Cats and Feminism and Cartoons! Wheeee!

Ali’s Team Pick:

Today, I am sick in bed! I am sick enough that I won’t be leaving bed — even though it is 80 degrees and beautiful in Brooklyn and I want to go to the park SO BAD — but not sick enough that I’m entirely non functional. And you know what that means!

Am I working on my fiction? No, because I don’t feel good and every line comes out with “and I don’t feel good” at the end. Am I working on revamping my personal website? No, no that requires a lot of brainpower that I don’t have at the moment. Instead, I am watching Adventure Time, petting my cat and combing the tumblr-verse for cool things to share with you. You know what I found out there, my lovely queermos?


Feminism, cats and cartoons all in one happy place.

From their about section: “HEY! We’re Justine and Lynn and we’re so glad you’re here. We like reading anti-oppression papers from the library (and beyond), and decided to share some of our favourite ideas with you. Except with CATS, y’all!”

There’s not much up on their tumblr,, at the moment, but if I could repeatedly follow this tumblr, I would, to encourage them to keep going and put up more and more and more. And more and more! They’ve got complex ideas illustrated with felines. What more could a queer ask for? Enjoy cats and feminism and will someone bring me soup and gatorade? K, thx, bye.

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  1. I’m squealing with delight, this is just so fantastic! I hope they can get more followers (I just followed)

    Also, sorry to hear that you’re sick, I hope someone reads your plea for help and brings you some okayu and tea <3


    her tumblr is amazing and fyi they are working so hard to get more done! she went to a-camp and loves autostraddle and she is the BEST and so excited about this post you have nooooooo idea

    • Yeah, I had no idea. This either a) makes me a bad person because I don’t remember meeting Lynn (maybe I didn’t meet Lynn?) or b) makes A-Campers badass because out of the entire tumblr-verse, I chose a project made by an A-Camper because projects made by A-Campers are the best projects, I think.

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