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Constance McMillen Fake Prom 2010 Student Rebuttal: Bigotry or Bullying? (Yes. Both.)

Constance McMillen’s treatment is a nasty reminder of how high school kids can be cruel, especially when LGBTs are involved. We overanalyze, Angela Chase-style. Basketball players might or might not be changing beauty standards, the first female Cherokee leader died yesterday, racism is bad for your health, and Yale starts a student-teacher sex ban.

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Constance McMillen Sent to Fake Prom, Itawamba Students Aren’t All That

Constance McMillen continues to be f*cked over: her school sent her to a fake prom with “learning disabled” students. Also, employers are exploiting unpaid interns and it could be illegal. Why do gay men sometimes make fun of vaginas? Plus, it’s been a year since Iowa allowed gay marriage, Lambda Legal needs your help, and Obama may get another Supreme Court nomination.


Orianthi, From Michael Jackson to Dinah Shore: The Audiostraddle Interview

Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist Orianthi, picked up the guitar at age 6 and hasn’t put it down since. At 24, she’s already been invited on Michael Jackson’s world tour and counts Steve Vai and Carlos Santana as her biggest fans. In the lead up to her performance at Dinah Shore, Jess G. sits down with Orianthi to geek out about guitars and discuss her steady rise to fame and what’s in store for the future — like her gig this week at Girlbar’s Dinah Shore Weekend, where she will be mobbed by lesbians because she’s super hot too.