VIDEO: Julie Goldman & Brandy Infiltrate VH1, ‘Do Something’ With Jane Lynch

Remember when Julie Goldman & Jane Lynch totally obliviated previously unscaled mountains of awesome at the Vh1 2010 DO SOMETHING Awards with their fantastically co-written song “Do Something”? You should probs check it out right now.

Jane Lynch with Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman Autostraddle

Then you’ll be completely prepared for the truckload of awesome that is the very first installment of JULIE AND BRANDY IN YOUR BOX OFFICE FOR REALS series, in which they continue not being polite and start getting real, but around other people this time.

This star-studded video includes special time with Jane Lynch (who can do no wrong), Pete Wentz, Kathy Griffin, Kristen Bell, Alyssa Milano, Paula Abdul, Kara Dioguardi, Randy Jackson and more.

Here it is, Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office #7: DO SOMETHING.

Here’s the video of the performance if you missed it the first time and did not click out for a refresher as directed:


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julie and brandy

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    • Julie, you were the hottest one on that red carpet. For reals, I loved your outfit. You had some guts to do that, those paparazzi were a-holes.

      And Riese did an awesome job editing, that was hilarious.

  1. This is hilarious.

    I loved the compliment from Snoop, and the scenes with Pete Wentz. Because that shit was funny.

    Congrats on the song being a hit and partying with the stars. It is important to add that my iPod autocorrected partying to “petting” a lot of times before I could get it together. I do hope you did pet some stars.

    Lastly the photos with the arrows, lol. For real, lol.

  2. More please! :D

    I’d also like to suggest a reenactment/review of Salt. I had a lot of feelings (surprisingly not all in my pants) about that movie:

    1. Angelina needs to eat a sandwich (or 20)
    2. I want a push-up bullet proof vest just like hers. It molds, supports and deflects shrapnel!
    3. The drag king/consulate disguise-o-rubber face reminded me of those creepy spitting image puppets. Anyone Remember that show? You should google it.

  3. My most number one feeling after watching that amazing video was: I miss Julie and Brandy. It has kind of been a while since they’ve been in our box office and I missed their faces and voices and the way they make me giggle and snicker and laugh.

  4. haha awesome.
    So funny that girl walking down the hallway, definitly a lez!

    I bet the paparrazi wish they took your photo after they realised you were performing with Jane Lynch :P

    The Pete Wentz bit was also really funny!

  5. this was one of the best ones yet! i laughed out loud SO MANY TIMES, especially when Brandy said “hey gorgeous” to Tara DiLaguardia or whatever her name is. Seriously funny shit, ladies. I hope you managed to get a few of Jane Lynch’s hairs to add to the shrine, otherwise this was a real missed opportunity.

    • Motherfuckinword! Now if you guys could only convince Nicol Paone and Erin Foley to do a vlog together my life would be perfect (well, less shitty than it is). I will never forget “CHAIRS FOR PETS”!!!

  6. I love how Brandy just yells things at people. I would totally do the same thing if I was tall blonde and gorgeous cause I’d get away with it.

    Probs the best behind the scenes video I’ve ever seen. And I’m not just saying that cause I work for this website and cause Riese edited it… this is quality shit!

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