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Adam Lambert’s Too Hot for ABC’s NYE Show and Jimmy Kimmel. WTF.

Adam Lambert is axed from two more ABC shows, and hello double standard! We’ve got some ’04 Pink Billboard Music Awards footage that’ll blow yr mind. Lady Gaga was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards (and Dave Matthews had an album apparently?), Idina Menzel wants to be Lea’s Mom on Glee (CASTING HEAVEN), Adam Lambert wants his super gay & campy song to be in Twilight: Eclipse, and John Mayer plays lesbian matchmaker for Lilo & SamRon.

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Get Involved in World AIDS Day: ‘Tragically, the Face of AIDS is Resolutely Female.’

Today is World AIDS Day. Find out how you can get involved and get the facts about the epidemic and how it effects women. Hillary Clinton speaks out against LGBT discrimination on World AIDS Day and we hope she’s talking about Uganda. Rachel Maddow DOES talk about Uganda, Queerty’s letting you vote on an LDS ad campaign, a California man is trying to ban divorce. And the Chinese government opens a gay bar.

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Laneia’s Team Pick: Original Plumbing T-Shirts

Everybody loves t-shirts! Original Plumbing has some new ones for you to wear [scroll down a bit]. They are supersexy and if I had a job, I would buy two. Oh hey look who’s modeling the “Nobody Knows I’m a Transsexual” shirt! It’s Rhiannon Argo, critically acclaimed author of The Creamsickle and Sister Spitter Extraordinaire! […]


Gossip’s “Music For Men” Album Review

Contributing writer Isabelle gives us the low-down on Gossip’s latest album “Music For Men” and shares her admiration for frontwoman Beth Ditto, a “lady with an exceptionally high badassery quotient who is unafraid to be outspoken and flamboyant.”

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If The 00’s Are The Worst Decade Ever, Maybe The 10’s Will Be Totally Radical or Something

Was this the worst decade ever? Does facebook turn us into 6th graders? Does the word “emo” police male sensitivity? Also; one in 8 Americans are on food stamps, nerd-tivity scenes, Sasha Grey is more than just a porn star, veteran trans sportswriter dies in suspected suicide, Episcopal churches in MA can marry the gays now and Bart Simpson’s best chalkboard gags.

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Uganda’s Bill to Punish Gays with Death Supported by Actual Human Americans

Under Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill, gays face life imprisonment at a minimum and often execution and the public is required to report gays or go to jail. Who are the Americans supporting Uganda’s Museveni legislation of evil? We break it all down for you. Also; should we settle for civil unions, the implications of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, another teacher-student lesbian sex scandal and “Who Do We Have to Blow to Get Gay Marriage in New York”?