Sober in the City: Wake and Shake with Morning Gloryville’s Sober Raves

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I love to dance. I have always loved to dance for as long as I can remember. When I was a youngin’, I had this very interesting food/dance ritual. During meals, I would take a bite of food, and if I liked it, I would break out in full dance around the table. Bite. Dance. Bite. Dance. Bite. Dance. Repeat. My love for dance continued into my adult life and still continues to this day in my sober life. I may not drink, but I stay out later and dance harder and longer than some of my boozing buddies. And, now I can start my day raving (or continue my night raving, depending on when the party started) with Morning Gloryville, a sober (they explicitly ask that you not show up under the influence) early morning “conscious clubbing experience.”

The party starts at 6:30 am and ends at 10:30 am. If you have to go to work after the festivities, Morning Gloryville provides a “cloak room” where you can store your professional attire. Morning Gloryville also offers:

  • wake-up massage stations with expert massage therapists
  • more love than you’ll find at your local unicorn ranch
  • a superfood smoothie & juice bar
  • a high-five (free)
  • a coffee kiosk
  • an incredible motivating dance team
  • NYC’s most talented DJs

Morning Gloryville was born of co-founder Samantha Moyo‘s frustration with not having enough sober spaces where people could experience intense club energy as their authentic, substance-free selves. But, do not dismiss Morning Gloryville as simply a morning gym workout with a bunch of boring teetotalers. This is a real deal, all out dance experience with a warehouse rave vibe.

Breakfast raving, or “braving,” serves another awesome purpose: “…the point of Morning Gloryville is to break free from the shackles of a soul-sucking morning routine (morning jog, sardine-packed train commute, sipping coffee or tea at your desk) and embrace a more organic, life-affirming experience first-thing.” Morning Gloryville is now in 15 cities worldwide, including San Francisco and New York in the U.S. If you want to bring Morning Gloryville to your city, contact: [email protected]

Yep folks, this is how we sober people do!

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Ginger Hale

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  1. I knew these existed, but I did not know they were so delightful! A friend wants to check it out for his birthday and I’m going. :D

  2. YES. I drink socially, but when I go to raves (or rather, when I used to go to raves?), I always went sober, which other people seemed to think was the strangest thing. But you can get so high on the music! OMG, I am so happy this exists, I had no idea. NYC is driving distance. It’s happening.

  3. I have been to one, it is greeeeeeaaaat! I had so much energy the whole day, and it’s feels a little naughty when you’re at work afterwards and nobody knows what you where up to just n hour ago.

  4. I’ve never been to a rave (shocker, I know) and one of the main things keeping me away from them is the fact that there would be so many drunk and drugged people at them. This sounds like a great place to have fun, and not worry about being pressured to drink or take drugs.

  5. I just heard about this this week! Great you’ve reported on it here – I think the sobriety aspect was underplayed in the article I read in favour of ‘starting the day by jumping around’…which is also seriously cool!

    It’s such a good idea. I don’t think I could ever be bothered to go for a jog in the morning, but a party? Probably.

  6. This is everything I didn’t know I wanted. Sober, happy third spaces with optional sparkling unicorn headwear for weirdo morning people.

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