Kate McKinnon: The Autostraddle Photoshoot

” I’m not sick of lesbian jokes, I think they’re all true, and I love them. I love that if I wanted to walk around and not shave my legs and have a bad attitude, wear a belt buckle the size of a burrito, I could. I could, and that would be okay because people expect that of me, and I like that people expect that of me.”


Autostraddle Raffle! — Winners Announced!

Hi squirrel friends! The winners are listed below under their respectable items. If your name has a ‘*’ next to it, please contact with your mailing address. Welcome to the First Ever Autostraddle Pride Raffle/FUN(d)RAISING extravaganza! Some of our favorite lez-friendly retailers and service providers are sponsoring our existence and you can reap the […]


A Woman Braves the Worldwide Developer’s Conference

There are women here who’ve founded their own companies and nailed funding from VCs and women who want to find the intersection of fashion and technology via embedded circuits. All of this is incredibly inspiring, but also in one small way problematic: when you’re confronted with super ambitious, brilliant women changing our technical landscape, how the hell do you behave yourself?

Arts + Pop Culture Theater

So Much Drama! – Top Ten Lesbionic Theatrical Experiences

We thought this would be easier — the hardest part, we imagined, would be coming up with just ten. Surely if we thought really hard, wikipedia’ed (we expected a “lesbian characters in plays” list of some sort to appear … it did not), checked out the glbtq encyclopedia and googled some shit, we’d be rushing to narrow down the contenders by Sunday afternoon. I mean, there’s Maureen & Joanne from RENT, to start with. And then … um.