VIDEO: The Real (Enough) L Word (Parody) is Here… Almost

The producers at ChillRoom Productions have teamed up with Autostraddle for an action-packed Parody of The Real L Word, Season Two. We gathered together for an epic shoot in Los Angeles a few months back with an all-star cast including Sarah CroceAlex Vega, Morgan HildebrandJessica ShafferK.PNatalie Christina, Courtney Sanshu, Megan Jones, Brittani Nichols, Emily Ackerman, Megan Jones and Ray Lynn.

Our production team included Sarah Croce, Lauren Aadland, Katie Przylepa, Jessica Shaffer, Morgan Hildebrand, Jessica Reid, Alex Vega, Stacee Coleman and Sara Medd.

We’ve been slaving away with storyboarding, filming and editing, and guess what?! We are ALMOST finished! But to whet your ravenous appetites, we’ve got a sneak peak — the opening credits, in fact — to get you excited all over:

Just in case you need a refresher of the Real L Word Season 2 opening….

Please note: We’re friends with the Season Two cast, and we respect anyone who puts their life in front of the camera for the world to see. It’s not a mockery, just a fun way to satirize television’s only all-lesbian television spectacular.

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    If I could spend the rest of my life watching lesbians stroking cats, I’d be pretty satisfied. (note how I avoided the obvious pun.)

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    Haha! Saw the flip friday a while ago when Nikki, Jill, Rose and Nat watched the parody and I laughed at that too…
    Rose: ”I’m not Mexican you bitch!” 😛

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    I misread Morgan Hildebrand’s name thought you had somehow got the guy from Million Dollar Listing to be on the parody…could not figure out who he was going to impersonate

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    We should take bets on how long before Chaiken calls for this video’s removal from YouTube over bogus copyright infringement claims…

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    I will be very disappointed if the series doesn’t follow up on the trailer’s perfect amount of catservice.

    Nonetheless, I am excited!

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    The people in this teaser look so much more fun to hang out with (and watch!) than the people in the real Real L Word teaser! I thought, “I’d be friends with her!” several times. Especially at the woman writing in a journal. 🙂

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