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Promgate Makes It to ABC Family, Lesbian Burlesque Twilight Exists

This week there are many parts of the Sunday Funday that we cannot fully process/understand, like how ABC Family Originals factor into the march towards equality and world peace, or how relevant Jared Leto still is, because I am not sure what he’s done since Fight Club, or actually who he even played in that. Also, did you know Lady Gaga was in an episode of the Sopranos? What is happening I don’t even

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Uncool High Schools: Constance McMillen Transfers, Kern Votes Against Harvey Milk Day

Constance McMillen, the lesbian who wanted to bring her girlfriend to prom, has switched schools to avoid bullying. Harvey Milk Day won’t be celebrated by the teenagers who need it most because of homophobic Prop-8-supporting school administrators! Awesome! Also, gay unions legalized in Portugal, more feelings on Elena Kagan, Montgomery College will have an African-American lesbian president, Christian charities are maybe kind of allowed to legally discrimate sort of, and Jezebel wants to talk to you about women’s colleges.

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On The Upside, These Gay Kids Have Awesome Parents!

It’s not all doom & gloom. Ceara Sturgis’ tuxedo pic didn’t even make it into the yearbook, but her Mom is standing up for her! And she’s not the only Mom out there taking a stand. Also, Houston Pride will feature uniformed police officers, the Washington Blade returns, California struck down anti-gay law and um someonemurderedtheirdaughtersgirlfriend and a trans student was attacked in a college bathroom.

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Lesbian Prom Update: Constance Suing for Damages & Westboro’s Coming to Graduation

Constance McMillen is now seeking unspecified monetary damages in her case against Itawamba High School, citing public humiliation. Even worse, Westboro Baptist Church has announced they’ll be picketing her graduation to remind everyone that dykes are ‘filthy.’ Also; more on Scott Baio’s evolving lesbian rage, Gay tourism, forced gay marriage, bisexuals aren’t gay enough, Sikhism and feminism, tv bans plus size ads, and headache fun!

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GLAAD Awards 2010: Famous Lesbians With Unexpected Dates. Also, Adam Lambert.

The 21st Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, California featured Wanda Sykes, Constance McMillen, Adam Lambert, Drew Barrymore, the cast of GLEE and much more! We’ve got your gallery with captions & highlights of the night — including Wanda Sykes’ wife Alex and Constance McMillen’s guest who you might recognize from October ’09’s Brave Homo Headliners.

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We Love Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin Impression More Than Anyone Loves Sarah Palin

We love nothing more than Tina Fey being Sarah Palin, amirite? Well, we have an infographic to prove it. Constance McMillen has now been invited to more queer-inclusive proms than we were aware existed, Lady Gaga tells you about safe sex, and her stalker fans tell you about her dressing room. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are huge lezzies, selling cars to gays, gay priests in Utah, NEWSIES MUSICAL and oh, Tila Tequila.

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Constance McMillen Fake Prom 2010 Student Rebuttal: Bigotry or Bullying? (Yes. Both.)

Constance McMillen’s treatment is a nasty reminder of how high school kids can be cruel, especially when LGBTs are involved. We overanalyze, Angela Chase-style. Basketball players might or might not be changing beauty standards, the first female Cherokee leader died yesterday, racism is bad for your health, and Yale starts a student-teacher sex ban.

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Constance McMillen Sent to Fake Prom, Itawamba Students Aren’t All That

Constance McMillen continues to be f*cked over: her school sent her to a fake prom with “learning disabled” students. Also, employers are exploiting unpaid interns and it could be illegal. Why do gay men sometimes make fun of vaginas? Plus, it’s been a year since Iowa allowed gay marriage, Lambda Legal needs your help, and Obama may get another Supreme Court nomination.

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Judge Rules: Miss. School Violated Lesbian’s Rights, But Won’t Force Prom

A ruling is made in the case of Constance McMillen and the heteronormative prom and Newsweek interviews Dan Choi about his new radical stance on political action. Prop 8 opponents have to give show the other side internal emails and memos, which could push back the verdict on the Prop 8 trial. Also: two Malawi men arrested for getting engaged go on trial soon, and Lambda Legal is challenging for same-sex marriage in NJ.

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Coming Soon: Constance on Ellen, Real L Word, Chloe’s Lesbian Sex Scene, Glambert & Gaga Together?

Ellen DeGeneres invites Constance McMillen to her show and Cat Cora speaks out to support Constance. No one believes the guy who says he booked Adam Lambert & Lady Gaga for a launch party at the local park. Johnny Weir is a tough man to track down, are Glambert & Gaga performing together, Tina Fey in Esquire magazine, a new lesbian sci-fi flick, The Real L Word sets a debut date, Ellen Von Unwerth’s lesbo-sexy music video, Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Griffin and Ugly Betty’s gay kiss.

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Gay Prom Update: ACLU Schedules Hearing. Also Constance McMillen’s Mom is Gay!!!

In a radio interview, Constance mentions that her Mom is gay and also talks about how the response online has warmed her while classmates have been hostile. Also: big boobs do not a “curvy model” make, the case for girl geeks, Miss England trades swimsuits for sports, Karl Lagerfeld hates gay marriage, Tampon ads come back around, and a woman coaches football.

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Lesbian Prom Panic: Classmates Blame Constance for Cancellation

Lesbian senior Constance returns to school, where her classmates are openly hostile and blame her for ‘ruining’ their senior year of high school after the school board cancelled prom rather than let her bring a girl. Is there hope? Well, in New Orleans, someone else is offering to bring the kids to the city for prom (no, not Ellen…yet!)! Also: Johnny Weir isn’t “family-friendly” enough for Stars on Ice, Texas evangelicals invited to plan school curriculum, Chaz Bono, pee-cones, Constance on CBS News & more!

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Prom is Better Cancelled Than Ruined by Tuxedo-Wearing Lesbians

Rather than allow a lesbian to bring her girlfriend to prom and wear a tux, the school has canceled prom altogether! FANTASTIC. Also; the cute video of the kid finding out about gay people, the death of coffee shops, gays and the census, Bill O’Reily defends lesbian couple’s child and the national equality riders are coming soon to an oppressive campus near you.