The Black Lesbian Movie Project

What if “Coming To America” starred Lena Waithe instead of Eddie Murphy? What if Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union made out with each other at the end of “Love & Basketball”? What if black lesbians finally got to get the girl on the big screen? I’m buying the popcorn. You coming with?

Arts + Pop Culture

Pop Culture Fix: Samira Wiley Talks Lesbian Lauren Love in Bust Mag and Other Cool Stories

Topics include Samira Wiley covering Bust Magazine, Hayley Kiyoko lesbianing on Jimmy Kimmel, Moulin Rouge! The Musical’, sexually fluid mermaids in Siren, Evan Rachel Wood working through trauma on “Westworld,” Jay-Z’s reaction to his Mom coming out, a queer thriller for the #metoo era starring Zoe Kravitz, The CW’s renewals and so much more!

First Person

Making a Home in the Closet

I was a newly minted queer and everything I knew about queerness was rooted in coming out. I’d heard about the relief that came with coming out from everybody. If TV was to be believed, I would feel free even as my parents stopped looking me in the eye.