Faking It Episode 207 Recap: Lesbians Move Fast

Welcome to the seventh recap of the second season of Faking It, a cartoon about an intrepid girl explorer who always matches her toenail polish to her fingernail polish from the network that brought you Kevin Seal, Sportin’ Fool. 

We open in the hallowed hallways of Blue Oasis Square Dance Superfresh High School, where Karma and Amy are swapping spit about their current life situations. Karma’s craving a Girl’s Night but Amy can’t do it because she’s going on a date with Reagan to “Communal,” that Hot New Restaurant where you share everything.

Karma: But you hate sharing!
Amy: I know! And yet I’m weirdly looking forward to it.
Karma: ‘Cause you’re going with Reagan your new girlfriend!

We just fingerfucked in the swimming pool!

We just fingerfucked in the locker room and it was AWESOME!

Amy says Reagan’s not her girlfriend yet JEEZ MOM!!! Karma suggests they make their twosome into a double date, but Amy declines, saying two weeks is too early for a Meet the Friends episode.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Oh NOOOOWWW you’re finally reading Autostraddle

Karma: But you’ve at least told her all about me, right?
Amy: Are you serious? I’ve told her tons about you. I’m always like Karma this, Karma that. She can’t wait to meet you. And she will, as soon as I decide I really like her.


Cut to Amy telling Reagan that she “really likes her” as they roll around in bed sticking their tongues down each other’s throats all sexy-like.

Ok, lemme guess: Arby's Beef and Cheddar, extra cheddar?

Ok, lemme guess: Arby’s Beef and Cheddar, extra cheddar?

In fact, this makeout sesh is so hot/heavy that pretty soon they topple onto the floor, where Amy warns Reagan that if they make too much noise, Mom might start noticing that Reagan’s been sneaking in Dawson Leary style.


Oh it’s so cute how my eyeliner is smudged all over your cheek right now, you’re like a sexy bandit!

Apparently Amy just met all of Reagan’s friends, ’cause they keep texting her to say how much they loved meeting Amy. She’s a very good bowler. However, somehow Reagan and Amy have managed to maintain conversation for the past two weeks without Amy ever talking about her own friends:

Reagan: When I meet your friends I’m really gonna have to bring my A-Game. You do have friends, right? You haven’t mentioned any. Did you kill them all? I just wanna ask that up front.
Amy: Of course I have friends! They’re busy studying! Midterms. Besides, I want you all to myself.

Your instagram photo of me watching the sunset is so good

This is gonna be so cute on my instagram

Then Amy smashes her mouth into Reagan’s mouth while tipping over the bedside photo of Karmy. Probably after this cut they started scissoring and having hot monkey sex and we’ll never get to see it!

Cut to the Hungry Harry Fighter Martial Arts Punchout Club, where Shane and Duke are rolling around in their skivvies like a homoerotic Fruit of the Loom commercial. Or, I guess, a Fruit of the Loom commercial.

Come on just relax your first prostate exam doesn't have to be scary

Come on just relax your first prostate exam doesn’t have to be scary

Shane’s wishing he and Duke could spend time together outside of the gym. For example, he’d like to be where the people are. He’d like to see, like to see them dancing (like a bunch of homosexuals). How hard is that, Duke? Why can’t you and Shane walk around on those — what’s that word again? — FEEET? Duke insists they can’t be spotted together in public, but Shane really wants Duke to meet his friends, eventually proposing “a group hang.” “I’ll tell everyone you’re my trainer,” Shane offers. “Nobody will suspect a thing!”

Cut to the Fun Books And Food With Tables Place where Shane and Liam are stocking up on liquids for the long winter and trying to figure out what’s happening Saturday night. Everybody’s got a date, it seems, and Shane wants everybody’s dates to smash together and become one big giant group hang so that his date doesn’t feel like a real date! Unfortunately, Liam explains that double dating has been veto’ed by Amy, who says it’s too early for Reagan to meet her friends.



Karma pops up and says that she’s giving Amy space until Amy feels good and ready for her to meet Reagan. This seems a bit fishy to Shane, but more importantly, offers him an opportunity to re-brand everybody’s evening into a Group Hang.

Shane: Have to say I’m not so sure if this whole “giving Amy space” plan is the right move.
Karma: What do you mean?
Shane: I mean that while you’re off giving her space, Reagan could be burrowing herself deeper into Amy’s love nest. Lesbians move fast and they are viscously territorial.
Karma: Amy would never date anyone like that. Are you messing with me?
Shane: Fine, if you think being a former fake lesbian makes you an expert on the gay community, be my guest, take your chances.

I can't believe you're about to drink GMO milk

I can’t believe you’re about to drink GMO milk

Alternately, Shane suggests that Karma and Liam just show up at Canoodle Communal with their Caboodles and show Reagan that when it comes to Amy, Karma “is the free gift with purchase.” You know, it’ll be a “group hang” with the lezzers and the buttsex trainer and the Artist Man. Fun for the whole family!

Cut to another hallowed hallway, where Theo’s being sketchy on the phone, saying, “I’m trying, I’m trying. I need more time! Gotta go.” Obviously he’s an undercover cop trying to find out who is selling drugs to innocent children. Right?



Then Lauren shows up wanting a status update on their relationship pronto because Lauren has her shit on lock. She starts by dumping a bunch of exposition upon us in the style of a relationship conversation: Theo and Lauren have kissed, enjoy lunch semi-regularly, and occasionally converse with gleeful emojis.

Theo: Look, I like you Lauren, but I’m not looking for anything serious —
Lauren: Well, who said I’m looking for anything serious? Especially with you! I don’t even know if you’re even boyfriend material. So, to figure that out, you’re taking me out to dinner Saturday. To someplace nice, you lose points if it’s a chain restaurant.


Have you ever considered popping your collar?

Have you ever considered popping your collar?

Cut to Canoodle Communal Poodle Pony Cafe, where Amy and Reagan are being cute sarcastic girlfriends with shiny shiny shiny hair:

Waiter: All dishes are communal, just like your table.
Reagan: So how does this work? You bring me a dish and I eat it all myself?
Waiter: No, here at Communal we encourage a communal dining experience.
Amy: OHHH, okay, so we get this table all to ourselves?
Waiter: No, it’s communal dining. Communal.
Reagan: What is this place called again?

Wait, you're telling me that the Neverending Pasta Bowl isn't a neverending promotion?

Wait, seriously? The Neverending Pasta Bowl isn’t a neverending promotion?

Amy’s gushing over how much she loves food and making fun of people, which means this date is already a success. Plus the sexual tension between these two is throbbing, truly.



But before they can make sweet eyeball love to each other, Shane and Duke show up. Hey, better than sharing the table with a bunch of strangers though amirite!?! Ladies?

Never fear, two white guys are here!

Uh no actually not even one person asked for more white guys thanks

Seriously not one person asked for more white guys.

Amy’s horrified to see a familiar face in her unfamiliar territory but not nearly as horrified as she is when Karma and Liam show up!

Yo it's us, two more white people!

Hey-o here’s that third white guy you’ve been asking for!



Reagan’s oozing with happiness and delight about finally getting to meet Amy’s friends.

Reagan: This is so fun! I was just telling Amy I wanted to meet her friends!
Karma: You were?
Reagan: She did the whole meet and greet with my friends, it seemed only fair. Sorry, I didn’t catch your name?
Karma: Oh, I’m Karma —
Reagan: Nice to meet you, Carmen!


I'm guessing she doesn't know that we purposely sync up our periods and have our names tattooed on each other's inner thighs?

So I’m guessing you haven’t showed her the tattoo of my hand on your inner thigh?

Karma’s clearly miffed that Amy’s not said a word about her to Reagan, and is giving her a death glare while everybody else is giving her a “seriously?” glare and Duke is probably thinking about protein shakes.

Uh yeah

Okay in my defense I didn’t know Reagan was gonna be wearing Santana’s shirt when I made the reservation

Then, just in case everybody wasn’t already feeling as awkward as a group hang can possibly feel, Lauren and Theo show up!

Lauren: You get an A for location, and an F for clientele.


Wishes they’d gone to Benihana

Cut to thirty seconds later, when Karma yanks Amy out of the communal meal party to have a little chat in the bathroom. Reagan gives Liam a “what the fuck?” look and Liam gives Reagan a “YUP” look, which is good practice because they’ll probably be spending the next six months to a year giving each other “seriously what’s up with our girlfriends” looks.

Really bro? You're gonna bust up this party and then steal the last piece of bruschetta?

Hey bro, you gonna share any of that bread


You wanna fight me for it?

Karma’s livid that Reagan’s unaware of her existence, but Amy insists their relationship was just too complicated for words! You know, like how they’re best friends who do everything together and Amy used to be in love with Karma.

Karma: USED to be?
(Amy shrugs)
Karma: (unconvincingly) It’s great we’re getting past that.
Amy: I know, and it’s because of Reagan! I really like her and I didn’t want to scare her away.



Okay I’m ready, hit me with that Chloraseptic.

Secondly: Karma and Amy maturely decide to “start over” and Karma tells Amy that she’s sure if Amy loves Reagan that she’ll love Reagan too. That’s sweet.

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  1. I want to do that thing where I get to quote one of the screen captions to show my enthusiasm for them. But it would seriously be every one of them, and I need to get to bed. :)

    • aw that’s so nice because doing the captions this time was so hard for some reason, i think maybe ’cause most of the show happened in the same room

  2. I’ve also never been a #karmy fan – I’m just not that into Karma, she seems like kind of a shallow character. I know heaps of people are interpreting Karma’s behaviour as latent feelings for Amy – with good reason – but I just don’t want it to be true. I’d like to see more focus on Amy and Reagan’s burgeoning relationship than Karma’s possessiveness but also I am a lesbian and lesbian TV addict and I just want every storyline to be ALL THE LESBIANS not jealous straight girls so that’s probably just me.

    I guess I’m kind of torn about it though because I do want the show to remain queer-focused (and in particular focused on high school queers) and some kind of dramatic love triangle between Amy/Reagan/Karma would totally do that. So maybe if Karma does have feelings for Amy that’d also be kind of cool. Plus, the scene in the mid-season trailer where Karma is going down on Amy – is this a sign it could be a not-dream? Also I really want to see Amy get laid by a woman, this show is sadly lacking in lesbian sex thus far.


    Also also also: Lauren was so bloody funny in this episode – just totally telling it like it is while everyone else curls up in the foetal position with awkwardness. What a killer character.

    • Yeah, Karma is shallow shallow shallow. At times I can’t decide if the might hold back Amy in the long run or if she will get over herself. But I really hope she too grows.

  3. There was so much kissing in this episode was like making excited pterodactyl noises while watching it. I feel like Reagan and Amy’s relationship is like doomed tho, which makes me sad, bc I don’t care about Karmy at all at this point

  4. “Seriously not one person asked for more white guys.”

    My inner dialogue, every day.

    My misandrist side was also pissed that Liam was such a decent person, but damn, thank god for sensibility. Karma was AWKWARD and painful, and Shane was just the worst manipulative little asshole.

    Lauren continues to be the best thing about this show, and the lady kisses were very nice (and very much needed). I think this was a great episode all around.

  5. Amy is deathly allergic to nuts and yet happily goes to a communal restaurant and doesn’t check the ingredients of the dishes? That girl is living her lesbian life on the edge!

    • Yes that’s exactly where my brain went too. Then I had to pull out my well used ‘suspension of disbelief’ mind.

      The overly sensitive part of me also felt a little slighted that the new queer lady option was compared to apparently un-tasty, ‘trendy’, allergy inducing kale during their food metaphors.

  6. Finally! Some decent action for Amy – for queer women in general – hooray. I’m cracking out some Ce Ce Peniston in my head as I type. There had better be more of that – and plenty more of it – because they’ve strung us queer ladies on long enough to suddenly go back to a drought of action.

    Solid episode overall. Downside would be the inconsistencies with characters. I think trying to show the good sides to characters and well as their flaws just translates into – this week this character is saying shit things, last week they were saying nice/wise things – and vice versa. So we got decent Liam this week. But I don’t feel like they have *shown* great character growth yet, instead they just have them say something nice/sensible as a proxy for growth, but I don’t *feel* it except maybe Karma’s baby steps.

    Anyway, Shane is still a shit. They’ve got to be setting him up for a fall from grace (ala Karma) because he hasn’t really been held accountable for his crap. Plus, for someone who is so concerned with her own secret, Lauren outing Duke was pretty crap. Karma got everything she deserved, but I still feel bad for her, probably because she seems the most insecure. Feeling like she’s losing her best friend to a partner (Shane making it worse because he is awful) mixed up with ego and possible attraction – I just wanna shake some sense into her.

    • I don’t think she was outing Duke. I don’t think she knew they were a secret. After all, they were a secret do no one knew of their relationship.

  7. I was really annoyed with that Duke’s speech that he knew since he was 11. Like Riese said in recap for 203, all non-straight guys here are 100% gay and knew since forever, but the one confused non-straight gal has been de-gayed after being told by her actress that she’s gay, and the only lesbian character is only in the background to be part of someone else’s plot, doesn’t have storyline on her own unlike even that Duke guy.

    After all the damage the showrunner did to lesbians, he could at least give similar speech to Reagan. But of course he didn’t bother. Or maybe it’s a statement from him.

    BTW, I’ve noticed that Reagan has never been called a lesbian in the show. Some internet articles called her as such, but the same was true for Amy (hell, according to Rita Volk even the showrunner considered her as such), and now men turn her into sexual Hulk, so I’m afraid if they’re not going to mess with that as well. I’ve heard that while filming episode 10 Yvette, Gregg and Katie were seen in sheets on set.

  8. I’m not really a strong Karmy shipper (even though I still hope for a bisexual Karma), so I was really happy to see Amy with Reagan. She finally got some action! Four for you Amy. You go Amy.

    I don’t know how popular/unpopular my opinion is but I find Shane so. annoying. I just can’t stand him. I want more Theo and Lauren and less Shane’s manipulative shit.

  9. Such a pointless thing, but still bothering me.

    Usually deadly allergy plus needing to use an epi-pen results in immediate call 911 drop everything go to the emergency room right now or possibly die. Not chase your girlfriend to the car.

    Those things only keep your throat from closing for a little while.

  10. Maybe I’m just a mean person, but I’m glad Karma is finally getting the shitty end of the deal. It’s time for Amy to shine in all her lesbian glory.

  11. This was the best episode of this show in a while, but I was pretty disappointed in Yvette Monreal (Reagan) who is very, very lovely but… I want her to be good at the acting, I do. I’m rooting for her. But she is NOT good at the acting. Hoo boy she is not good at the acting.

    Thanks for another awesome recap! Especially the adorable metaphor dialogue at dinner, I agree, they were all beautiful there.

    • Waat?! She wasn’t THAT bad? Maybe her hotness is masking everything, LOL. Although, I was surprised she didn’t comfort Amy better in that scene where she’s chokin’ on the peanuty kale. :/

  12. Gotta love it when the image captions don’t have jukes they just have fangirling :p Amy is finally becoming her own person without Karma controlling her. Yay!

  13. I’ve come to a new theory about the “Woah”,”I know” scene in the mid-season trailer. I think Karma really does go down on Amy. Karma is afraid that Amy is pulling away, and her relationship with Liam isn’t what she thought it would be. Karma then fulfills Amy’s fantasies in order not to lose Amy. The theme of season 2B is that Karma is FAKING being in love with Amy.

  14. I’m so tired of Shane acting like “the Gay Messiah who has lived the one true homosexual experience and must shepherd all other queers onto the right path” ™.

    I have had my own share of ‘Shanes’ in real life, I don’t need them on tv.

    Also does anyone have any theories on Theo’s secret?

  15. I know this show has short episodes, but I wish they had more character development and less “how can we add drama?” moments. I just want Karma and Shane to be people and not caricatures. I do like the focus on Amy. That should continue if they’re going to develop any characters.

  16. Best line of the show so far. ” I’m territorial??? I’m surprised that you haved pee’d on her to mark your territory” LOL!!!! I soooooo love Reagan and I honestly think she’s what is best for
    Amy. Unfortunetly they’ll probably have the writers I mean Amy
    and Reagan breakup and for what?? So Amy can get into a relationship with a very selfish and immature child! I love this
    show but I see where this is gonna wind up.

  17. I was cracking up over all of the “Here are the white guys you didn’t ask for!” comments.

    I loved Reagan’s (totally realistic) reaction when Amy explained what has happened in the recent history of her relationship with Karma. As an outsider to the group, it was fun to see Reagan’s reaction when she heard for the first time a summary of all the crazy that has happened (but what is really just the typical “suspend-your-disbelief” stuff that happens on TV shows).

    “This is the first time in the history of their friendship that either of them have had a significant other, which’s hard enough for best friends to deal with, even without the Amy-liking-Karma-stuff.”
    What a good point, Riese. Now that you say it like this, I think it’s really great and really interesting to see a story with two best female friends navigate the messy complications of combining/balancing their longtime friendship with their first-time romantic relationships. I don’t know if I’ve ever really seen a story like this with two girls their age, so I’d like the show to keep on exploring this storyline.

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