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Adam Lambert’s Redemption Song Rocks The Early Show

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Adam Lambert brings his Mom and his vocals to The Early Show. Complex magazine has ground its brains together and come up with 10 “eligible bachelorettes” for Rosie O’Donnell like Tila Tequila and Leisha Hailey, but forgets to fact-chek. Eric Stoltz wants you to watch “Anyone But Me”‘s second season starting December 15th! Also; Fergie dishes on bi past, and Lady Gaga’s nip-slip.


Vivian Girls’ Shambolic Garage Punk Hits Australia

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All-female Brooklyn trio and overnight sensations, Vivian Girls, live up to the hype as they bring their gloriously shambolic pop-noise and Riot Grrrl spirit to Australia. Contributing writer Isabelle has a lot of feelings about sexist critics as she reviews an energetic, rapid-fire set, complete with broken G strings and tales of a “stoned Koala bear”.

8 years ago
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Sarah Palin Fans Fumble in Palinisms, NYC Bookstore Forgoes Palin Altogether

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Palin supporters in Ohio can’t explain Palin too good, and Comedy Central finds there are no Palin supporters in New York b/c of the liberal elite. American evangelical groups are spreading their anti-gay message to Africa, and it’s coming back around to affect the USA. Lady Gaga will be on Ellen this week. And one group in D.C. is fighting hypocrisy by outing priests.

Emily’s Team Pick

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It seems that I always pick websites that I can’t describe, so we’ll see how this turns out. Pick a background colour and this website chooses a bunch of pictures from flickr that correspond! It’s fun, do it.

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JK! There’s No Proof That Lesbians Are Better Parents!

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Anti-gays blame “Gay Infatuation Syndrome” for the headlines spun on lesbian parenting research, but we know otherwise and Mombian breaks it down for you. Also; everyone thinks my girlfriend is a Sir, Catholic attitudes on gays, gossip columnist comes out, Caster Semenya notes on a scandal and Adelaide’s first gay cruise!


Lesbian Comedian Erin Foley: The Autostraddle Interview

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Erin Foley’s shooting star of comic fame has been skyrocketing through the night air, perhaps you’ve noticed & laughed? We sit down with Erin on the Sweet Cruise to talk about her TV projects, new relationship, feeling like she’s in a good spot career-wise, Facebook, and her upcoming Lifetime Achievement Award.