Playlist: Could Everyone Just Be Real Quiet For Like Ten Minutes

We’ve already provided you with a wealth of advice and resources on handling hangovers and mornings-after. But once you’ve got your plate of fried whatever and your coffee and your Gatorade and you’ve taken eighteen Advil (just kidding, don’t do that), you’re still lacking something: appropriate musical accompaniment! Unfortunately your usual Saturday morning routine of making scrambled eggs in your boyshorts while blasting Kid Sister is not going to cut it, because any music with so much as a handclap or a cymbal crash makes you feel like you just shut your head in a car door. So here’s a set of soothing, inoffensive tracks you can listen to without making whatever you did to your brain cells last night too much worse, and should get you through at least an hour or so of sandwiching your head in between two pillows and wishing for death.


Sunday – Sia
Pure Hands – Khoiba
This Is Twice Now – Lydia
Life Being What It Is – Kaki King
Sovay – Andrew Bird
Sure Thing – Grizzly Bear
America – Simon & Garfunkel
Breathe Me – Sia
Islands – The XX
Bear – The Antlers
The Longest Winter – Pedro The Lion
Oh Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head! (Rebuild! Restore! Reconsider!) – Sufjan Stevens
How To Embrace A Swamp Creature – The Mountain Goats
Prince Of Peace – School of Seven Bells
Surprise Ice – Kings Of Convenience
Murphey Bed – Mirah
Toxic – Yael Naim
Bad Girl – Shirley Collins & Davy Graham
The One I Love – Rosie Thomas


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    Pedro the Lion is pretty much one of my fave bands. I definitely wore their band shirt in high school I bought from the world wide web.

    Also Mirah!

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    Islands – The XX

    i will never stop liking this song. it’s like chuck taylors or orange juice; i can’t really conceive of life without its existence.

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    This playlist is like magic!
    I had the worst headache from too much Guinness last night, but as soon as I put on this playlist it went away.

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    Aww, I love America by Simon and Garfunkel. “Kathy I’m lost, I said, though I knew she was sleeping.” That’s so beautiful to me.

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    OMG Glenfiddich plus grandparents 70th wedding anniversary PLUS THIS PLAYLIST EQUALS AWESOME.

    Whew, hope I rally for the AWESOME PARTY TOMORROW AFTER CHURCH.

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    I think you could add some Sigur Ros to that list. Agaetis Birjun is the album I always put on when i want to calm down and have some quiet time.

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    One point of contention with an otherwise great playlist: I loves me some “Breathe Me” but the big crescendo at the end would just about kill morning-hangover me. It’s awesome, yes, but there’s simply too much incentive to dramatically rock out to it – thus further scrambling my brain cells. 🙂

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      Sorry. Continuing my proud streak of getting so excited about things, I forget or misspell my own username.

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    Might I add a little Sade with Smooth Operator or a little Basia and her cover of Stevie Wonder’s Until You Come Back to Me.

    Smoothness at its best.

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    So, I love that you guys used indifox’s picture for this. He and I used to be Flickr contacts back when I was super active on there. Nostalgia!

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