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Emily’s Team Pick

A;ex is on a boat which means that I’ve probably surpassed her in number of team picks. Anyways, here are some cool pictures of people unintentionally doing the exact same thing in NYC. I especially like the yawning one.

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The Lesbians in Alabama Can Go To Prom

Cynthia Stewart and her girlfriend get to go to prom! The Rhode Island governor is kicking the gays while they’re down. The coolest 10-year-old ever is refusing to say the pledge of allegiance until gay people have equal rights. And Fergie has finally figured out that a gay affair is still cheating.

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Emily’s Team Pick

So this may or may not be one of the coolest team picks ever. I don’t want to tell you what it is because I want curiosity to make you click on it. Just know that if you like words, you’ll like this site.

Emily’s Team Pick

You may find haikus ridiculous, but I think they’re really cool. You know what else is ridiculous/cool? THE INTERNET. Some person on the internet has written a bunch of haikus about the error messages that often pop up while we’re on the computer. If none of these have ever happened to you, teach me your […]

By | November 10, 2009

Carly’s Team Pick

Apple/tech/design nerds rejoice! Someone has graciously uploaded a segment of Gary Hustwit’s (Helvetica) new doc Objectified. Which segment? Apple Chief Designer (and total dreamboat, which coming from me is really saying something) Jonathan Ive talking about Apple industrial design. Totally awesome.

Lily’s Team Pick

My mother does not allow our family to go to Walmart because she’s a hippie. That doesn’t stop this website from being both absolutely disgusting and hilarious.

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Lola’s Team Pick

Do you love British humour as much as I do? How about cuddly, openly gay Englishmen?
[P.S. – This sketch is older than most of Autostraddle’s Intern Army.]

By | November 8, 2009