VIDEO: It’s Autostraddle’s “Real L Word” Season 2 Parody!

Well, we couldn’t help ourselves again. We probably have way more fun making these things than you guys do watching them (though I’m secretly hoping that’s semi-not the case). Our Real L Word season one parody was kind of a hit, especially with Nikki and Jill Weiss-Goldstein, who we love/is our target market. Just kidding. You guys are our target market. You know, the weirdos that don’t ever watch the actual show but you’ve read and enjoyed each one of Riese’s recaps. You!

We are aware that this is very late-coming. I mean, we showed the opening sequence back in February. Better late than never I say. We shot so much shit, so much you guys. Team ChillRoom Productions (Sarah Croce, Lauren Aadland, etc.) really went for it. And maybe we’ll edit some more stuff so we could just keep making fun of this show/ourselves/Ilene Chaiken.

Here’s the cast for the “Real (Enough) L Word Season 2 Parody” video:
Real L Word Season 2 Parody Cast

Okay, so on with it. Pull up a chair and grab a beer because you have to commit at least 14 minutes to this, which I don’t think you’ll regret at all because you clicked on this article to begin with let’s be honest. Also, we’ve included some behind-the-scenes photos below too!

Real L Word Season 2 Autostraddle parody

Real L Word Season 2 Autostraddle parody

Real L Word Season 2 Autostraddle Parody Sarah Croce Alex Vega Jessica Shaffer

Autostraddle Real L Word Season 2 Parody

Autostraddle Real L Word Season 2 Parody

Autostraddle Real L Word Season 2 Parody

Director/Editor: Sarah Croce
Director of Photography/Assistant Editor: Lauren Aadland
Associate Producer: Jessica Shaffer
Sound/Assistant Editor: KP Przylepa
Assistant Editor: Christina Bly
Style Consultant: Sara Medd
Sarah Croce (Whitney), Morgan Hildebrand (Claire), Megan Jones (Sajdah), Natalie Brink (Romi), Alex Vega (Kelsey), KP Przylepa (Kacy), Jessica Shaffer (Cori), Rae Lynn as Chanel, Jessica Reid as our host Ginger Jones, Brittany Nichols as the girl that says “This is crazy”, and Adam Croce as the sperm donor.
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  1. “Kelsey” was my favorite lol! Everything said I this was too funny:) cheered me up, so thanks Autostraddle :)

  2. Made my day! Actually kind of got me pumped for the new season. Now I won’t have to watch HBO’s Girls to feel good about myself in comparison.

  3. lmao i can’t. “Ghost ride the Whit”. And the” what is sex” skit was hilarious.

  4. So, what I take away from this is that Kelsey drinks alot, and there’s something called a “Romi” that I really should avoid learning how to do.

  5. All Romi’s excuses for being late KILLED me: “all my Twitter fans came out” “I just died my hair, it was pink for a sec”.

    It was perfect.

  6. morgan, when you dumped out the box of chopsticks I died!

    Also f’ing hilarious–

    “i found this geode, i’m gonna make a bracelet” bahaha.
    *points to cat toy* “such a good idea for an earring”
    the free sperm scene… terrifying.

    and finally– what’s the song playing during the kelsey scene?

    genius, ladies. and the likeness of the characters is almost frightening.

  7. – jill’s facial expressions in the sperm-off are priceless
    – the alex-as-kelsey work montage made me LOL on several levels and dimensions
    – “92 minutes strong”



    *dies of laughter*

  9. Um, incredible. I am crying with laughter. Thank you guys so much for letting Kacy and I be a part of this. We <3 AS! :)


    I had to pause several times because I was doubled over. You’re all brilliant.

  11. Oh my gosh! I loveddddddd this! I also love that cori and kacy were in this! You guys are brilliant!

    • more whiskey for riese. she even knows the actual name of the ‘this is crazy’-girl/a secondary character.

  12. it’s insanely hilarious! awesome and pls do more! u guys r brilliant! I die laughing over n over again!!

  13. hah i was like, this is such an accurate depiction of the show,
    then i realized i’ve never actually seen it.
    yes, i’m one of those people

  14. Ya’ll are so talented. Every single one of you:) So so funny. THIS IS SO GREAT! I’m showing everyone.


    Seriously made my day. I started watching this in the corner of my lab today and then realized all the ‘fucking francine!’ utterances might not be so ideal. Whoooooops.


    Also, I just need to know one thing . . . who does the Boston Terrier belong to?!?!

  17. Really fully so fucking happy that watching this video is an enjoyable experience for you guys. Cause I mean, you could hypothetically be throwing tomatoes at us instead? I appreciate you taking the time to leave your comments, feedback, and lolz.

    • Pretty sure that the willingness to pay is far more than 80$ ..for her the right proxy would be ∞

  18. Who needs to watch the Real thing when you have Autostraddle recaps and parodies! Loved it.

  19. “Maybe you can teach me how to Romi later.”

    I think I died laughing. If you guys made your own TV show, I for reals think you would get better ratings than The Real L Word.

  20. I think I died laughing as soon as I saw Claire smoking with chopsticks…and was just in tears for the rest of the video. Props to whoever printed out HOMOSEXUAL in Chinese for Claire’s scene!

  21. This is amazing.
    I love you guys for putting this stuff together.
    I loved whitney’s tatts, brittani’s cameo, nicki and jill’s appearances, the tiny fucking animals everywhere and all the one earring references.
    also, ‘it was on national tv, it’s sex.’

  22. I also like how most of the cast couldn’t keep a straight face. Some of them tried to mask it, but it came through slightly and that made me laugh even more. I love parodies and I love people who can make fun of themselves, as well as others equally.

  23. “What the fuck, Francine?!” has been replaying in my head all day and I crack up every time.

  24. oh my god!!! i love that you included Claire’s crazy, boobies hanging out of the side of her shirt, scene!!! when i saw the real thing i was like “WTF?!?! does she know it’s hanging out?? it’s weird!”

  25. This is craaaayyyzaaay!! I am still in tears, laughing about it.
    I like how you shot it in similar way with too much out of focus/focus and all the cuts of the same frame. Even the name cards! Hahaha! Great work!

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