Lesbians Take Girls to Prom: We Have a Gallery For That

So this girl Constance McMillen wanted to take a girl to prom, and wear a tux, and the principal was like hell to the no, and then the ACLU got involved, and then the school just decided it would be better to cancel prom altogether. Why are they so afraid of how cute girls look in menswear? No but srsly.

We have a feeling, even though we are old, that some girls are bringing girls to homecoming/prom/fancy-wear day dances these days. Amirite? Are you one of those girls/boys? Well let’s celebrate those photos everyone is so f*cking afraid of! VISIBILITY, LADIES!

Send us your prom photos!

1. Email your photo to autostraddle [at] gmail [dot] com.

2. We won’t publish your name [unless you give us permission] but…

3. If you can, we’d love to know when & where the photo was taken — city/state & year of the event.

4. We’ll start putting up the gallery this evening and keep building it as we get submissions. [You can see it here in this post, or on its own page.]

5. If absolutely necessary we can smiley-face over your ex-girlfriend if she’s really crazy or a famous tennis player.

6. Everyone who sends in a photo will be entered to win a $25 Amazon.com Gift Certificate, we’ll draw a name at random on Sunday and announce it in the Sunday Funday.

7. When you’re done with that, check out LezGetReal, where the ladies are putting a full-court-press on Ellen (yah, that ELLEN!) to organize a prom in Mississippi so this girl can freakin’ go!

And let’s hope that come springtime, we’ll be able to add Constance McMillan and her ladyfriend to the gallery.

Tell everyone! Tweet this, put it on your facebook, — we wanna see a bajillion cute gay faces ready to embark upon the most overrated night of their lives — fight the lesbian shaming.

Note: All of these photos used to have captions with the year, the location, and the girls in the photograph indicated. However when our photo galleries were transferred when we switched the plug-in we use for galleries in March 2013, the captions apparently weren’t transferred. We are looking into why this happened and if there’s any way to fix it.

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  1. It’s so wonderful seeing all these pictures, even in light of the recent news about the two young women in Mississippi denied the right to attend theirs. My prom was 21 years ago and I didn’t attend – I couldn’t even be out of the closet. I would have, if I could have – and you girls (and guys) that want to, or are able to, please have extra fun for those of us that didn’t get the chance. And good luck and best wishes for an amazing future. It’s a different world, only because we make it. :)

  2. Hi! This is an amazing collection of photos, and very similar to what I am intending to start on this blog – http://fuckyeahlgbtqprom.tumblr.com/. I would like to start a collection of photos that can be constantly developing. If any of you are able to submit photos, it would be really appreciated!

    This tumblog is mostly a response to the Constance McMillen bullshit (http://tiny.cc/lwcx7),but we also want to recognize that lots of queer people are silenced
    and unable to be public about their sexuality. And by sending in your pictures, we’ll start to break those chains of silence.


    Please forward widely!

  3. I went to a very christian high school… I wonder if I had worn a tux what the would have done haha… pretty sure taking a girl would have been a huge no-no though. We only had one formal at the very end of high school though, and I dropped out before then, so never went.

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  5. Is it weird that I’m a straight boy who wants to take a straight girl to prom, but I would secretly want my date to wear a tuxedo? I’ve always had a thing for a girl in a tux, but I don’t know a lot of single straight girls in my school that I like who would actually go along with that. Not to mention I’ve never been on a date before. Any advice?

  6. 2010 was my final year! I took my then girlfriend to mine, and under duress wore a dress, but the next year, at her final year I got to rock a suit. These photos bring back so many memories!

  7. I didn’t go to my senior prom with a lesbian but later in the night when my date started paying more attention to his friends than me a lesbian classmate filled his place. My first lesbian experience happened that night and he went home alone.

  8. What a happy place! Just ‘shared’ this page with my daughter to encourage her to ask her GF to the year-end senior formal. As a proud dad, I’d love to see that awesome couple’s smiles join the others on this web page.

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