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Gay Teens Continue Getting Bullied, Committing Suicide: Seth Walsh, 13 and Tyler Clementi, 18, September’s Latest Victims

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Two more gay teens commit suicide this week: an 18-year-old college freshman jumps off a bridge after finding his roommate secretly recording and transmitting his sexual encounters over the internet and 13-year-old gay-bullying victim Seth Walsh is taken off life support 9 days after he hanged himself.


Heard It On TV: CAKE and Apple

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Apple’s commercial for the newly updated iPod Nano features “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by CAKE. If you’ve only heard the band’s radio singles, there’s definitely more to love — from twangy guitar and funky bass to trumpet solos. Jess G. shares her Top 10 favorite songs from the band’s almost 20-year history in the hope you will love them, too.