Music Fix: Cat Power, Fiona Apple, Kaki King, Plus More

Hi everyone. I’m Ericka, and today I’m stepping in for your music editor, Crystal, to bring you all the awesome music news and happenings from the internets this week.

Praise Musical Jebus: Cat Power has returned
After a four-year hiatus following some solid performances on Jukebox and the Dark End Of The Box EP, Cat Power has finally returned to the scene with an awesome new haircut and new music content to match. This includes the cover and track-listing for her new project, SUN, as well as a teaser video for the first single, “Ruin” (below). Heavy drum patterns and energetic piano chords meld with Cat’s wonderful lyrics and mellifluous voice, creating a solid record and the comeback we’ve all been waiting for. She’s set September 4th as SUN’s release date and switched up her website for your enjoyment. Check it out.

Azealia Banks rides out in her new “Liquorice” video

Remember a few weeks back when Azealea Banks featured in my list of 7 female rappers who aren’t Nicki or Kreayshawn? Well, following a few twitter meltdowns and dropping Lady Gaga’s manager from her PR team, Azealia’s back with her brand-new EP ‘1991’ and its lead single/video, “Liquorice”. Directed by Rankin and set in a Clint Eastwood-meets-Azealia olden days of the wild wild west, Banks raps raunchy over a house/EDM beat about the kind of dudes she’s looking for and how she plans to pull them in.

Corin Tucker of  Sleater-Kinney announces new album

Back in 2006 I cried for a thousand nights when Sleater-Kinney announced their break-up (in my mind, it’s still just a temporary hiatus). Since then, there have been words spoken of a reunion, but nothing definitive. Nevertheless, Corin Tucker has kept me thoroughly entertained with her solo endeavors. Her newest album project, Kill My Blues has just been announced – complete with a track-listing and tour dates. Are you geeked? I am. This should be awesome.

Fiona Apple interviews with Jimmy Fallon and performs with The Legendary Roots Crew

Nothing you watched in the last week has been more interesting than this. Fiona Apple just dropped her new album, The Idler Wheel yesterday; her first in seven years. Hopefully you’ve bought the album and played it 90 times already. To present her new project to the world, she showed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for an interview and an amazing performance of her new single, Anything We Want, backed by none other than The Roots. They even did a great cover of Paul McCartney‘s Let Me Roll in honor of his 70th birthday. There is nothing but absolute winning occurring in these videos, watch below:

Passion Pit return with a new album
Fresh from their brand new Gossamer album (out July 24), Passion Pit have released two singles, “I’ll Be Alright” and “Take A Walk” — the latter which is accompanied by an visually intriguing video (below) featuring bouncing blue balls, awesome camerawork and aerial shots and little rock medleys. Head to their website for North American tour dates.



Sigur Ros have released the video clip for their hauntingly beautiful piano instrumental “Fjögur Píanó.” This one comes with a NSFW and trigger warning: There’s butterflies, nudity,  swimming in cars, cutting, and a sex scene that some might think borders on sexual violence. Also, this is not the Shia LeBouf I remember from Even Stevens. While lovely to listen to, watch at your own risk.

*After taking some time out to raise baby Willow, P!nk has released a video announcing plans to release her new album. The name of the album’s lead single? “Blow Me (….A Kiss).” Yeah. Right back to form for her. I’ll be borrowing that title and keeping an eye out.

*Los Angeles Autostraddlers, you’ll be pleased to know that the 2012 FYF Fest line-up has been announced. Looks like it definitely will not suck this year, with Against Me! and Dam-Funk headlining the show.

Bon Iver continues his streak of winning by releasing a live iTunes Session, as well as a string of European tour dates. You should be happy now.

* I had no ideal Linkin Park was still doing the music thing, but they are and you can listen to their new album, Living Things, here.

*Also in ‘I didn’t know they were recording’ news, Hot Chip have released a new album called In Our Heads and it supposedly it kicks ass. Have you heard it? Do you agree? What’s more, they are touring extensively throughout Autumn. 

*After taking some much-needed time off for rest and relaxation, Kaki King is gearing up to release her new album, Glow. She describes it as “think apparitions, mushroom trip colors andWizard of Oz.  I don’t know anything else about the project, other than it had better kick incredible amounts of ass, or else.


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  1. Aw man, I LOVE Hot Chip. Probably will wind up investing some iTunes dollars in more than a few of the above listed. ^_^ (This is why I love Autostraddle’s music features–I know what to look for whenever someone hands me a music gift card!)

    • Man, Im so mad that I didnt know hot chip was back doing their thing. So awesome. SO EXCITED.

      • Hot Chip’s new album kicks ass, defo. Was listening to them live at LOVEBOX in London last week – they are a thing!

        Also, Bon Iver and Linkin Park …uhm great review :) THX

        • LOL. That short, ‘go listen, im outta words’ review. dont judge me. bon iver is awesome.

    • *power tag team high fives*
      Yeah. I cant wait to hear what Pink is working with. Love her.

  2. i’m unfortunately not much of a fan of cat power, but if her new album is like ruin, me gusta.

  3. That Azealia Banks video is dope as fuck. I had so many associations running in my head with that video… Azealia Banks’ ‘horse hair weave’ > riding a horse > meets Spaghetti Western > meets Ennio Morricone > meets The Good, The Bad & The Ugly > meets Alejandro Jodorowsky’s El Topo > meets Inner City’s Good Life (, meets Lil Kim with the raunchiness (but way more elevated, um “elevated raunchiness?” lol) > meets Zorro, etc. OMG and @ :22, those heels! THOSE HEELS, did I mention those heels?! She’s BOSS, nuff said.

    • i love everything you just said right there. especially the elevated raunchiness meets zoro part of it all. shes almost past lil kim raunchy. almost into Trina/Khia super-ratchet-raunchy. loool. it works for her. as do the beats. and i oculd never handle those heels. LOL.

      • I feel like I’m about to have a Kanye moment, “I’m really happy for you….” I’m really happy for her because she’s so out the box and it goes so well, that I love what she is doing with it all. What’s cool about it, is that it doesn’t seem “put on” like other artists, you know? You can tell that she seems to be having a lot of fun with it and I like that, it comes through in a very authentic way. I can’t handle any heels myself, I’d fall flat on my face. I’m kind of mad though, I think this video would have been 10x more awesome if she wore these:

        Seriously, that would just make my day if that had happened, LOL! OMG now I’m thinking about centaurs all over again, my brain can’t stop associating, it’s like this endless stream of imagination here.

  4. Could Cat Power’s new single be any better??? Also, her new haircut looks super dykey. Just sayin’.

    • extra super dykey, but it looks so cute on her. and its already grown out a lot. you can see it in the video.

  5. Oh and there’s my Fiona Apple crush again. She looks like she came straight out of the nineties <3

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