Maker Camp: Sounds Awesome, Bestows Relevancy To Google+

This week marks the first time in literally a year that I’ve felt excited to be on Google+. I created my account on July 10, 2011 because everyone told me I had to if I wanted to stay relevant, and I’ve pretty much ignored it ever since. But today all that changes, thanks to Maker Camp!

Maker Camp is exactly what is sounds like: a camp where you learn to make things. But there’s a twist — this camp is virtual, which means it’s completely free and available to anyone who has an internet connection and a Google+ account (cue the long-awaited relevance). It’s actually designed for teens, but I’m 23 and still super excited, so I imagine many other humans of various ages will be pretty psyched, too. I mean, who doesn’t want to learn how to make rockets, animated gifs, and mason jar terrariums? And that’s just in Week One! And you don’t even have to leave your house or put on pants! This is definitely our kind of camp.

This exciting situation runs from July 16 until August 24 and presents a total of 30 potential projects, one each day. There will also be a weekly virtual field trip. Those of you paying close attention at home will realize that camp started yesterday, but no worries — better fashionably late than never! You missed out on making rockets but you’ll be okay. Anyway! The projects are posted a week in advance so campers have time to gather the necessary materials, most of which are household items or readily available at grocery or hardware stores. In the mornings, an expert camp counselor will introduce the new project and give tips and advice on completing the project successfully. Campers can upload photos of their project and tag them with the designated tag for the day (today is #TinkeringTuesday, for example.) Counselors will host an afternoon hangout on Google+ to talk about the project and admire all the pretty hash-tagged pictures.

You can watch this video to learn more from camp director Nick Raymond. He seems really enthusiastic and adorable, plus he just blew my mind talking about a 3-D printer.

What do you guys think? It seems like if you ever once enjoyed any of our DIY articles, you’ll probably love this camp. I’m feeling particularly thrilled because of my own very complex relationship with camp as a teen. Personal story time: I attended sleepover camp for nine years both as a camper and as a counselor, and I really wanted to love it. And while I do have some good memories from my time at camp, the truth is, I often felt like an outsider. I never liked the right activities, never had a date for the social, never got picked as Color War captain, never wanted to talk about the same things all the other girls were talking about. I was never cool enough. But I kept begging my parents to send me back because I had convinced myself that I was supposed to love camp. Even now, I’ll readily tell people that I’m a “camp person.” I’m not sure what that means, but I do know that the stereotypical sleepover camp experience was probably not right for me.

But you know what could have been right for me? A camp like this one. The fact that it’s inclusive (insofar as you have a computer and internet access, of course) and free means a lot, because it gives teens and even preteens — or unteens, like myself — one more accessible space to just be people. People who want to make terrariums and not feel weird about it. Maybe right now a young person is participating in Tinkering Tuesday: Animated Gifs and feeling really good about themselves. And hey — maybe that young person is you! In which case, please show us your gifs immediately.

Happy Tinkering Tuesday everyone!

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  1. You know, I don’t know how to make GIFs, which makes me feel like a bad queer online journalist/blogger/writer person. I feel that I may need to fit this in to my Tuesday. Thank you Vanessa!

  2. i totally thought this was “marker camp” until just about 20 seconds ago. “maker camp” is way cooler.

  3. Umm… That guy made a whistle with a printer. I’m adding this to my circles for that reason alone.

    And I might want to make cool stuff. Maybe.

  4. I have the same feelings re: previous camp experiences as you! Also, this is so wonderful. I want to set up a “Makerspace” RIGHT NOW.

  5. wait I clicked on this article because I thought it was makers mark camp and I was like “hey I go there all the time”

  6. Straight-up, probably in violation of commenting terms comment: If you’re in Toronto and you’re free on a Thursday night between 7 and 10pm, you should come visit us, we are your local makerspace. You can find directions at

    We make a lot of things and we really want to teach you how to make them, too. There is a 3D printer and a CNC laser cutter and an industrial sewing machine from the 1920s, and super-friendly people to boot.

  7. :V a gif for you, autostraddle!

    (i am a cheater and totes made this yesterday, but it’s the thought that counts, yeah?)

    This comment has been edited because the Autostraddle Community Managerettes really like cute gifs.

    • i hope everyone clicks through and looks at your gif! i don’t care if you made it a year ago, it’s ADORABLE! thank you for sharing :)

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