Meet Natalie, Our Designated Driver for Social Justice! Also. Also! Answer Her Questions!

Meet Natalie! She’s here to write about social justice issues; specifically, about politics and LGBT rights and feminism and women’s rights and social justice and social norms and categories… things that irk her, things that excite her, things that make her go “what the what?!”, things that challenge her, make her uncomfortable in my own skin, things that are pleasurable and exciting. Get ready.

Season Six

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Season Five – Recaps, Rants & Round-Ups

This is really the only episode guide you need to find the Season Five recap you’re looking for. We could provide you with real episode summaries like everyone else. But what does “Jodi and Bette fail to see eye-to-eye” really mean? It means STIR-FRY SEX, obvs! Plot points Shmot points, we watch this show for […]