Autostraddle’s Ultimate Holigay Toolkit

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You’re in the thick of it! THE HOLIDAYS. Whether you’re jazzed or filled with dread (or both), we thought you’d appreciate this Ultimate Holigay Toolkit: a collection of our very best work that’s guaranteed to usher you safely and soundly into the coming new year. To say you’ve earned a stress-free, happiness-filled holigay season would be an understatement. You’ve earned the moon, but we can’t lasso it for you, so this assemblage of hand-selected Autostraddle content will have to do. We love you from the very bottom of our very hearts! You’re doing great!

Autostraddle’s Ultimate Holigay Toolkit

  1. You Might As Well Make Something Delicious and/or Cute!
  2. What to Wear When You Can’t Be Naked
  3. Traveling Hither and Yon Like a Pro
  4. How to Be Around Family and Live to Tell About It
  5. Isn’t It Great to Be Queer This Time of Year?
  6. The Bests Playlists for When You Need a Playlist
  7. Things to Read While You’re Hiding in the Upstairs Bathroom

You Might As Well Make Something Delicious and/or Cute!

Clementine Candles Light Up My Life

45 Festive Cookie Recipes to Kickstart Your Holiday Cheer


A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Gifts For Your Long-Distance Love

Epic Holigay Grab Bag: 100+ DIY Projects, Recipes, and Inspiration for the Season

I Reclaimed Christmas With DIY Gifting: Here’s 6 Ways You Can Too

How To Up Your Holigay Card Game

Make an Advent Calendar Using a Stick and Some Paper Sacks (and Other Things)

I Made Tamales With My Mom for Christmas; Here’s How You Can Too

Mom-Tested, Mom-Approved Holiday Crafts to Make with Kiddos

What to Wear When You Can’t Be Naked

Dressing to Stuff Your Face Elsewhere

Holigay Party Time: Let’s Get Dressed!

Going to an Outdoor Semi-Formal Event in the F*cking Snow

Keep It Simple With These All-Black Holiday Looks

Traveling Hither and Yon Like a Pro

You Need Help: Look and Feel Less Gross After Flying

Long-Distance Flying 101: Music, Reading, Eating, Friend-Making, Drinking, Sleeping and Conquering Fears

9 Autostraddle-Approved Travel Accessories for Your Next Vacation

10 Things I’ve Learned About Flying and 5 Things I Never Will

How to Be Around Family and Live to Tell About It

Six Tips for Dealing with Your Difficult Family Members Over the Holidays

How to Live With, Be Around and Give Gifts to Kids: Holiday Season Special

Your Parents Might Need This: Advice on Coming Out Over the Holidays

You Don’t Have To Come Out On Thanksgiving: On Going Home and Being Quiet

The Secret Dairy-Free Agenda: Subverting Lactose at the Thanksgiving Table

Holigay Gift Guide 2014: Winning Over the In-Laws

15 Useful Phrases To Yell At Thanksgiving Football

Lessons Learned: How a Jewy Lesbian Can Enjoy a Pleasant Chanukah with Her Uncharacteristically Bigoted Parents

Holigay 101: How to Bring Your Girlfriend Home for the Holidays

Liquor While At Her Family’s For Thanksgiving: Mulled Wine

High Femme: 6 Super Secret Ways To Hide Your Stash While Home For The Holigays

Sober in the City: Indulge in These 20 Hot Chocolate Variations

You Need Help: The Family Collection

You Need Help Helping Your Parents: Cis People Teaching Cis Parents To Be Trans Allies

You Need Help: Talking to Your Family About Your Partner’s Pronouns

You Need Help: My Mom Supports My Bisexuality, but Not My Butchness

You Need Help: On That Younger Possibly-Queer Human Who Might Need You

You Need Help: I Came Out To My Mom (Again) And You Can, Too

You Need Help: 7 Highly Effective Habits of Dealing with Biphobes

You Need Help: What To Do With Your Gay Hair In Trump Country

You Need Brunch Help: So You’re The Only Vegan At Brunch

Isn’t It Great to Be Queer This Time of Year?

Everyone is Gay’s New Care Package Puts the Ho Ho Homo Back in the Holidays

Holiday Breakups: 10 Reasons to Buck Up And Do It

You Can Still Play Queer Thanksgiving Bingo

You Need Help: How To Navigate a Social Event with Your Ex

The Best Playlists for When You Need a Playlist

Playlist: You Can Go Home Again

Holigay Playlist: Covers of Christmas Classics

Playlist: For Your Holigay Parties

Holigay Playlist: Winter Blues, Meet Winter Tunes

Playlist: This Sweater is Too Hot to Dance In

Holigay Playlist: Having a Blue Christmas

Holigay Playlist: Country Ladies Doing Christmas Right

PLAYLIST: 30 Covers of The Greatest Christmas Song Ever

Things to Read While You’re Hiding in the Upstairs Bathroom

The Secret Diary of a Turkey-Fister

19 Horrifying Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas From Vintage Food Ads

20 Lesbionic Homoerotic Christmas Stock Photographs

Hooray It’s A Party! A Queer Holiday Horror Tale

Here’s Your Christmas Movie Drinking Game

19 Reasons Pretty Little Liars’ A is Probably Santa Claus

On The Eighth Day of Hanukkah Your Bubbe Gave You Socks

Hate Actually: Can the Holigays Heal a Gay Grinch’s Heart?

Pretty Much Every Manischewitz Product, Ranked

Jewish Christmases I Have Known

The 11 Best Holidays For Coming Out To Your Family and Friends

Feminist Grinch Killjoy: Let Me Ruin Your Favorite Christmas Movie For You

How I Survived My First Thanksgiving as an Out Vegan Lesbian

We hope you have a wonderful holigay season! And if you ever need anything, you know where to look.

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