Listling Without Commentary: Playlists You Asked Us To Make

Whenever we publish a playlist on Autostraddle we invite everyone to submit their playlist requests to the team. Most requests are fairly standard (working out, studying, breaking up, etc), but then sometimes you weirdos ask for the cutest, funniest, most specific or most random things. I LOVE IT.


Playlists You Asked Us To Make

1. a ‘covering up the sound of sex’ playlist

2. a bad news relationship partner playlist

3. a playlist that captures big, first-love feelings for your best friend

4. a playlist for when she won’t say yes and she won’t say no, so you have to be the one to say no

5. a playlist about bikes

6. a playlist about sparrows

7. a playlist to be hungover to

8. a playlist so my brain doesn’t melt in the library

9. a sexytime playlist that says ‘I listen to cool stuff that makes you want to kiss me’

10. a playlist for doing art

11. a ‘I better clean this apartment before my roommate kills me’ playlist

12. a playlist for nights when it’s just you and you’re not getting any

13. a playlist about being really into this girl, but not ready for ‘i love you, i want you forever’ songs

14. a playlist for getting pumped on rugby game days

15. a playlist for ‘I didn’t know you for long, but now I’m kind of in love with you. Thing is, you graduated and left the country. You never knew how much I liked you’

16. a playlist for when you meet someone who seems so right for you that you feel like karma’s about to punch you in the face

17. a playlist for being in love with a girl who’s most likely straight. I can only listen to so may Jenny Owen Youngs’ songs.

18. an ‘Autostraddle loves Shakira’ playlist

19. a playlist that isn’t about Shakira


Want to suggest a playlist theme? Hit me up on Formspring and someone of the team might make it for you.



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  1. 0

    I think every mix CD my gf has made for me has been aiming (and succeeding at) #9. Also #13. I made her a mix CD for Valentine’s Day (after 2 months of dating) and it was DEFINITELY all about #13. Plus random songs that made me think of her… including songs from the 1960s, the 1930s, musicals, and one Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

  2. 0

    I totally have a number 7!

    It was disgustingly necessary the day I made it, and I haven’t listened to it many times since, but I would love to submit it if you guys want such a thing?

  3. 0

    I need #1. Please. It’s tricky because it can’t just be loud music, it still has to be somewhat sexy.


  4. 0

    #1 and #7 would be brilliant!

    I feel like I could compile a good #5 playlist
    Freezepop – Bike Thief
    Flobots – Handlebars
    Pink Floyd – Bike
    Kraftwerk – Tour de France

    ..okay it’s a short playlist, but it’s totally possible! There has to be more bike songs out there.

  5. 0

    I v. nearly once requested a playlist of “music-you-hope-your-lover-doesn’t-listen-to-in-case-you-break-up-horribly-and-can-no-longer-listen-to-said-music-without-thinking-of-them-and-your-acky-breaky-heart,” but then I thought nahhhhh too wordy

  6. 0


    Stronger – Kanye West
    The Pretender – Foo Fighters
    BOOM – P.O.D
    Remember the name – Fort Minor
    Titanium – David Guetta ft. Sia
    Drop the world – Little Wayne ft. Eminem
    Attack – 30 seconds from Mars
    Raise a little hell – Trooper (gloriously old school)
    Monster – The Automatic
    Bodies – Drowning Pool
    You’re going down – Sick Puppies
    Killing in the name – Rage against the Machine
    Bulls on parade – Rage against the Machine
    Right here, right now – Fatboy Slim

    Hit ’em low, ladies!

  7. 0

    i was going to request a breakfast playlist, after a hotel played all the Adele during the breakfast buffet, but i forgot about it until now.

    • 0

      please tell me the 5% you don’t have is “19. a playlist that isn’t about Shakira”? then you would be perfect

      • 0

        I haz both (I have like 300GBs of music), I even have her videos. I am a fan of Shakira’s older material though, like pre-Dónde Están los Ladrones? ^_^

  8. 0

    Oh God, I need a playlist for ‘I didn’t know you for long, but now I’m kind of in love with you. Thing is, *I* graduated and left the country. You never knew how much I liked you’ Or would that be exactly the same as no. 15?

  9. 0

    I’m going to give 9 a shot, even though I’m already convinced you’ll kick my ass when you get to it. Please kick my ass asap ok ^^?

  10. 0

    17. a playlist for being in love with a girl who’s most likely straight. I can only listen to so may Jenny Owen Youngs’ songs.

    But really though, can this exist

    • 0

      2. Maybe Sparrow – Neko Case
      3. A Sparrow’s Song – The Coral
      4. Little Sparrow – Dolly Parton

      That’s all I’ve got…

      • 0

        His eye is on the sparrow – gospel song I think. Marvin Gaye did it and Lauryn Hill too.
        and maybe something by Edith Piaf. She was nicknamed the sparrow…

  11. 0

    I would be interested in seeing what would be on #16 even though Karma already punched me in the face.

  12. 0

    My #1 suggestions:

    Teardrop – Massive Attack
    The Suburbs – Mr. Little Jeans
    Settle Down (Brenmar remix) – Kimbra
    Crystalised (The Neon Lights remix) – The xx
    Cowboys (live) – Portishead [or this whole live album, really]

    Alternatively, my ex and I used to blast Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue.”

    • 0

      my hope is that we will make all of these playlists soon! and eventually also the many others that were submitted but didn’t make this list

  13. 0

    I’ve got 12 down pat, unfortunately…still working on 9.
    also fucking 15 is toooooo accurate. mine is actually in progress, cause so far it’s just “summer in the city” by regina spektor on repeat.

  14. 0

    also just noticed- the title says “ListLing without commentary”
    i mean if it’s a punny combination of listing and whistling, i love it. but if not, just a heads-up on the typo.

      • 0

        We stole the concept from The Awl. They did “listicle without commentary” which is what we called it here at first, but then in October 2010 I was crashing with my friends Taylor and Kelsey and for some reason their disdain for the word “listicle” kept coming up and so I challenged Taylor to come up with an alternative and I think the two of us together came up with listing and then it was so. It happened in the kitchen, I remember it well

  15. 0

    Knowing that #15 happened to someone else too makes me feel so much better. Also any playlists for that wud be uber depressing. I’m picturing adam sandler in 50 firsts dates sailing on his boat to antarctica listening to the song that girl loved. I beleieve “son of a bitch” is what he called the maker of that cd haha

  16. 0

    Made an ad hoc short version of 9 (with a little bit of 13?) the other night. Forgive some of the tacky choices sorry everyone.

    françoise hardy – le temps de l’amour
    the black keys – howlin’ for you
    nick waterhouse – indian love call
    gary clark jr. – bright lights
    the jimi hendrix experience – red house
    otis redding – these arms of mine

  17. 0

    What about a ‘My Parents Are Coming Over For Dinner Let’s Hope Itunes Doesn’t Shuffle Into Closer By Nine Inch Nails’-playlist with all sorts of parent-friendly dinner jazz etc. on it ?

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