No Filter: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Here’s Samira Wiley in a Bowtie

Friends, it breaks my heart to tell you that this week will be my last No Filter. After many years of working a very time-consuming full time job in the live music business and squeezing extra Vapid Fluff hours into my already overstuffed schedule, I have finally hit a breaking point and had to make some seriously overdue investments (financial and otherwise) in my long-term mental health. I will be retiring from the Vapid Fluff department for the foreseeable future while I lean into my other career, which mainly involves telling much more successful musicians what to do.

I did not come by this decision easily, but it has been a long time coming. I have been with Autostraddle since before there was an Autostraddle, and this beat was not something that existed before we started this website — I literally could not have dreamed of it. You guys (and I include every queer celebrity I’ve ever gossiped about under the “you guys” umbrella) helped make queer celebrity gossip into an an actual viable thing! I will never stop caring about what Kristen Stewart ate for lunch and neither should you.

Not that it does anyone any good to hear this TODAY but I am 100% committed to reposting any content with Lizzo in it. Also, look at all these babes!

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I was gunna fight my cat but we made up xx

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This is such a mood.

I am delighted that Mara got an Instagram just to flood the internet with videos of her cats dancing. This is Basil, pronounced like the herb, and he is very talented.

A year of sobriety (from alcohol) has made Laura Jane Grace…somehow even more attractive? I didn’t even know this was possible but apparently the sky’s the fucking limit.

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Be Your Own Babygirl™️

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Frankly inspired.

Look I came here looking for foster dog content but I’m not upset with these glamour shots either.

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Slide around

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This guy’s really just out here trying every weird item on every menu in all of Europe.

Samira Wiley wears bowties to express her awareness of significant events, and makes cute lil faces to express the fact that her face just looks like this.

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“I’m your man.” @lanadelrey

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Whoever keeps making those life-sized cardboard cutouts at A-Camp, I have a suggestion for you.


Those better all be thumbprint bruises from Charlotte Hale.

c) Both?

This is how I leave you.

Thank you guys for so many years of reading my inane thoughts about celebrities’ social lives! It’s been a pleasure and a privilege.

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Stef Schwartz is a founding member and the self-appointed Vapid Fluff Editor at She currently resides in New York City, where she spends her days writing songs nobody will ever hear and her nights telling much more successful musicians what to do. Follow her on twitter and/or instagram.

Stef has written 464 articles for us.


  1. 1) that photo of Laura Jane Grace made me feel A Way when I saw it in my insta feed and it made me feel A Way when I saw it now for which I thank you <3
    2) Wishing you peace happiness and success as you focus on your music career! Vapid Fluff has been my favorite feature (which I mention to say THANK YOU!!! not make you feel bad for leaving!)
    3) Will another writer be continuing some form of this coverage??

  2. So sorry to see this column go, but I know how important prioritizing mental health can be! Thank you for No Filter–it convinced me to get Instagram, hone my skills as a Vapid Fluff sleuth, and actually find a form of social media that didn’t make me want to curl into a ball and never talk to anyone again.
    You made me care about Kristin Stewart! That in itself is a landmark Gothip Girl achievement.

  3. Stef: the Scorpio who brought the Scorchio

    You are going to be MISSED.

    Health and happiness to you…and I’m looking forward to updates in other columns along the lines of “Noted bisexual musician Stef Shwartz was seen consorting with gal pals in a coffee shop…”

  4. love you, stef. thank you all of your work for autostraddle for the past decade+ (!!!) and thank you for being patient when i didn’t know who 95% of the people featured in this column were or what they did! excited for your future plans whatever they may be. <3

  5. Thank you, noted body language expert Stef Schwartz, for your many years on this beat. You made Vapid Fluff into the better, queerer, thirstier version of People Magazine. I will never forget the time you drew those cartoons in order to report on Paris Jackson without reprinting the sleazy tabloid pics.

    Hope this change gives you more time and space to focus on your own mental health (and also more time and space for additional drinks with Evan Rachel Wood, Bisexual).

  6. You made Wendsdays less boring for me, thank you for that!

    Congrats to Laura on her Sobriety. Going to be interesting now that Spotify tells me Against Me is on tour again, which possibly means new album? That would make it two Laura Jane Grace albums in year, a nice win!

  7. Noooooooo….oooooooo!!!
    This column was the only thing that made me relate to my grandma’s old gossip rags about the royal families!
    I mean this in the best way possible!
    How else would I know who Kristen Stewart even IS?
    *sobs quietly*
    ‘Tis alright. I’ll venture out into the unknown and stalk the QOIs (Queers of Interest) on my own, henceforth. Now, only to figure out how this “Instagram” works 🤔
    Rock on, Stef, and thank you so.much for the years of updates and fun!
    I’ll never forget those days of yore when KStew was gal palling around on the beach in my exact red boxer briefs that the gay sales person at American Apparel winked at me so hard over I thought he had Tourette’s.
    I laughed tears over that Daily mail article.
    I hope life holds a lot of treasures for you, even outside of this column and I’m certain you’ll make a very special and brief reappearance when it’s time for the royal celesbian dream wedding and its no filter coverage.
    Take Care!

  8. Vapid Fluff has been a joy from the beginning, but these past few years it’s been one of the few places I could turn when I needed to feel better about the world. Thanks for doing the good work as long as you did. I hope you’ve got your own happy place (maybe queer celebrity gossip with no deadline or assignment attached?) when you need it.

  9. Thank you for bringing No Filter and so much more to Autostraddle, Stef. I am glad you are acknowledging you need to step away but I will be sad to see you go. This column is my favorite on Autostraddle and I make an effort to read every week. Maybe I’ll occasionally use Instagram now. Maybe.

    Also, Laura Jane Grace. 😍

  10. I’ll miss you so much Stef, you’re a brilliant and hilarious writer and I’ll miss your contributions to the Insider and round tables as well as the awesomeness of No Filter. Thank you so much for everything you’ve given to this community, I’m gonna miss you and I really hope you come back after you’ve taken some time out to take care of yourself (well done for knowing you needed to do that).

    There are so many extremely funny writers on Autostraddle but for me you’re the funniest.

  11. STEF I LOVE YOU and will miss your column. No Filter was my gateway column into the rest of Autostraddle, to be honest, even though I haven’t heard of at least half of the people regularly covered here; I stay for the witty commentary. Take care of yourself!

  12. Stef!!!! You’ve been a part of this website for as long as I’ve known and loved it, and it will not be the same without you. Also sad that now it’ll be harder to be like “Oh, I know” whenever a well meaning straight friend sends me gay gossip! Good luck on your mental health journey! Thank you <3

  13. I’m a bit late to the party, but I had to add in my well wishes and appreciation for all that you’ve contributed here – back in the day, your article on “Coming Out as an Amorphous Weirdo” was one of the most important things I read that helped me shape my own baby queer identity, and I will be forever grateful for that.

    While Teddy Geiger’s thirst traps won’t be the same without your commentary, and I kinda can’t believe we’ll have to endure the L Word reboot without your coverage of the actors’ inevitable Insta-shenanigans, I wish you the very best in your life’s next chapter.

  14. <3 I've enjoyed reading Vapid Fluff throughout the years, for your wit and dark sense of humor as much as the gossip itself. I love it when people are unapologetic about what they enjoy and you've certainly shown us how to do that.
    Good luck and godspeed!

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