Autostraddle Calendar Girls 2012: Meet Miss November and Pre-Order Your Calendar!

It’s here! We’ve printed our calendars and they are here, ready to be pre-ordered and shipped to you in time to give to ALL your friends as gifts! We’re so excited! Have a look:

Autostraddle 2012 Calendar Cover


We’re super happy with our product this year. It’s a 12-page spiral-bound hardcover 8.5″x11″-sized book. Hang it on your wall with the built-in wire hook or use it as a decoration for your coffee table simply by turning the wire hook in. It’s super versatile. It’s high-quality. And we’re proud of it.

Autostraddle 2012 Calendar August

The 12 double-sided pages (24 total) include regular month pages as well as additional photo collages in between, so it’s like a timeless fancy photo book that also doubles as a 2012 calendar.

Autostraddle 2012 Calendar

Like what you hear? We promise it’s a great way to spend $16* (plus shipping):

Get the 2012 Autostraddle Calendar here at our store.

*Preorder period is until November 21st – after this date,
the price per calendar will be $18. Get ’em while they’re hot.
We will ship these orders out the week of November 21st.

Your purchase goes towards helping Autostraddle exist for all of 2012!


And, as always, thanks for supporting us and the things we make for you!

If you missed any previous amazing Calendar videos, now’s the time to catch up and meet the girls:

+Kelli & Ashley are January/February
+Luna & Michelle are March
+Julie/Brandy and Stacee are April and May
+The Real L Word‘s Francine is June
+ Kali from Cali is July
+Maya & Brandi frolicked in the pool together for August
+ and Lily & Jessica were a double September/October month video!

Some background:

This is Round Three of Autostraddle’s Lesbian Calendar Girls: talented, smart, charismatic, geeky and really-really-good-looking lesbianisty ladies. We make this calendar for you because you all really need to cut it out with your crushes on straight girls, this shit is out of hand, the last thing you need is 12 months of whatever Maxim & FHM come up with. REAL LIVE LESBIANS!

This year we’re going to give you a video every month and just a few teases of what the actual photos will look like, so the Calendar will be chock-full of surprises. Are you excited? WE’RE EXCITED.

Our November ladies are Steffanie and Courtney:

Autostraddle Calendar girls 2012 Robin Roemer
Steffanie, who is a total geek for comics and science fiction actually runs the show at a natural rock business. Who would’ve thought!

Courtney is an Alabama native and half American Indian! She’s proud of her heritage and proud to be a Los Angeles resident for 5 years now. She oversees production (aka is the Boss Lady) at a platinum jewelry company and she holds a Public Relations degree from the University of Birmingham. She’s the sweetest southern thing you’ll ever meet pretty much and we’re happy to have her on our team.


Photographer Robin Roemer & Stylist Sara Medd

Photographer Robin Roemer & Stylist Sara Medd

Here’s Robin & Sara to explain a bit more about this year’s theme:

The 2012 Autostraddle Calendar is our interpretation of the idea of a “lesbian image” without the traditional presentational definers of gender and sexual identity – when we (literally) strip away clothing, what do our naked selves communicate about who we are?

The 2011 calendar was about solo portraits of women who are brilliant, beautiful and courageous on and off camera; 2012 is about the amazing and vibrant community of queer women.

We sought to do something different this year by creating dramatic scenes and having the models interact with each other. We loved the idea of playing with identity in the form of masks, and the power that comes from choosing what to reveal and what to keep hidden.

Be prepared to see lots of skin this year in the 2012 calendar – but remember that it’s what we choose not to show that sometimes gives the most away.

We photographed a group of beautiful and diverse queer women both poolside and on various studio sets in Los Angeles. We’re excited for the monthly Behind the Scenes videos, where Autostraddlers can meet our sexy and inspiring calendar girls. (This being possible thanks to Videographer/Video Editor Kelli Griggs and Music Supervisor Stacee Coleman).

We hope you enjoy meeting the girls as much as we did!

Thanks to all of the amazing stylists, the production team members, and of course our brave and beautiful models.

We hope you love the results and look forward to purchasing your own 2012 calendar later this year in support of the project and of

Your devoted producers,
Robin & Sara
(Photographer & Stylist)

Autostraddle Calendar Girls 2012 Robin Roemer

A look at some action behind the scenes, from top left: 1. chaos on set obviously,
2. Alex and Kelli reviewing some footage,
3. Courtney hamming it up for the camera,
4. Kelli shooting Courtney’s interview,
5. Courtney getting her hair did by stylist Kim,
6. November girl Courtney with October girl Jessica!

Buy our 2012 hardcover 24-page Calendar for $16!

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Robin specializes in entertainment, lifestyle and portrait photography. She's also a Creative Producer, Director of Photography and co-owner of Scheme Machine Studios LLC, her production company based in Los Angeles. Robin loves shooting for TV and film and has worked with media companies like Legendary Pictures and Viacom. She shot and directed the Pride campaign for Google called #ThisIsFamily. Robin has had the pleasure of working on national campaigns for companies like Dove and Levis, and had the unique opportunity to shoot for non-profits and initiatives such as The Black List, Save the Children, Move to End Violence, Have a Hart Day, and The Clinton Global Initiative. She is most proud of the work she has done with organizations such as The Ad Council and RAINN working on national impact campaigns. Her celebrity roster includes Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The B-52s, Keri Hilson, JB Smoove, Tegan and Sara, Margaret Cho, The B-52’s, Andreja Pejic, and many more. She was there for Autostraddle’s birth and proudly served as A-Camp co-director for many years.

Robin has written 82 articles for us.


    • And having the privalige of meeting her at the shoot I have to say she is even better in person!! Such an amazing personality shining through with that sexiness!

  1. SANSHUUUUUUUUU. You are such a hottie with a body. Steff, you look AMAZING. I am honored to be even in the same collection of photos as you two.. :)

  2. Excuse me for sounding totally unhip…but what does one do at a natural rock business?

    Also, awesome job on the calendar, Team AS!

    • Hey I can answer that question! (well the first one, I hear rumor of the video coming next month?)
      Mostly the job involves me helping customers select a rock for their kitchen or bathroom counters or fireplace. I also do billing/proposals, set up our website posting pictures of all the pretty rocks, talk with suppliers over seas to get photos to try to replenish our stocks.

  3. I am super honored to be in such fantastically queer, lovely, and magical company! blush x forever => There is no better way to start off 2012. I hope everyone buys this calender and supports the autostraddleverse! You gals rock my face off constantly.

  4. WANT. Maybe I’m just becoming my mother here, but what happened to the kind of calendar with picture on top and dates on the bottom so you can write things? I like the idea of writing things, almost as much as I know that I am lazy and do it all on gCal anyway…

    • Yes I agree…I was really looking forward to getting this calendar but with nowhere to write things….hmmmm

      • No need to write, your mind will shortcut and you’ll forget what you wanted to write as you stare at the pretty pictures

    • Sorry guys! We did this last year, and I just felt that we didn’t do Robin’s photos justice last year, so we had to make the decision to either make it about the photos or not. I mean, you buy calendars for the photos right? :)

      Can’t please everyone I guess! Next time we’ll take this into greater consideration for sure.

    • haha, i had the same concern when we had our conversation about this year’s calendar and I believed vehemently that writing on the days was important but i was told that nobody did that anymore, what with agendas and google calendars and so forth.

      ultimately though when we decided to go in the direction of formatting it almost like a photography book, i was sold on the no-days idea — now it’s something that’ll be relevant (and untarnished!) forever, rather than something you just hang by the sink for a year, and it’s so fancy and beautiful and etc that i think it makes a really great gift this way. so if i could be converted then i have faith that when you see it, you too will feel okay about there not being days to write on.

      • Wait, so…

        I can’t actually write on the calendar?

        Do people not do that anymore? I live in the woods. We don’t have iPads and eBooks and all of that “wireless” stuff. I need a real calendar. *whimper*

      • Really guys? You were counting on our wall calendar only to write down your daily activities? You don’t use a notebook, or a day planner?

        I’m just going to give my last explanation for this —

        We wanted this to be more than just a calendar. We wanted this product to last more than a year for those who bought it. There are at least a dozen ways you can keep track of your days, and we’d like to think that this could be one of them but also – more than that. I’m sorry that we’re not giving you an ideal way to write on a calendar, but we’re still giving what we promised: a bunch of beautiful photos of stunning half-naked lesbians to hang proudly on your wall and admire.

        I stand by it and if you’re not going to support/purchase our calendar because you can’t write on the days of the year on it, I’m totally okay with that. I just felt the need to defend our decision and reasoning for doing it this way. That’s all :)

        Thanks all for your feedback, it’s always appreciated.

        • Who wants to look at blank space when you can look at Brandy Howard’s side boob? Seriously. The more room for side boob the better, I always say.

  5. Wow. As an aspiring photographer, I love these photos. The colors and the vibe are really great. I think the image you have as the cover is so powerful and speaks the message loud and clear.

  6. i love steffanie and her husband!!! good to see that a straight girl was included in the calendar…maybe there should be a couple more next year…the whole thing is basically lesbians

    • this is basically a website for girl-on-girl culture = queer people= basically lesbians?

      or can basically lesbians/queer people/women who love women/girl on girl loving people not have a calendar for themselves?

      just asking…

    • Well the whole point is that it’s ladies who love ladies, and I kind of feel offended getting called straight even if I am married. I find this comment very confusing.

      • Ok Im more than kind of offended. Trying to nap all upset about it now. I mean I have been trying to make it pretty obvious. Ok shouldn’t type when mad. Just replaying my phrasing in my head and realized I was not clear enough there.

    • If only I could find the words to explain the look of confusion on my face right now. I recommend heading down to your local Barnes and Noble and picking yourself up a dozen calenders full of straight girls. I don’t mean that in a mean way; I mean it in a serious way.

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