, the Happy Couple Headed Over to The Peach Pit for Soda

Tess & Lou are trailblazing their cute asses all the way to a GAY BAR and although Lou’s freaking out about all the womyn, she takes a big step by planting an over-the-table kiss on Tess, which is not only physically awkward but metaphorically significant.

Lou promises they’ll hang out later and then Tess engages in excited I’m-gonna-get-laid-tonight preparation whilst wearing lingerie and adjusting her boobs.

They’ll be like ‘HELLO!’

Obviously she’s getting ready to get stood up. Again. This time Lou doesn’t even call. The next day, Tess and Ed are temping together at an unidentified company which seems to facilitate phone calls, display charts and, unfortunately, employ an ex-classmate of Tess’s who Tess made fun of in high school. Nothing like being underemployed and under-loved. Even in this nightmare scenario, Lou STILL doesn’t call.

Anyhow, Frankie’s having “thoughts” about her Family and Past. These thoughts do not involve Naked Girls or Smoldering Looks, shouldn’t they save the “family backstory storyline” for Season Three, you know, the season with the no-sex and death and stuff. Anyhow.

Frankie peer pressures Jay to accompany her on a voyage to the estate she visited last episode. They get inside by swinging the “let’s get high together” trick on the unsuspecting squatter currently inhabiting the place. Frankie has some memories about the apartment they’re in mostly based on the texture of the wallpaper.  But also… she’s high.



Back at The Office, Cat decides that Frankie hanging around is just too much to bear, so she decides to have a calm chat with her boss about it which eventually leads to coming out, as all women without Alternative Lifestyle Haircuts must do one day in their lives.

His reaction is hard to read but not really hard to read because we can tell this is going to be an issue, and the air is thick with imminent Homophobic Discrimination in the Workplace. And whaddya now, she’s getting pulled off the Important Architectural Project that she just won in that meeting, and Jay is getting it even for Jay was late for the meeting, remember? Ruh-roh.

Meanwhile, Frankie is sitting on the edge of her bed, contemplating the cruel, enigmatic world beyond her Shane Haircut bangs. (Recurrent theme!) She decides that what is needed is a thorough clean up of her room, and in the process discovers Sadie the real estate agent/thief/Robin Hood’s business card!

Cunningly, she books an appointment to see an apartment, so that 1) Sadie turns up unawares…

I’m a Good Kisser and You’re a Fast Learner and that kinda thing could float us for a pretty long time…


… and 2) they can then have sex on the kitchen floor of said apartment in various interesting camera angles. Lucky for her, her ingenious plans leads to both results! Oh, and she also gets her stolen stuff back, I guess.

Like in Spiderman


Like in Batman

Again at The Office, Jay and Frankie have their eye on the Pretty Young Intern and Jay is sick of being in the doghouse so he invites Pretty Young Intern into the bathroom to enjoy a little makeout session and a line or two of coke.

I’m Gonna Make This One-Episode Guest Gig Count if It Kills Me With One Line of Coke


After which she promptly almost dies, which is confusing because it was just one line of coke OH WAIT it’s not actually coke, it’s [either a Scottish drug that I don’t and can’t know about (unlikely) or a completely mainstream drug that I don’t know about because I am a square and/or underinformed (highly likely). Chem? Kem? Cam? I dunno.].

Anyhow, he’s due back at work and his makeout buddy is floor-bound, so he calls in Frankie, who takes her Shane Bangs and Shane Eyeliner and Shane Drug-Abuse Awareness into the stall, scoops up the girl, and takes her home. You know how actresses are. I don’t know why, but somehow I just KNEW this wasn’t going to end well.

yeah that’s right i got a girl passed out on my shoulder, yeah my ring is gigantic, who the hell are you


At Rubies/The Planet, Cat still won’t stop talking about work and stuff, although admittedly, her boss seems to be a bigot and her ex is in all up in her grill. Ultimately though, Sam is annoyed because she’s a cop and that is imaginably more stressful than being an architect.

Cat has to follow her all the way to the police station to apologise, and the situation devolves into some cop/interrogation role play lite involving cunnilingus on the desk. Because for Chrissake if all these women are going to do is argue, they might as well get some good fucking out of it.

I Plead the Fifth Finger


Tess finally receives a text from Lou, which is not very informative but prompts her to throw on some lingerie and get Ed to drive her to Lou’s so she can surprise her/score WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY NOT GOING TO END WELL. Because why would the cameras follow Tess all the way here just to watch them make out.

Yeah… who should she see wandering canoodlingly towards Lou’s apartment? Lou and Tom, her famous co-presenter and married ex who Tess and she originally bonded over disliking. Oh, I did NOT SEE THAT COMING. Sidenote, he’s gross!

Lou: Tess, what are you doing here?
Tess: I came to see if you were okay.
Tom: I didn’t think we’d be seeing you again in a hurry.
Tess: Why? Because I’m just one big f–king joke to you? [Looks towards Lou] Is that it?

Obviously Tess is v upset, and Ed – bless his soul! – decides that the only way to resolve the situation, really, is to punch Tom in the nose. No, but seriously, people, violence is never the answer. Don’t punch the married boyfriend of your gay friend’s would-be-girlfriend, please.

AND THEN WE HAVE A  MOMENT. You know this moment, it happened with Nikki & Jenny in Season Five, when the ingenue returns to her true love and cries about how hard it is to be with her b/c of her career and that terrible terrible man she has to sleep with to keep it going and OH IF LIFE WAS ONLY UNICORNS AND ORAL SEX FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER

Love Means Saying You’re Sorry Right Now Plz

Next, Frankie picks up Sadie for a drink, and as they are walking side by side in their matching lesbian leather jackets, Frankie spies Cat and Sam walking along looking all couple-y and happy and snogging each other’s faces off and has to take a moment to drown Sadie out so that we all understand that Frankie’s feelings for Cat are Real. Maybe it was a Shane-and-Carmen- and/or Molly-esque situation that led Frankie to leave Cat? She was certain she was going to cheat and convinced that Cat was too good for her? I’m sure we’ll find out more soon, but for now, know that what’s going on is megadeep. FRANKIE STILL LOVES CAT, write that down. WHY ARE THEY OR WERE THEY EVER TOGETHR? We have no idea. Write down a question mark.

I Feel The Knife Going In


Tess gets some sympathy at Rubies, and there are drinks and the assertive but gentle suggestion the she sell Lou out to the tabloids (Sadie’s idea). Maybe that’s the better way to deal with this kind of thing. Jay and Becky are also reconciled now, which Frankie is a bit skeptical about (maybe she also has deep feelings for him, idk).


Tess wakes up to find news of Lou and Tom’s affair plastered all over the taboids, which we can probs blame on Sadie. Does it serve Lou right? Discuss.

Frankie goes to the Official Bureau of Unsolved Family Mysteries to discover that when her parents died in that car crash many years ago, a three-year-old named Francesca Alan also died. OMG THAT’S FRANKIE’S NAME. I know, right? This must be what her aunt meant to tell her before she died and everything! Frankie is at least as upset as you about this, she’s having a wee moment of hyperventilation on the street. Because if she died when she was three years old, did she really fuck all those girls, or was that all ghostsex? Ghostsex is a thing. It happens. We have a ghost pumpkin.




How are you feeling about this? We would like to hear your opinions, hope and dreams regarding Lip Service, especially now that we’re getting properly in to the roll of things!

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  1. Brilliant, as always.

    The drug was ketamine, by the way – just sounded like ‘chem’ cos of Frankie’s oh-so-slacker slurred diction.

  2. Great recap, I think I actually enjoyed episode 3?! I’ll have to watch it again to remember any actual opinions… brb

  3. all I want to say is that Sam is super hot #rawr
    I like the show a lot…too bad it is just 6 episodes!

  4. I think I may be seriously addicted to Sam & Cat. I probably rewind a lot more than is healthy

  5. My flatmate offered me Ket yesterday. I was gonna be all ‘ZOMG ITS JUST LIKE LIP SERVICE ROFL!1!’ but instead I said’No thankyou I have a lecture now, maybe later’ (sweet smile)

    That’s about the only way I can relate to this epsiode because I’ve never been discriminated at work, I’ve never had a famous girlfriend, I’ve never discovered that I’m actually dead and I’ve also never had sex on a desk. Sadly.

  6. Can I just say right here that Tom used to be The Dad off “Big Kids”, which was a crazily funny CBBC programme I used to watch when I was 8-11 years old (approximately) where every time the sound “ming” was accidentally heard by The Mom and The Dad, they turned into Big Kids and there were loads of hilarious The Son-and-The Daughter-embarrassing antics. And he was much nicer in that. Just FYI, ’cause I have trouble discerning acting from real life and I want anyone else with the same issue to know that Tom is not a Bad Guy.

    • Thank you! I knew I recognised him from somewhere but I couldn’t remember what from. I loved that show when I was a kid.

  7. I’m really liking the show so far, UK shows are always better than US shows (sadly), and I’ve added it to my queue of downloads. Also, my lady and I have been bonding over our storyline predictions.

  8. i feel like the end of this episode was supposed to be really serious but your last paragraph was just too funny.

  9. Great recap, thanks for giving me a text-based way to enjoy the show.

    Lou-Tess is my least favorite couple and Lou is my least favorite character, so I feel like she deserves the outing and then some.

    Btw my favs are Sam-Cat but I also like Frankie-whoever.

  10. wait!!? what!?? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? i didnt even know the show was airing! Where can i watch this on fios??? i need a channel number someone plssssssss?

    • or, y’know, you could watch it online? Try PPLive(I think they have an english service now, but depending on your IP you might not be able to access it) or Graboid, which is free for your first 4GB of data. At which point you create a new user account and get ANOTHER 4GB of data.

    • I know we’re not supposed to give links and things.. but I am going to take the liberty of casually mentioning that the first three episodes are available in 10-minute sections on that big site there that has all those funny cat videos and things. Y’know. Just by the by.

      • Here’s another clue for those that still cant find it-said site also rhymes with Frou-tube, just saying! Im delira someone uploaded them there, it’s very handy.

      • Why watch it in six parts when you can download all in one in HD quality? All you have to do is google “lip service stagevu” These exact three words and you can find it. Or for people who LOVE Megaupload links, you can also google “lip service fmtvsite” These exact three words and you can get direct link as well. No, I won’t provide link (since it’s not allowed) but more ppl should know top quality stuff than settle with flv file on YT. Yes, I used to watch everything on YT as well, until I discover something called google. LOL.

        • Ah I know, as im sure others do aswell, it’s just when anyone mentions the word link on AE the comment gets deleted immediately, I assumed AS would be the same but no thankfully, it’s better! :-D

  11. I am of the opinion that there should be more desk sex in general…TV…movies…online….at my work…

  12. If one were to search for said series on said site that has funny videos of cats, what search term would one use to find these 10 minute segments? I have not been so successful :-/

    • I can’t find a way to watch it online either but you can download it using torrentz. If you want I can email you the links for the torrent program etc. It works amazing and they’re always up by Tuesday night (us/canada)

    • Google “Lip Service Stagevu” these exact three words. You can download it in your pc or stream it directly if you don’t want to download. This is NOT Torrent.

      Try not to do torrent, it’s not safe, especially if you’re in US. It might show up on your ISP the next billing. Trust me, you don’t want to get a letter notice about it. Although this is not a popular blockbuster movie, just some British show they could care less about. But better be safe than sorry…

    • So many people appear to be in favor of these other methods they’re mentioning, but supposing you are seriously heavily invested in adding to the site traffic of that place there with all those videos, there is someone you should go see, a mystical, magical fortune teller who goes by the username of borogirl49. She will point you on the right path, O wayward lezzie.

      • If you’re suggesting I’m somewhat of a plant trying to promote that site, nice try. You’re wrong. By the way, you’re the first one suggesting to go to see it in 6 parts in YT. Some may easily say you’re probably the poster of those vids wanting to increase traffic on her profile over there. But I am not one of those ppl who like to wrongly accuse someone when they’re just trying to help, especially when folks ASKING for help. If you actually notice, I included ways to find MU links as well as I know it’s very popular. The only reason I put stagevu is because it is the easiest way to download for non-internet-savvy users. If ppl like hotfile, fileserve or any other links, I would also suggest ways to obtain it. But I don’t want to complicate things, the easiest ways to download is the way to go. I am even considerate enough to ask ppl try not to use torrent… This is the climate we are in nowadays, when try to do a good deed, not only I don’t get a thank you, I was treated like I’m at fault. Oh well. This comment is not meant to offend you but I feel like I have to at least defend myself.

        • Woah woah. I really wasn’t trying to imply anything at all. That isn’t my channel, and I really couldn’t care less about where you’re directing people, or your favorite methods of streaming content online. I was just posting about the method that worked for me. I genuinely did not mean to insinuate anything or step on anyone’s toes. I’m sorry my comments were misinterpreted. I really, really wasn’t indicting you on anything. Your comment was very helpful and well-spirited. We good? :)

          • Lets chalk it up as a misunderstanding, shall we? I think I got a brain diarrhea right there, saw red, and turned it into words diarrhea. LOL. My tone may came on a bit strong while trying to explain stuff… but it’s all cool. We’re good. :)

          • Well, in order to resolve conflict, we need to have both parties that are equally understanding. I’m proud to say, we all here are. :P :D

      • P/S: How is watching in on YT any different than watching it any other place? You’re adding traffic to ANY site you visit in either way. I avoid YT when watching a show because (a) the quality in flv SUCKS (b) Sometimes it’s missing parts (1 part missing out of 6) (c) Sometimes the sex scenes were all censored out so the poster was able to get it posted to begin with. You have to be really smart to find the right one to watch so you can find the uncensored ones. Therefore you end up spending 30 mins just finally find a complete six parts. Now, I am VERY grateful to all those posters who actually post it on YT. God knows I used to heavily rely on them and YT. I am just saying I find an easier and better ways by way of google. Oh no, I am gonna be accused to trying to increase the traffic of google… Again, I’ll ask the same question, how is watching it on ANY other site different from watching it on YT, aside on the quality difference.

  13. Tess, if you are going to pour yourself a cup of coffee from my coffee press directly after I heard you loudly having sex with your girlfriend, could you please wash your hands first?

  14. i know violence is never the answer but sometimes it is and ed was really sweet.

    also who is that mystery guy??? and how do people magically disappear behind buses on/in tv/movies??? this does nay work in real life.

    ALSO ded @ ghostsex. it is a thing.

  15. I’m confused. Now if Frankie is a ghost technically she could’have had sex with the ghost of the corpse in the first episode! Maybe her life is all a dream and she isn’t real! (ok I’ll stop here the thing is becoming too complicated to follow.)

    But really. How in the hell did she get a passport (since she has gone in New york) or any other ID if she’s legally dead?

  16. Thank you for referring to Jenny as Niki’s true love. Tis true <3 Aww I really was moved by that break-up scene way more than I expected I would be. Tess is so sweet. I hope they get together in the future.

    P.S. Please excuse the sappiness of this post. It's Monday morning and I wanna start the day well.

  17. I wish Frankie had more of a “gay walk”… something with a little bit more swagger! The actress herself is doing a good job but just some small mannerisms would just top it off :P

  18. I just started watching and found the recap, years late I know, but the comments regarding season three are eerily prescient.

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