DeAnne Smith’s Questionable At Best Asks “What Makes a Good Sandwich?”

I know you’re probably way ahead of me, but let’s all celebrate together because the latest edition of DeAnne Smith’s hot new podcast Questionable at Best is here!
If you listened last week when DeAnne and her ex-girlfriend Sarah Quinn hashed out “Can exes be friends” then you know things got a bit intense. This week things get even more intense as DeAnne and her friend David McGimpsey look deep within themselves and try to figure out just what exactly makes a good sandwich.

My favorite sandwich is the Marni and DeAnne sandwich

My favorite sandwich is the Marni and DeAnne sandwich

It’s fun and funny but be warned: you will get hungry listening to DeAnne describe her favorite sandwiches. So grab an organic PB&J on gluten free bread and give it a listen!

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    All this chat about sandwiches and Montreal just makes me crave a vege pâté one from Casa del popolo soooo bad.

    Might have to hunt one down in London.

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    Officially changing my Autostraddle profile Favorite Sandwich to “The David McGimpsey, hold the truffle oil.”

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    I think the next question should be “Why are so many queer women gluten-intolerant?” because this is actually I thing that I have noticed.

    (The sandwich one was good too.)

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