Records for Rebel Girls and Riot Grrls from Bikini Kill

Riot grrrls and bois, listen up, because this is some seriously exciting news. It may seem hard to believe, but Bikini Kill is officially old enough to rent a car! To celebrate 25 years of being rad babes who make radical rock, they’re starting a record label and releasing a bunch of awesome goodies, including a reissue of their debut EP and brand spanking new merchandise. Commence freaking out!

They will also be updating the site with photographs, recordings from their practice sessions, unreleased songs, zines, flyers, and all the exclusive Bikini Kill swag that your little Kathleen Hanna-worshipping heart desires. While you’re waiting for new releases, you can grab their entire back catalog on their bandcamp, or go through their fan archives and cry a lot.

For those of you who haven’t listened to Bikini Kill and are just dipping your little queer toes into the riot grrrl genre, you might want to start with Sara Marcus’ Girls to the Front and listen to Autostraddle’s very own curated riot grrrl sampler, Grrls! Grrls!
. Revolution girl style now!

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  1. WOAHHHHHH!!! This is amazing! You better sign some new amazing riot grrrl-esque bands to that new label. Oh, and a new Le Tigre album maybe?

    And EVERYONE should ready Girls to the Front.

    Ps. I think the links are broken?

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