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Alex’s Team Pick

Set your VCRs! Saturday Night Live’s musical guest tonight is LADY GAGA (and is hosted by Ryan Reynolds.) All I have to say is: there better be blood.

By |October 3, 2009

Alex’s Team Pick

I would be happy if everything we needed in our lives looked like Lego pieces, like these awesome USB hubs for your desktop.

By |October 2, 2009
Arts + Pop Culture

Jess’s Team Pick

I’m embarrassed by how many of these I recognized immediately: 100 Greatest Hits of YouTube in 3 and a half minutes. Inside: shoes!, single ladies, thriller, keyboard cat, treadmill fail, etc.

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Laura’s Team Pick

Somebody made an entire website devoted to my favorite fall [and sometimes winter, and spring, and maybe even summer a little] feeling! Project Nostalgia is set up like FML, only instead of people telling you about their shit day, they tell you about things they’ve loved. aw.