Audiostraddle Weekly: Get a Piece of Kaki King & Hunter Valentine’s Hotness

Some music news stories such as Gagapalooza and the Rihanna/Ke$ha/Minaj tour have already been covered in the A&E daily fix, be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

Last week Erykah Badu took a nude stroll through Dallas’ Dealey Plaza and copped a $500 fine for indecency. This was during the filming of her new and somewhat controversial video “Window Seat,” which features the artist stripping down and then falling in the same place as JFK. Rolling Stone has the entire story and video. Check the daily fix to see what happened when Erykah appeared on The Wanda Sykes Show to defend her video.

Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” music video inspired Rolling Stone to put together a short history of nude music videos. It’s worth checking out if you want to look back on some of the more memorable clips from Alanis, MJ, Madonna, Britney, Blink 182 & more.

For the street price of $2799, we can all take one step closer to playing like Kaki King or at least looking a little like her, sorta, maybe if you squint. Ovation/Adamas have just released the 1581-KK Kaki King Signature Model guitar, a replica of the one she plays on stage. Looks hot, sounds hot, check out the specs and action clips. Also don’t forget Kaki’s new album Junior is released in the USA next week, we’ll geek out about it then.

In case you missed it, last week She & Him performed “In The Sun” on The Late Show with David Letterman. I find everything Zooey Deschanel does totally endearing, even that ‘deer in headlights’ stage look. Watch the performance here.

Spin reports that Kanye’s recruited Q-Tip, RZA, Pete Rock and frenemy Drake for his upcoming album, tentatively and modestly titled, Good Ass Job.

Female rock trio Hunter Valentine have released the music video for their current single titled “The Stalker,” which’s coincidentally what you may feel inclined to become after you watch it. Let’s do that now, yes?


In the excitement of Dinah Shore last week, we forgot to mention that the music video for the Passion Pit remix of Tegan & Sara’s “Alligator” premiered on Spinner last Friday and features even more of that adorable dancing. And in case you missed it, their next installment of Reflections is now online as well.

Badass female trio (and Autostraddle interviewees), Girl In A Coma, are doing some interesting things at the moment. Their current project, Alice In Coverland, consists of 3x EPs of cover songs, the first of which is available April 13 and previewing here. Download all three EPs and you also get a game where you race your friends to a Girl In A Coma show.

The People’s Artist Chart has just been released, naming the most played artists in the UK throughout the last decade. Madonna came in at #1, followed by The Beatles and Robbie Williams. Was anyone else surprised that the Sugarbabes beat Elton John? Check out the full list here.

If you’re a Guns ‘N Roses tragic like me or just an appreciator of good riffage, head on over to AOL and stream Slash’s entire album online. The self-titled album is due for a May 10 release, and will feature collaborations from Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother), Ozzy, Fergie, Iggy Pop, Kid Rock and Dave Grohl.

Last month we told you that Australian duo & Audiostraddle favourite, An Horse, released their remix EP, Beds Rearranged. Well, in celebration of the band’s favourite holiday (April Fool’s), they want us to give you one of the tracks for free. Check out the Bodega Girls’ remix of “Listen” here. If you like what you hear, you can buy that bad boy from iTunes.

April 17 is Record Store Day – the annual event where independent records across the world come together with artists to celebrate music and also remind the kids that while digital music is convenient, it’s definitely not as sexy as the real record. Visit the website to find out what is happening in cities across the globe and get behind your local record store!

Is everyone over Amanda Fucking Palmer? I don’t know. So, you may or may not care that her newest project, Evelyn Evelyn, is out on the shelves now and is getting fair reviews.

In related news, AFP’s finally free from her Roadrunner Records’ contract after her lengthy and public protest which included the hilarious ode, “Please Drop Me”. To celebrate, AFP has written an open letter to the label and given away a recently recorded track, “The Truth”, which is about blowjobs or something and downloadable for free.

It’s nice to see that artists are once again pushing themselves to deliver interesting music videos. Did Gaga do that? Maybe. Either way, R&B star and recent Dinah Shore performer Kelis has a new video for her chart-topping David Gueretta-produced single “Acapella” that’ll make you watch twice. Particularly if you’re a fan of body paint and Avatar.

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  1. Good Ass Job

    Sure, it looks like he’s pre-emptively praising an album that hasn’t even been recorded yet. But actually, he’s just making sure we all know his rimming skills are up to par.

  2. -NOT FEELING THAT KELIS! I miss Kaleidoscope Kelis.

    -Erykah Badu is smoking on that good good. I was cool with the video until the — —-. My mouth dropped. As a child of Dallas, I though that was a little much to say the least.

    – Dr. Rosen RX has the best remix of Alligator!! All the other mixes are a big fail to my ears after listening to that. And it is not even on the album. Which is crazy because I would have paid for it.

    • It’s interesting to hear a fan / non-media opinion on Erykah’s clip. As an Australian with no attachment to John F Kennedy, it’s a little tricky to judge exactly how this video would be received.

      • The more I think about it the more angry I get. I am very shocked, confused and appalled by it. I am all for making a statement, middle fingers up!
        However, stripping down naked in a public forum then pretending to get shot where a very respected and beloved president was murdered is disgraceful, disgusting and disrespectful. F art and F your message. There is just certain things you don;t do.

  3. i have been waiting for that hunter valentine ep for months, seriously… this video does not make me any more patient. brb, streaming it 80,436 more times in a row at their website.

    also, i am not usually a fan of remixes, but that version of Listen is fucking brilliant.

  4. I was just at Target and a She & Him song came on, so I went to the section to look for Vol. 2 and was informed by the sales dude (who was more tattooed and pierced than I am) that their store isn’t cool enough to carry much indie… and so I was sad because I am also in love with Zooey Deschanel and rarely buy actual cds anymore as it is…

  5. Sometimes when I am watching Slash play I close my eyes and imagine he is a girl and then I open them and I realize that he looks like one. I would make an exception for slash something about the way he plays that guitar..

  6. Hunter Valentine’s entire new EP is amazing. Love the video for their new single. Am a huge fan of theirs.

  7. wow somehow i completely missed the An Horse remix thing? brb have to make that part of my life right now

  8. “Company” was one of my favorite songs from Rearranged Beds but Gerard Smith’s remix (the version on their myspace, at least) left me pretty much underwhelmed.

    On the other hand, I thought the original “Listen” was a nice enough song but I mainly saw/heard it as ‘the one that comes on before “Camp Out” plays again’… but that Bodega Girls’ remix is magical. Now I do want to have/hear the rest of ‘that bad boy’.

    • I really want to hear the whole EP as well. Strangely it hans’t been released on iTunes Australia yet, so the anticipation has just been building and building.

  9. Hunter Valentine. I love you. Even if you came to Germany instead of France. I will just have to stalk you in NY or Canada then.

    Zooey Deschanel is more adorable than I can describe.

    • I’m hoping that they’re playing in the USA when I visit in June, I really want to stalk them too. You know, in a playful way.

  10. I only discovered Hunter Valentine a few months ago, (thanks to AS!)but yet to get hold of an album :( but listen/ watch their music on YouTube, speaking of which, if you havent already, you wanna check out Laura Petraccas’ channel(you probs have/do)fun cookery show with awesome background music and she made seasonal cocktails the other week with Adrienne, so funny, they were wasted by the last drink! One talented band for sure! I wish they’d come to the UK.

  11. i guess it’s official now: the older kaki king is, the sexier she gets.

    like, really, really sexy.

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