8 Podcasts to Get Started With Polyamory and Non-Monogamy

We released a list of books to read at the end of March for those interested in getting started with polyamory and non-monogamy. These resources go beyond books to blogs, podcasts, movies… so here are eight podcast episodes to get you started on polyamory and non-monogamy during this lockdown!

9 Queer-Run Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now

If you’re having trouble shaking the feeling that all of your media feeds are one giant grief orgy, try changing the pace of what you take in. Not even the content, necessarily — just the rate. Podcasts are an easy way to do that: 30 to 60 minutes later, you’re done, informed, and ready to fight your next battle.

Things I Read That I Loved #181: Things I Listened To That I Loved

This past month I spent over 80 hours driving long distances in a car and another 40 hours organizing and packing things into boxes, which meant I didn’t get a lot of reading done — BUT I SURE DID LISTEN TO A LOT OF PODCASTS! Here are some episodes for you to check out before we return to our regularly scheduled programming.