2010′s Best Autostraddle Posts as Chosen by Autostraddle Writers

Welcome to “Ten Days of Top Tens,” in which we say goodbye to 2010 by reviewing the year that was. Because we spent this year in front of our computers typing words for you, many of these top tens will be a tad self-indulgent. Resist the urge to recognize it as such.


At last we have banged out our one last post of 2010. Were you crying into your soup about missing 2010? Us too. So, the editors have all picked their favorite posts of the year but nobody was allowed to pick any posts they participated in creating or created themselves. This is our last post in the 10 Days of Top Tens, which of course is done late, which is so typical. After this we’re going to stop talking about ourselves so much.


Crystal, Music Editor

Some of Crystal’s Best Work: Placebo’s Secret Myspace Show: Fifteen & Front Row, An Open Letter to Amanda Bynes.

Crystal in San Francisco on our pre-Pride 2010 Trip

How to Make Gay Friends and Meet Girls: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Queer Socialising, by The Team

Heartwarming is 1,000 queer girls reaching out.

Stef Mitchell Shoots: Tegan & Sara in Sydney, by Stef Mitchell

I was supposed to contribute to this concert review but when I saw the shots I thought no, these photos are perfect, Stef’s eye is perfect, Sara’s hair is perfect, we can’t ruin this with words.

Everyone Wants To Get To San Francisco: A ‘Travel Guide’, by Riese

This is my only bookmark. I’ve read it so many times that I could probably recite it.

SxSW 2010 Captain’s Log 1 – 4, by Stef

Stef is sorta my hero. She lives and recaps SxSW like no-one else.

Audiostraddle Interview with Kaki King, by Jess Gitner

Jess Gitner and Kaki King are two of my most favorite music people. Look at the photo look how cute they are.

8 Honest Things About New York City, by Laneia

This post means something very special to me and references another post that means something very special to me.

Prop 8 Marriage Trial, Explained, by Jessica

“Whoever came up with the idea to have a smoking lesbian lawyer explain all the legal stuff deserves a medal. Brilliant idea.” – comment by JenTheJew (we miss you)

Ani DiFranco Appreciation Club, by Riese & bcw

I like it when girls geek out over their favorite musicians, it’s cute.

How to Road Trip Right: Music & Feelings for Long-Distance Driving, by Laneia, Sarah, Taylor & Kelsey

Ramble on, now’s the time, the time is now sing my song, I’m goin’ ’round the world, I gotta find my girl.

It’s National Sandwich Day, by Laneia

Sometimes when I feel sad about the state of the world I re-visit this post and am immediately cheered by the fact that National Sandwich Day exists and I work on a team that acknowledges its importance.


Alex Vega, Design Director

Some of Alex’s Best Work: Johnny Weir Be Good, Johnny Be Robbed, Blog Her? I Just Met Her

alex and croce

Alex with Sarah Croce at PYT Autostraddle Party December 2010

VIDEO: Julie Goldman & Brandy Infiltrate VH1, ‘Do Something’ With Jane Lynch, by Julie/Brandy/Riese

Probs the best behind the scenes video I’ve ever seen.

Prop 8 Gay Marriage Trial Closing Arguments Recap: This Time It’s Personal”, by Rachel

I am always so thankful Rachel writes these recaps so that I can understand the hate and also laugh a lot.

Excuse Adam Lambert While He Kisses the Sky, by Riese

I love this man.

Hey Lesbians, Did You Go To Prom – The Prom Gallery, by YOU

Adorable explosion. Made my heart swell. You guys are so cute.

Jennifer Beals: The Autostraddle Interview, by Jess

You guys, Jennifer Beals was on Autostraddle AND JESS TALKED TO HER.


Jess R., Senior Editor

Some of Jess’s Best Work: Kristin Chenoweth: The Autostraddle Interview, Laurel Holloman: The Autostraddle Interview

Jess teaches Tracy & Stamie how to use the internet

Real L Word Episode 104 Recap, by Riese with graphics by Alex/Taylor

OK, boiling it down to my favorite Real L Word recap was kind of like choosing my favorite puppy. This one had it all: “Is It Sex?” Flowchart, supplemental commentary from reader Tweets, and the requisite Shane/Jenny death stare.

Autostraddle 2010 Fall Fashion Guide for Various Shapes, Sizes, Gender Expressions, by Becky

Fall clothes are the sexiest of all seasons. Just look at those boots.

If Lindsay Lohan is Pathetic, So Am I, by Anon

Loved how the anonymous author grounded Lindsay Lohan’s headline saga and gave it humanity by sharing her own story. If you appreciated this, go read “Too Fat to Fish” by Artie Lange.

Ani DiFranco Appreciation Club #1, by Riese & BCW

My formative lesbian years sprung to life and replayed themselves in my mind when I read this.

How to Date Girls: 10 Simple Rules for Properly Courting a Lesbian by Sarah Hall

So relatable and so dead on. “For the love of getting laid, stop telling dates about your exes!” Those armchair psychology hetero advice columns are so lame in Cosmo, but this Autostraddle so it’s clever and true and written especially FOR US.

Televisionary Q&A: How “Real” is “The Real L Word”? by Riese

I live for behind-the-scenes insider know-how, so I found this conversation with Carly fascinating.

Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video: Even Gayer Than Actual Dance Clubs by Alex

This was more entertaining than the actual video for me.

A Field Guide to Airborne Homophobia by Intern Laura

It made me feel better to read Laura’s experiences with passive aggressive homophobia. It’s so simple and so universal and so damaging.

Everybody Wants to Get to San Francisco, by Riese

Alex and Crystal’s encounter in the gay bar was an interesting microcosm for a study of the culture of San Fran lesbians vs. the rest of us. Also, Julie Goldman had a gig at a futon store.

Why Taylor Swift Offends Little Monsters, Feminists and Weirdos by Riese

It’s my go-to piece when introducing the uninitiated to Autostraddle. “I don’t want my unborn grandchildren to listen to the story of how Taylor Swift won a Grammy she hadn’t earned. I want them to set pianos on fire” just fucking moves and inspires me.


Intern Emily Choo

Some of Emily’s Best Work: Dear Harry Potter, We Are Lesbians and We Love You, This Title Informs You That Hey It’s Friday

Emily Choo with Autostraddler in Montreal

Get Baked With Autostraddle: Bread Edition, by the team

Who the fuck doesn’t like fresh bread? Get out.

Everyone Wants to Get to San Francisco: A Travel Guide, by Riese

It’s autowin and san francisco and beautiful and everything i love.

VIDEO: Real L Word Looking Back #1, by Riese/The Team

Does this need an explanation? ON CARDSTOCK!

Autostraddle Hot 100, by the Team

I’d say this was a good idea + a success.

Video Game Maps: An Ode to Overworld Cartography, by Taylor

I love maps and everything taylor says.

20 Album Reviews in Haiku, by Crystal

crystal wrote haiku
is there more i could ask for?
the answer is no.

5 Steps to Coping With Unemployment, by Kelsey

This is very useful information.

Why Taylor Swift Offends Little Monsters, Feminists & Weirdos, by Riese

Um, because Alex made an info graphic, and riese got 686 emails because people are crazay. also it was well written, duh.

Top Ten Cookies, by Riese

Cookies, you guys.

Ten Lesbian and Bisexual Poets To Fall in Love With, by Riese

My favourite thing is poetry.

Eat Pray Love Won’t Teach You How to Be Alone (or, “First Try to See Something, Anything Else”), by Rachel



Rachel, Senior Editor

Some of Rachel’s Best Work: Is There a Right Way to be a Gay Activist?, Dan Choi is People, Autostraddle Read A F*cking Book Club #1: Eileen Myles’ Inferno

Rachel w/Miss February at Pride 2010 - NYC

Long-Distance Flying, by Taylor/Riese/Crystal/Alex/Natalie/Laneia

Sometimes I think about how I hope someday I can be as good at something in life as Taylor is at airport drinking. A girl can dream.

If Lindsay Lohan is “Pathetic,” Then So Am I, by ‘Anonymous’

This was a moment where I felt like I could not be prouder of where I work and what we do and who we are, and remember that there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

I Read Tao Lin’s Richard Yates and I Liked It, by Laneia

I’m not picking this because Eli is in it; I’m picking this because Laneia says things like “as far as ‘having an opinion without reading the book’ goes, Eli probably has a lot in common with around 40% of of Tao Lin’s detractors.”

In Defense of Dressing Up, by Riese

How are the people I work with so smart?


Laneia, Executive Editor

Some of Laneia’s Best Work: Trans Photographer Amos Mac: The Autostraddle Interview, Get Baked: Lemons Edition

Laneia enjoys International Meet an Autostraddler Week

If Lindsay Lohan is “Pathetic,” Then So am I: What it Feels Like for a Drug Addict, by Anon

The honesty in this piece is the kind that punches you in the throat and walks away before you can protest. I loved it.

Policing Female Masculinity: Much Ado About Rachel Maddow’s Yearbook Photo, by Riese

Riese called out like, everybody. Really like it when she does that.

Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” Video: Even Gayer Than Actual Dance Clubs, by Alex and The Team

It’s fun when Alex is excited about a thing.

I’m With You in Rockland as Long as You’re Seeing HOWL There, by Rachel

“He wanted to talk about poetry; I told him I liked Rilke, and he said he’d never heard of him. My friend and I left. She held my hand when we crossed the street.” This made me wish I’d known Rachel my entire life.

Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbian Single “Stuck” Line by Line, by Crystal, Sarah and Riese

I think this was some of our best work, as a publication.

Girlhood, Interrupted: Angelina Jolie Forcing Shiloh Into Tomboyhood, Overall Deviance, by Riese

Aside from the fact that most readers immediately related to this article, we also got stellar fashion advice from a four year-old.

I Don’t Care About the Future, by Riese

The line, “So basically, we’re going to stop scrambling to cover every minute detail of gay-related entertainment “news” the minute it happens and instead devote more time and energy to writing about topics we actually feel invested in,” felt like a victory.

If Perez Hilton Wants to Save Gay Teens From Gay Bullies, He Should Quit Being a Misogynistic Gay Bully, by Riese

Basically Riese was right, twitter exploded with support for her sentiment, Perez replied via email with some whiny b.s. about his ‘job’ requiring this level of misogyny and bigotry and then he went on Ellen and promised to be a better person. Riese won the internet that day / week.

All the Albums Release on Sept. 14: Your Handsy Guide to the Extravaganzaspolsiongasm, by Lindsay

I would’ve liked this just for the title alone, but these albums were seriously exciting and also I knew that Lindsay and I were soul sisters.

How to Make Honest Art: I (Sort of) Made a Quilt and You Can, Too!, by Emily

Um, this. Also, the video. Also Emily. I don’t know, I mean, what the hell could you possible NOT love about this post?


Riese, CEO/Editor-in-Chief

Some of Riese’s Best Work: Let Us Now Praise Effeminate Men, VIDEO: No Homo Jokes: PSA by “Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office”

Riese & Kelsey do an Interview at Dinah Shore, April 2010

If Lindsay Lohan is “Pathetic,” So Am I: What It Feels Like For a Drug Addict, by anon

This is the best thing we did all year, hands down. I wish that the world wasn’t the way that it was so that I could say things about the person who wrote this but it isn’t and I cannot so instead I will say that this was brave and beautiful and emblematic of everything good about the internet. If it didn’t make you cry you should probably stick a fork in your eye and see how that feels.

Eight Honest Things About New York, by Laneia

Because we were there and these words describe what happened perfectly

How I Turned Straight Actors into Badass Butch Queers in Three Days Flat, by Gaby.

I basically stalked Gaby on the internet to get her to Autostraddle

All of the Prop 8 Recaps, by Rachel.

Basically when she started doing these I did the thing I usually do, which is write/edit things in it. But not only was the Prop 8 Trial a magical week in general, it was the magical week when Rachel’s mad writing skills first became blatantly obvious to me. I was really happy that we made the material palpable for people — it’s like THE ESSENCE of Autostraddle and I was amazed by how quickly she could bang that shit out, and was even willing to stay up ’til 3AM adding my stupid pictures to it.

’8: The Mormon Proposition’: Brainwashing Mormons to Hurt the Gays, by Laneia & Sarah

This was practice for mind-control that will happen later

Why Lesbians Won’t Give Up the Hipster, by Katrina

Katrina pays attention to stuff that is happening that you have also noticed but perhaps didn’t think to write an article about or have complicated thoughts about. But Katrina will do it don’t worry.

American Idiot: Green Day Gets Emo on Broadway and I Like It, by Crystal

I love it when Crystal gets in touch with her Emo Side, all the time. Also I saw it with her, so really this is about me again.

Chatroulette Explored: Images of an Internet Frontier Town, by Taylor.


I’m With You In Rockland As Long As You’re Seeing HOWL There, by Rachel

This was like a thing I would read on another website and wish it was on our website

Ashleigh Sumner: The Autostraddle Interview, by Jess

Ashleigh clearly wasn’t the most famous person Jess interviewed this year, but Ashleigh had a lot of interesting things to say about gay media and Jess per ushe asked all the right questions.

President Obama Says It Gets Better, by Laneia

One of Laneia’s many special quirks is viral self-doubt in which she thinks she cannot write about “politics” or anything “important.” She is totally wrong about that and this is proof.

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that the best post of the year goes to Top Ten Terrible Things That Won’t Happen to You Today.


What did you love that’s not on this list or is or whatnot?

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  1. If Lindsay Lohan is “Pathetic,” So Am I: What It Feels Like For a Drug Addict by Anon
    I Don’t Care About the Future by Riese

    These words were stuck in my head for weeks.

    -I also really like your political analysis. Rachel, you are awesome.
    -And everything Alex does. This place is SO PRETTY.
    -And Crystal consistently convinces me to listen to music I don’t really like, which is awesome.

    But most of all, I love all of you.

  2. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out who Anon. is, and if I’m right, she’s a BAMF. And if I’m not right, she’s a BAMF.

  3. Can I also add Alex’s Gaga video recaps/breakdowns, and Rachel’s Dinah Shore marathon live blog!

    I always learn so much everytime my eyes hit your pages. So sincere thanks to all AS writers/contributers and here’s to 2011! x

    • I was going to mention the live blog!

      And I just wanted to say that I went on Chatroulette for the first time because of what Taylor wrote and I think I’m going to be sick.

      • See live blogs are really popular. I suggest a Chatroulette liveblog starring Taylor and Rachel. We can fly Taylor to the east coast with her robot paper bag mask and Rachel can dress up as Allen Ginsberg. This is in the budget right? Just put my donation towards airfare.

  4. If Lindsay Lohan is “Pathetic,” So Am I: What It Feels Like For a Drug Addict

    Fo sho my favorite.


    laneia is right, we will never top “stuck: line by line.” brb going to reread it now.

  6. I’d missed the article about Lindsay during my great laptop debacle of 2010.

    Powerful writing. Thank you.

  7. time to reread some of these! the post about the lack of comments on certain articles should definitely be included on this list. it’s filling me with jewish guilt, and i’m not even jewish. so there’s that.

  8. Whoahh that lemon baking article is amazing! So witty and informative! Plus, that writer Abby seems totally awesome. I wish she would write some more for Get Baked additions. I feel like in my perfect Autostraddle world, everything would be exactly how it already is, except that lady would write more often. On a completely unrelated note, she looks like she would make one hell of an autobro.

  9. These are all excellent articles!
    I went to San Francisco for the first time about 2 weeks ago didn’t have anything planned so I reread “Everyone Wants to Get to San Francisco: A ‘Travel Guide’ ” and ended up doing at lot of the things mentioned in the article! Had a great time over there!Thanks for the tips! = ]

    I don’t really know where to comment about this, but I would like to say the new AutoStraddle design is great! Alex and Tess Nagel (your web developer, if I’m not mistaken) have done an amazing job!

    Hope you all have a great new year!\o/

  10. I just opened, like, a jillion tabs in order to read (and re-read) all the things here. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THEM, AUTOSTRADDLE. *gives cookies*

  11. most of my favourite posts are here, but I also want to add the top ten unpublishable wordpress drafts because that post was pretty much perfect. also, the it gets better video that I watched over and over. and the lesbian kittens.

    • The It Gets Better Video! I haven’t watched that in awhile. I need to go watch it again. This video and the lesbian kittens are definitely at the top of my list.

  12. You really can’t pick a favorite out of any of these but I did like “Is There a Right Way to be a Gay Activist?” by Rachel. I like it when Autostraddle tackles big issues. I also agree, as it’s listed in this post, that it’s some of her best work; thought-provoking, as always.

  13. If Lindsay Lohan is “Pathetic,” So Am I: What It Feels Like For a Drug Addict defs. I identify.

    I also heart the how to make friends article. I have trouble in that area and it was useful, even though I was too late to the party.

    Really everything AS does is amahze.

  14. The link to the “How to Make Gay Friends and Meet Girls: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Queer Socialising” goes to the wrong place. Just FYI.

    Also, I like all of this article and was very happy to find that something had been done the 8: The Mormon Proposition, because I started watching it yesterday and haven’t even been able to finish it, because it’s so fucking scary. I’m going to have to stare at kittens for a long, long time before I feel better by the time I’m done with it.

  15. I love this post. I love you ladies! So much.

    The site redesign is WONDERFUL. Everything is so much cleaner and easier to find and I think it looks BEAUTIFUL.
    Thank you for saving my little queer life on the daily, Autostraddle.

  16. this might sound crazy but imma go for it.

    i don’t know if i pray not like when i was a kid but i do send out good vibes.

    i think about the blessings in my life and the good people in it and i just will them the best of everything i’ve got in me.

    i want them to be happy and successful and loved.

    i send those good vibes to all the autostraddle chicks (writers, readers, artists etc everyone) everyday.

    what does that have to do with this post?

    well you’ve shared with us the best of the best of your content and goddamn it’s some good shit.
    shit we couldn’t find anywhere else. shit no one else is writing about and shit no one knows how to discuss.

    you are fueling us with the shit we need to get through this assbackwards world.

    so thank you. let’s keep this shit going.

    ok i’m done.

    and i mean “shit” with the utmost respect and awe and love 4 real.

  17. Gaby, I love it. Sounds like you are making something out of nothing. WHich should be impossible according to physics. Making Energy out of Nothing? fuck yea.

    I was raised Lutheran, but I never really believed in prayer. I believe in your “good vibes”, tho. :D

    do it up.

  18. ‘eight honest things about new york’ has maybe more of my favorite words in one place than any other thing on the internet. the internet is really big. i hope that makes Executive Editor Laneia feel good.

    “Everyone everywhere is lying, and I feel like the suburbs are where truth goes to give up, because no one needs that much space between themselves and the other side of their house.”
    “But we don’t have money and we’re not in cars; we’re broke and underground, and no one’s pretending to be any better off than the person sitting next to them.”

    these are some of my favorite lines of 2010
    this post is so honest, it makes me want to be so honest about the places i have lived

    also “the roof makes me feel alive because i’ve never jumped off it,” even though i don’t think Riese wrote that in 2010, but some things are good enough to be in Best Things About a Year that Didn’t Happen in That Year.

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