Rejoice, For Kristin Russo and Jenny Owen Youngs Have A Podcast About Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Well! Today is the day. The day that the podcast about Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Kristin Russo, cofounder of Everyone is Gay, creator of the show Getting in Bed with Kristin and co-director of A-Camp, and Jenny Owen Youngs, beloved singer-songwriter and “recreational Whedonverse aficionado,” comes into your life. It’s called “Buffering the Vampire Slayer” and you can get the first episode here. It’s an introduction to what the podcast will be, and the first full episode is coming soon!

As Jenny explains on her tumblr:

We’ll be discussing episodes at a 1:1 ratio (one episode of Buffy to one episode of Buffering), and every episode will end with a recap song written by me + Kristin (to help us all process the events of the episode, together. community building!). Occasionally we’ll also be inviting our dearly beloved friends to come on the show and help us dig into each and every pressing issue that may arise in Sunnydale – demons, vampires, biology mid-terms, etc.

I asked Jenny and Kristin what motivated them to birth this podcast into the world, and duh, Jenny told me “We’re doing this because we love Buffy. I have loved it FOREVER and wanted to make a Buffy podcast FOREVER.” It turns out that Kristin has actually never seen most of Season 1 (!!!?), so Jenny says “so the first season of our podcast will hold many surprises for K.” She continues:

I’m coming at it more as a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, Kristin comes to the table with a whole lot more gender & sexuality theory under her belt. SPARKS WILL FLY and by SPARKS I mean “we” and by FLY I mean “discuss episodes.” I was particularly inspired by “The West Wing Weekly,” Kumail Nanjiani’s “The X-Files Files,” and the two GOT podcasts I listen to on the regular, “Cast of Kings” and “Storm of Spoilers.” Occasionally we’ll be inviting guests on the show (musicians, comedy people, and so on). We will absolutely be examining which two characters have the most sexual tension in every episode. OH and we’ll be writing a brand new episode recap song each week, and that will be featured at the end of every podcast. WHEW.

If you’re feeling conflicted because you love K&J but aren’t big on Buffy, you may be heartened to know that you have kindred in Kristin, who says “The other bit is that Jenny comes to this as a big geekdom fan on many levels, and I come to it as someone who was like ‘DOO I HAVE TO WATCH BUFFY UGH,’ and then after a few episodes was ready to sign my life over to the Buffy fan club (which I think comes with a wooden stake and a pair of pants from the Limited Too).” Perhaps you will feel the same! Or you just want your free wooden stake and Limited Too jeans. That’s fair too.

Regardless of your motivations, today is a day of celebration! This podcast is gonna be great and so are you.

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  1. 1. I just started listening to Gilmore Guys. Now I find out this exists. Is there such a thing as too many nerdy podcasts about shows that stopped airing a while ago and that you love? I hope not.

    2. The only truly remarkable and new-thinking thing about BrainDead is Jonathan Coulton’s recap-singing. I guess this means I can quit that show and just listen to a podcast about Buffy instead. I feel okay with that change.

  2. what the CRAP this is the coming together of so many of my most relevant interests!! I watched Buffy season 3 when I was a teenager and then watched the entire thing and got all the box sets and watched them repeatedly etc when I was in my early 20s and going through the most difficult period of my life and they were extremely therapeutic and also formative and also I fucking love Buffy omgggg <3<3<3 TIME FOR A REWATCH

  3. This is so cool! Also I just love series one. That episode with the computer demon just gets me. I’ve always preferred monster of the week type stories over series arch episodes and series one is goofier in a way I just love.

  4. Yes! I’m excited for this. So many Buffy rewatch podcasts peter out well before S7 but I’m hoping y’all are in it for the long haul. I noticed you nabbed your twitter username way back in February, so I’m hoping that means you have a few episodes already in the pipeline?

    btw totally saw Eliza Dushku and James Marsters (and clem) at a panel together this weekend at Dragon Con on top of other whedon-y stuff. Love this fandom.

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