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    @riese : Feedback on the new “Like or Dislike” addition. This kind of bothers me but lots of other people seem to like them so I think it’s fine. I’m sure I will adjust and become used to it. There is ONE THING, though, that I don’t like. I don’t like that if a comment receives a certain number of “thumbs down” it is hidden. People generally “thumbs down” things they disagree with and this is essentially hiding all the comments that most commenters (or the commenters with the most opinions) don’t agree with. I don’t think this is a very good way to encourage discussion of controversial things or encourage people with differing opinions to comment. Maybe we could just have a button you press to mark something as offensive or inappropriate?

    • thanks for the feedback! we’re just sort of experimenting right now — earlier I changed it so that there’s no like/dislike words, and the buttons look different, and only logged-in users can vote.

      I’m hoping without the prompt that people will be more cautious about x-ing something, also having that limited to logged-in users. I don’t want unpopular opinions voted down, just really terrible things. What do you think of the new changes?

      • I like it a lot better now! I didn’t like the other format because it just seemed so distracting. I like these buttons a lot better. Also, I was having issues before with seeing comments that had been “hidden” because even when I displayed them the font was so white I couldn’t read it. I agree that only users should be able to vote –and maybe that will encourage more people who want to contribute to the conversation to become users, too!