The Comment Awards Are Fashionably Late

Hey chickadees! Welcome to a special Sunday edition of the Comment Awards. It’s special because we didn’t post it on Friday. So we’re going to get right to business. What the heck happened in this whirlwind of a week? Well, Carmen started it off by making a brunch playlist while Lizz advised us on what to wear to said brunch festivities. Ash and Gabrielle brought us more dispatches from ComicCon while Riese began her annual exercise in masochism with a recap of the first episode of TRLW season 3, but then also read and loved some things. And in case you missed season 2, look no further than our TRLW season 2 parody. Katie O introduced us to all that is queer in Columbia, MO while Malaika, Jess and Carolyn gave us some more good books to read. Meanwhile, Kristen walked us through giving blood (it’s not so scary after all!), Gabrielle taught us how to keep vaginas happy in the summer, and Annika told us how participants in the Transgender Housing Network are giving up their couches to trans* people in need. Rachel came out as a chips and salsa vegan and we learned how to both cook and garden. Speaking of learning and doing, Maker Camp is totally happening right now! Morgan talked about eight more podcasts to fill your earholes. Wet Seal made some racist hiring and firing moves and Chik-fil-A is just plain antigay. Malaika, one of our intrepid Canadians, discussed the complexities of proving one’s gayness to the government and Vanessa went to the testimony exhibit and brought us all with her. Lizz advised us on prepping for post-flight sexytimes (A-Campers take note). Meanwhile, there are ladies who rap and we decided to call a Mittsy a Mittsy and just say he’s getting worse. There was your weekly dose of homophobes doing and saying stupid things  and, oh yeah, keep in mind that Republicans are still anti-gay. But! The Iraqi women’s basketball team is a thing and Kate gave newfound respect to Disney’s evil queens. Crystal fixed our music situation and shared some of your finest playlist requests. And Ali kept the music flowing with the realization that your ex is not what we’d call a good person playlist while Kate reported some exciting news from Bikini Kill. Sarah got to talk to Jennifer Tyrrell and Kristen debunked the bigotry of Boy Scout badges. On to television, we discussed the Emmy nominations and the questionable angle of Newsroom. Lana del Rey made a new video that is kinda gay and Fonseca told us about an super Olympic lady lifter. So without further ado:

The Wire Hanger Award to sdf: “The Mommie Dearest eyebrows are an epidemic in the lesbian community. We have to find a cure!”

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Wants You In A Quite Simple Human Desperate Way:

The Is It Too Late to Transfer? Award to Alacrity: “Fascinating! Now I wish I’d taken that Victorian Sexualities class in college.”

On Hollywood Thinks Your Period Is Scary:

The Other Mile High Club Award to Hannah K: “Once I got my period on a long plane ride and walked up and down the rows asking the people on my trip/strangers for a tampon. NO SHAME.”

On An Illustrated Guide To Giving Away Your Blood:

The They Should Just Go Ahead and Give You The Whole Basket of Cookies Award to Jade Catherine:

On This Week in Homophobia: FL Lt.Gov Says She’s Too Pretty To Be a Lesbian and Other Stories:

The But Actually Award to Emily:

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  1. Oh, wow… I was feeling embarrassed about tooting my own horn, and now there’s an amplifier hooked up to my horn…

    But thank you. Cookies nom nom nom cookies.

  2. a) Jade Catherine, you are awesome, and may your horn be tooted until you’re rewarded with all of the cookies!

    b) I am so honored to get my first comment award. Necessity is the mother of shamelessness, y’all.

  3. This is so profoundly kind and generous, and probably what I would say if asked to review literally vidmate anything.

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