Kaki King: The Audiostraddle Interview & Photoshoot

In the midst of her North American tour with An Horse, Jess G. caught up with guitar goddess Kaki King at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. In an exciting (and terrifying) chat in the club’s backstage area, Jess asked her about her new album ‘Junior,’ life on the road, breakup songs, and her ever-changing sound. Listen to the Autostraddle interview with Kaki King now! With brand-new photos from our photoblogger Robin Roemer!


Queer Music Party: Tegan & Sara’s ALLIGATOR VIDEO, Kaki King, Sarah Slaton, Ke$ha, Bitch, Gaga, Nicki Minaj & More

Audiostraddle gets a make over! Also Tegan & Sara’s Alligator video premieres for real, Kaki King releases a new track from Junior, the Gossip announce US tour dates, the Vampire Weekend play doubles with a Jo-Bro and also; Ke$ha on bisexuality, Elton John says Jesus is gay, Nicki Minaj has a threesome and Lady Gaga is in a lot of magazines.

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“Fish Out of Water” Tackles Homosexuality & The Bible: The Autostraddle Interview

“My principal concern when crafting Fish out of Water was that love and humanity sparkled through the muddled mess of human interpretation” – Intern Elizabeth talks with the people behind the new documentary “Fish out of Water” about LGBT faith, the church, Kaki King, Fred Phelps, Wal-Mart and how you can see the film yourself!


Kaki King Hosts Brooklyn Art Show: Music and Art and Lesbians, Oh My!

Kaki King hosts a Brooklyn Art Show and all the lesbian hipsters are there! “People need ways to communicate their inner feelings, and that could be through music, visual arts, or even dance. The value of this goes up even more in minority groups, such as the girl-on-girl community. With oppression comes a need to express yourself in a multitude of ways, and the arts are an excellent form of expression.”


Beat on the Street: Stef-on-Kaki King

“Well, a friend of mine saw me playing at some point and said, ‘You know, it’d be interesting if you took paint and put it on your fingers and and left a mark of where your fingers traveled on the guitar.’ … I kind of took this idea for a minute and thought well, OK.. That was the first seed planted.”