Tegan & Sara Answer Ten Questions About Love

Have you ever wondered what it takes to win the heart of a Quin? If you guessed “The Boss” or “financial security”, you’re half-way there. Read on to see what happened when Audiostraddle’s guest contributor Kat Von Dyke quizzed Tegan and Sara on love, relationships and their ideal dates.

Arts + Pop Culture Television

Want Lesbian TV? Try the BBC.

The BBC’s Spring/Winter 2010 trailer features a Shane-esque blonde in lesbian drama “Lip Service” and overall the BBC’s got more lesbians on tap this year than the entire USA. Logo announces new shows, Michael Urie makes a gay statement, Kristin Chenowith & Kerry Washington are looking to hook up on screen and the Tila/Casey story is never going to end.

Arts + Pop Culture

Revealed! Glaad Awards Lesbian Nominees, J-Beals’ L Word Book, Tila Tequila’s Whereabouts

GLAAD nominees are announced and will specially honor Miranda Hobbes for being so sassy I MEAN CYNTHIA NIXON for advocating equal rights! Also; Jennifer Beals’ interview & L Word Book, Rihanna on W Magazine, Tila Tequila’s emotional interview, InTouch magazine’s anti-choice Palin cover and the second-best Lady Gaga Bad Romance YouTube video ever.

Arts + Pop Culture Film

Hot Girls Making Out Like Lesbians or Looking Pretty in Pictures

Amanda Seyfried & Julianne Moore play gay/naked in upcoming film, Bette Porter goes to the Book of Eli premiere, Blake Lively & Chris Colfer look cute in magazines, GLEE cast is cute at Fox Party, New Episode of ANYONE BUT ME, Claire Danes, Adam Lambert on FUSE, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Tracy Ullman trailer & premiere dates, Tila Tequila ixnay re: Larry King, Esquire loves Ellen, SO MANY THINGS.

Society + Culture

Emily’s Team Pick: List of Phobias

I used to go to the list of phobias in grade 8 and pick the funniest/strangest phobias and send them to my friends. I came across it again when I was googling ‘hippopotamus’ and google suggested ‘hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia’. Obvs my interest was peaked. Ironically enough, it’s the fear of long words.