No Filter: Oh My God Danielle Brooks

Welcome back to No Filter, in which we unpack the week’s celebrity social media like a pack of hyenas tearing apart a zebra. All week long, famous people post flattering photographs of themselves in vivid Valencia, and we collect said images and pore over them as though we were meaningfully involved in said celebrities’ lives. It’s extremely fulfilling. Let’s hop to it!

I cannot handle Danielle Brooks right now and hereby award her this week’s coveted Crush of the Week Award.

Bye bye, hair. #nofilter @lonavigi

A photo posted by Sarah Paulson (@mssarahcatharinepaulson) on

Sarah Paulson maybe got a trim, maybe got an alternative lifestyle haircut, maybe is a total weirdo who walks around hair salons and steals the discarded clippings off the floor (Update: she got a cute trim, not the Marcia Clark Makeover Special).

#squawkgoals @mirandajuly

A photo posted by Carrie Brownstein (@carrie_rachel) on

For #squawkgoals, Carrie Brownstein gets a gold star this week.

Me n the homie gettin it in #Straya.

A photo posted by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on

Samira you are actually killing me.

YOU GUYS. I got to interview @metheridge today and could barely keep it together. #ovationguitars #melfie

A photo posted by Kaki King (@kakigram) on

This might be one of the gayest photos I have ever posted in this entire column, which is saying a lot. Thanks, Kaki King!

When Danny Trejo brags about meeting YOU, you’ve really made it, kid. Someone please tell me Kreayshawn will be in the next Machete movie.

Casting calls are happy reunions for #girlslikeus.

A photo posted by Jen Richards (@smartassjen) on

As a longtime America’s Next Top Model fan I’m personally pretty excited to see Isis King, but everybody’s look is on point here.

#HELLA arms and abs with @jizlee and @jferrari22 ✔️

A photo posted by The Perfect Sidekick Queer Gym (@perfectsidekick) on

Just thought you might need to look at Jiz Lee and their trainer’s biceps today. Jiz Lee goes to a queer gym?!?! This is almost inspiring me to exercise.

For you @iamtheresajoy LMAO. #chapsticktwirlinslowmo ?

A video posted by Camila Grey (@camgrey) on

What would you do if you saw Camila Grey leaning against a wall, casually twirling her chapstick?

Join us next week, when hopefully we’ll find out what’s going on with Sarah Paulson’s hair, among other pressing issues.

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  1. I was very glad I looked at Danielle Brooks’s instagram after work.
    If I had looked on my way to work my lesson for the day would have been, “I don’t know, you kids speak English for 2 hours, okay? My brain can’t function right now.”

  2. Danielle Brooks keeps just showing how amazing she is.

    Side note(may have mentioned this once): I standing next Danny Trejo at a bank. From what I saw in person, he is very nice and loving father.

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