Queer Music Party: Tegan & Sara’s ALLIGATOR VIDEO, Kaki King, Sarah Slaton, Ke$ha, Bitch, Gaga, Nicki Minaj & More

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Audiostraddle front lately while Riese and I have been recapping Skins, and so I’m here to bring you a slightly spontaneous music roundup! The editors love surprises. Some could say this is so you don’t forget about me, while others might think I just want to geek out over Kaki King’s new track, really though who knows why things happen. Also Riese threw a few links in here too.

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Okay now onto the music..

For real this time, all official and stuff, Tegan & Sara’s ALLIGATOR Video premiere:

Omgomgomg. SPIN has premiered “Falling Day”, a new track off Kaki King’s upcoming record Junior, which will be released this spring and may or may not feature Kaki on the cover dressed as a spy, I don’t know that’s just what I hear. I already had the pleasure of hearing new material when Kaki toured Australia, having snapped up tickets to every show humanly possible because seriously, I just can’t quit her. The live preview left me with the impression that this upcoming record will be killer.

If you’re in Europe or the USA, check out Kaki’s tour dates because she’s likely coming to a city near you in March – May. She may even be playing with another Audiostraddle favourite, An Horse.

The anticipated music video for Vampire Weekend’s catchy tune “Giving Up The Gun” has premiered on Spinner. It’s a bizarre tennis match featuring RZA, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil Jon and randomly, Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers in tiny white shorts. Check it out.

If you’re unable to get to Coachella this year, the good news is that one of the festival’s biggest drawcards – The Gossip – might be coming to you. US tour dates have been announced on their website. Go!

No matter whether you think that Ke$ha is terrible, awesome, or TERRIBLE/AWESOME, this video interview with Rolling Stone probably won’t change your mind. Ke$ha asks Ke$ha some hard-hitting questions about Bob Dylan, the Ke$hawood prank and why she doesn’t mind looking like such an asshole. It will either disgust or delight you.

Ke$ha also talks to pridesource about her bisexuality, the dumb lyrics in her songs, how she’d like to give Susan Boyle a good makeout session and throwing up in Paris Hilton‘s closet.

I’ve never actually been in a real long-term relationship with a woman, but I’m not opposed to it. I’m totally open to falling in love with a man, woman, or anything in between. I just think it’s all about how people make me feel and what my instincts about someone are. That’s really why I named the record “Animal,” because I am an animal and I’m not scared of anything.

She says it’s “ridiculous” to be compared to Katy Perry as it’s not being used as a marketing tool in her song, and “if you listen tot he last song on the record, I’m in love with what we are and not what we should be. Some people don’t think I should make out with women. I think that’s fucking ridiculous. All people should be treated exactly equal on every level.”

Some of you are going to be excited to hear that out singer/songwriter Sarah Slaton is currently finishing up her next EP, “A Love Story”, and then plans to take the show on the road. We’ll let you know when you can buy the EP on iTunes, but for now you can preview some of the new tracks and check out the tour dates on her myspace.

Here’s the first music video from Bitch’s new record, Blasted, which drops in March. Check it out –

LADY GAGA: Lady Gaga appears on the cover of Q magazine, which is hot. That story will come out on March 23rd. She’s also debuying on the cover of US Cosmopolitan magazine in April, which is confusing. She must know five areas of the butthole where your Man has never been touched but will make him want to marry you, meet his mother, and buy you some smelly lotion.

ELTON JOHN: Everyone is mad at Elton John for saying that Jesus was gay. Personally I think it’s awesome that he said Jesus was gay. Remember when everyone got mad at Madonna for saying Jesus was black? (Sidenote: she was totally right tho) Remember when everyone got mad at the Beatles for saying Jesus was dead?

“I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems,” John, 62, tells the magazine. “On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving.”

The Catholic League condemned the comments, saying that to call Jesus a homosexual is to “label him a sexual deviant.”

These Catholic League people just don’t want to have to take down their big ol’ ode to white dudes picture they’ve got hanging over the homestead hearth and replace it with a new, updated more stylish version.

NICKI MINAJ: In Nicki Minaj’s new song with Usher, the bisexual rapper coordinates a threesome because Usher says that’s how you get with usher: “In the hip-hop world, Minaj’s sexuality has been employed to fulfill the lesbian fantasies of heterosexual guys, but hip-hop hasn’t yet give Minaj the space to truly own her identity.” (@the sexist)

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  1. I really only looked at the Kesha part of this haha. But I watched the video and I gotta say, although she comes off as an asshole, douchebag, etc. she is surprisingly entertaining! Who woulda thunk? I think if you get disgusted from a video like this, then you are taking it way too seriously. She’s pretty cute! And I think a lot of people can relate to her whole stance on “bisexuality” (which it seems like she isn’t bisexual, but just really fluid maybe?). She doesn’t seem to have a real sexuality… It has a very “it is what it is” motto.

    BTDubbs: the myspace link for Sarah Slanton does not work. It’s two addresses in one I think haha.

    • I agree! I think Ke$ha is highly entertaining, even though most of what she does makes me cringe in a huge way. That interview is totally ridiculous and it make me love her even more.

      Thanks for letting us know about the link – fixed!

  2. i am sad that i saw tegan and sara right before this video came out.. i’m sure everyone will now be doing the alligator dance at every show.

    • Agreed, I saw them Thursday. =D Alligator brought down the hiz-ouse. They let us in on a “secret” about the video, but I won’t say out of fear of breaking many hearts.

      • are you telling me they weren’t the ones doing that adorable eskimo dance? Because that would basically break my heart.

    • Super, super, super agreed. I saw them Saturday and Monday of this past week and it’s BREAKING MY HEART that I can’t dance to Alligator at a show. All I want to do at T&S shows is dance but I don’t want to be the only person dancing, because in situations when one person is dancing, they’re usually on acid. And I’m never gonna do acid because someday I might want to be a spy and i think they give you a spinal tap. Also, I don’t want to do acid becase this one time I had a bad trip on something else and I was trapped in the steerage of the Titanic, that scary, dark fire-y part in the bottom where the elevators shot on people and like all of them died. And no one had eyes, just inky pits. This is my PSA, don’t go trip on shit.

  3. I don’t know what to say really because I loved every song, thought every video was good/fun and everyone pictured looks hot (esp Kaki and Bitch with the new hair). No idea why I’m in such a love everyone mood, except that good music sort of does that to me.

  4. Gah the Alligator video is not working in UK, at least! I’ve turned into a small child in full-blown hissyfit :(

  5. Over the past week, I’ve developed a very intense crush on Joe Jonas. Fangirling to that video right now, not gonna lie.

    *waves goodbye to internet cool points*

  6. i can’t even begin to express how annoying nicki minaj is but we must write about her because apparently people do love her

    she goes from being a lesbian to bi to straight, i don’t even care about her sexuality

    its her music that really makes me want to crazy glue my ears shut

    Jesus was a gay black woman!

    anyway good post

  7. I always think, upon seeing a Cosmo cover online, that I’m looking at a parody.

    But no. That’s the actual set of articles they’re selling. How just fucking fantabulous for women, feminism, and the human race.

    • I was reading Cosmo at the hairdressers the other day and they had this ridic feature like ‘What You Can Tell About A Guy From His Tweets’ and it had helpful tips like “If the guy tweets Oscar Wilde quotes, it means he’s a Thinker”. I mean, REALLY COSMO.
      I think what i’m saying is that I agree.

  8. I love the video as well as videos fo B-i-M-i-n-g-l-e-.-c-o-m It’s coold to watch such kind of videos.

  9. *ring ring*
    Salon: hello, thank you for calling ______. How may i help you?

    Ke$ha: ‘Ey yo, yeah, i wanna make an appointment to get mah hair done.

    Salon: okay sure, what’s the name?

    Ke$ha: K-E-dolla’ sign- H-A

    Salon: … i’m sorry, what is it?

    Ke$ha: K-E-DOLLA’ SIGN-H-A

    Salon: K…E…dollar sign…?

    Ke$ha: Yeh! K-E-dolla SIGN-H-A. Ke$ha.

    Salon: …okay..Kesha..

    true story. a friend of mine got that call.
    Stupid, stupid girl.
    I blame the public school system.

  10. “Remember when everyone got mad at Madonna for saying Jesus was black? (Sidenote: she was totally right tho)”
    OMG. AS, I’m gushing in my classroom right now, on the inside (that sounds terribly dirty, doesn’t it?) Anyway, you guys, just when I thought you couldn’t be anymore right, you go and say what I was thinking. Jesus WAS black. I’m going to go tweet about you now.

    Also, on the topic of Ke$ha, I have nothing to say, but, while on Tumblr I had these craziest breakthrough. Her real name is Kemoneysha! Ke-money-sha! Ke-$-sha! KESHA! *twilight zone music*

    Besides the fact that I hate Nicki Minaj, I also think she is just “bisexual” for the coverage. Not a new concept. I feel the same way about M. Fox.

  11. every time tegan and sara do something sooo freaking adorbs and I watch them and want to get my hair cut in one of those hot pseudo-fashion mullets they have. and then i realize. no. no fashion mullet for you. that just wont look god! a much more reasonable solution would be for you just to make them both your wives. We could get married in Canada. Done and done! hair crisis avoided!

  12. Tegan and Sara are beyond adorable! Cute vid, even cuter dance, but, I’m having trouble believing they actually danced in the vid…. either way, I can’t wait for Wednesday! I’ll be seeing them in San D. =)

    I just hope the crowd doesn’t bust into a synchronized Alligator dance…. no bueno.

  13. All I know, is that I’ll do whatever it takes to marry one of the Quin sisters. I don’t care that they aren’t straight, I’m still in love with with them both. Tegan and Sara write the best music thats ever existed on planet earth. This video is priceless. And they pretty much complete me.

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