VIDEO! The Real L Word Parody PART ONE: Looking Back, Casting a Spell on Your Box

Hi! Back in August, just when I’d begun eagerly anticipating the conclusion of The Real L Word season, looking forward to at least 2-3 weeks of consistent sleeping, socializing, novel reading and strap-on shopping, Executive Editor Laneia and Miss April Sarah Croce decided that Autostraddle was obligated by some higher power to produce a Real L Word parody video.

I said ABSOLUTELY NOT and a month later, here we are!

This is probably how the cast of Saturday Night Live felt week after week of parodying the Bush Administration. I accept that the evidence regarding my hatred for this show is no longer in my favor, despite my deep inner peace with my true feelings. But then Robin made me pee in my pants and I stopped caring either way. The scary part was how easy it was to cast this thing.

power of the clam

Unfortunately for everyone except me and Carly, who had watched the show weekly for the recaps, nobody else in the cast had seen a single episode of The Real L Word. So they had to go do that, which resulted in some very depressed gchats.

You’ve seen the preview. You thought it was funny. You will also think this is funny.

The New York City cast of this video were filmed by two real lesbians, Millie and Jenn of Onyxrai Productions, and produced by and Geek Goddess Productions. The Los Angeles segments (Ilene & EZier Girl and Stamie & Tracy) were filmed by a tripod and Stamie’s nanny, respectively.

Conceptualized by: Executive Editor Laneia, Senior Editor Jess R., Sarah H. and Sarah Croce

Edited by: Riese

Ilene Chaiken; Julie Goldman of In Your Box Office With Julie & Brandy
EZ-ier Girl: Brandy Howard of In Your Box Office With Julie & Brandy

Rose: Miss January Jennifer Nieves
Nat: Music Blogger Stef Schwartz

Whitney: Miss April Sarah Croce
Tor: Design Director Alex Vega
Sara: Design Director Alex Vega
Romi: Design Director Alex Vega

Nikki: Editor-in-Chief Riese
Jill: Miss February Julia

Tracy: Haviland Stillwell of the Haviland & Riese Vlogs
Stamie: Stamie Karakasidis of Our Fifteen Minutes

Mikey: DJ Carlytron
Raquel: Photoblogger Robin Roemer

And also, we have some behind-the-scenes photos for funsies:

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  1. so um i think this may be the best thing ever to result of the real l word. jus sayin. cant wait for the next one.

  2. That was hilarious y’all!! From start to finish!! I love it all! The intro, Rose/Nat, I swear it was better than the actual show! Oh and Mikey’s drunken appearance was like pie on top of cake! Or vice versa. Riese, I wanna feed you tacos! Hope you don’t mind.

  3. I am gagging!! This is so brilliant and I want to watch it over and over and over. This is definitely IT! Bravo ladies!

  4. still laughing about Mikey and IFC rolling around on the grass…
    also, “she’s soft like the bottom of a baby pig. like the skin.” trueness, Robin does a perfect Raquel.

    • “Do you want me to go? Do you want me to go!? DO YOU WANT ME TO GO?!!!”
      It’s so funny in the real Real L Word Nat is like shorter and tinyer than Rose, next to Jennifer, you are a giantess Stef. But omg you make one fierce blonde.

  5. This is amazing. I actually had to pause at “just how we portrayed you on The Real L Word, on Showtime” with the turn to camera because I was laughing so hard.

  6. “…and streetlife!”

    This is rich! It looks like it was so much fun to make! Damn, I wanna be a lesbian, too. :(

  7. I haven’t got time to watch just now but I’m already laughing at Alex playing Romi, Tor AND Sara, nice subtle commentry there!

  8. GREAT JOB AUTOSTRADDLE!! The editing and the re enactment acting are both stellar. ( in sing-song voice) We smell a GLAAD award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mikey was such a good sport for doing this. We’ve met several of the cast members and she is our favorite!

  9. “… and Whitney said yes, and I said ‘that’s the one that was going to play Whitney’.” fuckin fantastic!!! This is hilarious!!

  10. I didn’t trust myself to watch this at work, but the anticipation killed me and I just did.

    …there’s diet coke all over my keyboard / up my nose and my boss is very confused.

    Worth it.

  11. “If you’re not rich rich or thin, I want you to be absolutely filthy.”
    lol. This was amazing ladies, can’t wait for the next one!

  12. So fucking awesome. I wish Autostraddle could make their own television show. Or start their own TV station. It would be all I watched.

  13. This almost makes me want to watch the actual show. Like, I just googled “download real l word”, but then I thought better of it when I realized you guys wouldn’t pay for the years of therapy surely required after watching it.

  14. carly/mikey and robin/raquel are perfect omg. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER UNTIL PART 2 COMES OUT

    i especially liked mikey’s surprise guest appearance.

  15. “Because all lesbians are super rich..that i know because poor ones are gross and I don’t want them in television or in my house. I mean even the mexican was rich.”

    A little piece of me died.

    • Hmmm…I was watching Mikey at the end going “Wow, the girl that’s playing Mikey is really committed to playing Mikey. Look at her hair.”
      I’m glad many have commented that this is the real Mikey, because I need these things pointed out to me.

  16. This really really improved my day/week/life.

    Carly and Robin are so spot on, it’s hilarious. You all are fantastic.

  17. The casting on this bitch just blew me out of the water. I think this is the best thing Autostraddle has ever done, maybe even better than feminism.

  18. … so was the tag at the end Carly or The Real Mikey? Because the way she said cardstock was somehow high-larious

  19. So brilliant! I spent all day looking forward to seeing this after work and it was totally worth the wait! Mikey was hilarious! (apparently it was so awesome I can’t stop using exclamation points!)

  20. My favorite parts:

    Brandy singing the theme song in a bored, monotone way.
    Julie (IFC) having a disgusted look on her face everytime she mentioned anyone over a size 8.
    Robin as Raquel (including the ever present chewing gum) and Carly as Mikey.
    Riese (Nikki): “I came to Los Angeles with $400 in my pocket, and now I have 4 billion dollars, and I’m gonna spend it all in one day.”

    I bow down to AS.

    • Coincidentally, these are pretty much all my favorite parts as well. I have more, but they include these moments. Just sayin.

  21. Omg… THIS.

    Like, If i had socks on right now, they would’ve been rocked off. This is beyond awesome. Its so funny because its so true!

    It didn’t even feel like a parody. it was like the real thing except the cast was actually in on the joke of how ridonkulous IFC was turning their “characters” out to be.

    The casting? Inspired. The acting? Divine. My sides? Hurting from laughing so hard. Great job, Autostraddle!!!

    • YES! Parody meets reality. BAM!

      I also agree about the casting, it is RIDICULOUS how close the Auto cast comes to the TRLW cast and how easy it was to cast. Almost makes me think the did a good job of casting the reality show…


  22. this is fucking hysterical! loved Julie as Ilene, she totally killed it! and then brandy singing the opening theme in a low-energy, monotone way of singing is hilarious. plus the “that’s my boob, Mikey!”,!

    magnificent work team autostraddle. can’t wait for the next part

  23. I cannot stop watching it; it’s SO AWESOME!! Riese/Nikki’s pearls, Steph/Natalie’s dog, Sarah/Whitney “i don’t even remember her name”, Julie/Ilene “that’s my boob”, Mikey “I’m gonna scissor you, dammit!”/ Carly’s “on card stock!”…

    I could go on. I seriously love ALL THE PARTS!

  24. WOAH.
    alex is perfect.
    my number one feeling was “I heart Robin & Carly”, followed by
    “Carly is too well dressed to be Mikey”.

    major sympathy points for the real Mikey though. but I was wondering…doesn’t she have a contract with showtime/Chaiken, too?

  25. TMI: i just had a tonsillectomy & am homebound w/out ability to eat or speak for 2 weeks.

    i can’t thank you enough. BRILLIANT & HYSTERICAL! way better than the watching the real l word (which i was moments away from doing!)

    thank youuuuuu

  26. it’s crazy how identical u ladies look to the “real” l word cast! this was beyond hysterically funny!! can’t wait to see part deux!!

  27. Amazing! Looks like you guys had so much fun producing this hysterical content!
    Carly and Robin-awesome!
    And Haviland makes the perfect Tracy-not many women could live up to that role.
    Speaking of Haviland…when am I going to be able to download “How I Role” on Itunes???

  28. I love how the same person played Tor, Romi, and Sara. In the beginning I kept mixing them up and it’s funny that I’m not the only one who though they all pretty much look the same.

    “Might as well get married in K-mart… LMFAO!”

  29. i want everyone to know that i’ve thought about this long and hard and i think my favorite part is when carly says “i thought she was a tranny”

  30. thats the one thats going to be Whitney ,I love piercings and tatoo’s because If you’re not rich rich and if you’re not thin I want you to be absolutely filthy!

    i hope there is more of this parody goodness!

  31. i know this is a bit old but i cannot get over how much i love it and how hilarious you all are and how often i watch it and um anyways no pressure i understand you all are super busy but im so excited for even the possibility of a part 2. that little bit of hope just fills my heart with warmth.

  32. This was HYSTERICAL, makes watching the “Real L Word” worth it, <3 you ladies! Cant wait for the next ones :)

  33. UGH so pissed it got yanked off YouTube!!! Surely Autostraddle can find another lovely video hosting website? I’d be willing to make another student-sized donation on AS’s PayPal fa sho if I can JUST WATCH THE FIRST PARODY VIDEO

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